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Archive for updates taken place in March of 2011 in Reverse Chronological Order.
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A New Threat Approaches Gnawnia

22 March 2011

Gnawnia is Under Attack!
The King needs his most experienced hunters to defend the Kingdom!

The Marching Flame Approaches Gnawnia

An army of mice known as the Marching Flame have stalked the desert west of the Lagoon for years conquering land and destroying settlements. Their warpath has now met the border of Whisker Woods where the Kingdom of Gnawnia lies in their sights! The King is calling upon his most experienced hunters who have shown great knowledge of the Lagoon to defend Whisker Woods and prevent the Marching Flame from advancing towards the castle. They've even had the audacity to deface our MouseHunt Shield! If you find yourself called upon, please hurry west to the Sandtail Desert and offer your help!

Desert Supplies

Once you have setup camp in the desert make sure to visit the local General Store and Charm Shoppe where special supplies have been stocked to help in your efforts to defeat the Marching Flame. In addition to these new shoppes, the King has also put together a Warpath Survival Kit containing SUPER|brie+ as well as special charms to help defeat the Marching Flame. Once you reach the desert, these survival kits are sure to come in handy, GET ONE NOW!

Be Prepared

The Marching Flame are highly organized and come in great numbers. Defeating one of their battallions will not be an easy task, however, the rewards are great. The leader of each battallion has been known to hold scarce pieces of loot that local trapsmiths have found to be useful in crafting traps of unmatched power.

This is all that is known of this new threat, however, there is still much to discover! If you come across information that may help defeat the Marching Flame do not hesitate to let your hunting group know and make sure to visit the discussion boards to share information and discuss tactics with fellow hunters.

Have Yet to Reach Baron/Baroness?

A new trap has been discovered that will help you conquer the Tribal Isles and get one step closer to reaching Baron/Baroness! The Enraged RhinoBot is a craftable upgrade to the RhinoBot made by combining multiple Rhino Horns with RhinoBot Parts, Stale SUPER|brie+ and some Tiny Platinum Bars. The Enraged RhinoBot not only has more power than the original RhinoBot but also has a healthy luck bonus! The mice of Derr Dunes don't stand a chance!

Best of Luck, Hunters!
The Kingdom is depending on you!
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-- Dave Vanderburg

Double Scrap Metal Weekend: March 18th - 21st

16 March 2011

This weekend will be a double Scrap Metal event! This means all mice that drop scrap metal will drop twice as much!

The event will start on Friday, March 18th at approximately 12pm (noon) and end Monday, March 21st at approximately 12pm (noon). The times are in EST and are only rough guidelines. Keep an eye on the news ticker at the top of the game to know exactly when the event has started.

What mice drop scrap metal?
There are currently six active mice that are known to drop scrap metal. They are the Big Bad Burroughs, Nugget, Hydra, Silth, Terror Knight and Scavenger. Additionally, the Steel Mouse does occasionally drop scrap metal, but only if caught with a Drillbot.

For tips on how to best hunt these breeds check out the MouseHunt Wiki or visit the discussion boards to share advice.

How can I prepare for the event?
Make sure to have enough cheese to hunt the mouse or mice you plan on targeting. Limelight and Radioactive Blue Cheese are sure to come in handy as well as a few Anti-Skele Charms (only while in the Catacombs) to help home-in on those scrap metal dropping mice!

Good luck to everyone who plans on hunting scrap metal this weekend and happy hunting!

-- Dave Vanderburg

MouseHunt's 3rd Birthday Celebration!

4 March 2011

We're celebrating MouseHunt's 3rd Birthday Bash!
Visit the Birthday Party location in Gnawnia

MouseHunt is Three Years Old!

We've been hunting mice and exploring the vast world of Gnawnia for three years! To celebrate, the King has set up an inflatable fortress of fun and frivolity just south of the castle and every hunter has been invited. However, it seems mice have crashed the party! With all the sugar coated cakes and treats, some of the mice have given up other flavours of cheese and developed an incurable sweet tooth. Luckily a new potion has been discovered to create a cupcake-flavoured version of Colby Cheese. Its sugary good taste and scent are sure to attract the party animals!

Cupcake Colby Potion

In order to attract all the mice at the Birthday Party and discover what unique loot they may hold, you'll need some potions to create Cupcake Colby Cheese. These potions can be collected as loot at the Birthday Party. Mice at the party that drop potions include Cowardly Mice, who are attracted to most standard bait types, as well as Curious Chemist Mice who have a preference for SUPER|brie+. Additionally, if you're in the giving mood you can send friends Cupcake Colby Potions as party favours! By clicking the gift button at the top of the game, you will be able to send them potions for free!

Three "Blind" Mice

Three new event mice have shown up at the birthday party. They each share a common affliction: they can't see your trap in front of them! The Buckethead, Pintail and Sleepwalker Mouse each have a finely tuned sense of smell for birthday treats and can't resist the sweet scent of Cupcake Colby Cheese. Arm your trap with some and these three mice are sure to wander by!

2011 Birthday Gifts

Birthday Mice at the party are dropping gifts as loot! These wrapped boxes mostly contain a few pieces of cheese to help in your hunting endevours. However, they occasionally may contain some SUPER|brie+, King's Credits or both!

Birthday Base and Trap

Cheesecake Base - Sold at the Birthday Party!
His Majesty's head chef has created a confectionary masterpiece from a material known to attract mice -- cheese! When used as a base, this rich and decadent cake provides an impressive attraction bonus to your trap setup!

Birthday Candle Kaboom Trap - Sold at the Birthday Party
These candles are sure to add explosive flavour to any Birthday Cake! To purchase one from the Trapsmith at the Birthday Party, you'll first have to collect the required materials by hunting the mice at the party. Travel to the Birthday Party location and visit the Trapsmith for more information.

Capturing a Terrible Twos Mouse

If you took part in last year's birthday celebration, you no doubt remember that only the Nannybot was able to tame the tenacious Terrible Twos Mouse. Mustachio the Charmer has been working dilligently with the scientists of Digby to research a charm that can harness the Parental power type. Such a charm was discovered, but was just as quickly stolen by the mice! It can now be found as loot at the Birthday Party. The few Nanny Charms Digby scientists were able to recover can be sent to friends as gifts. After all, what's a birthday party without gifts?

New Items at the Festive Gift Shoppe

Speaking of gift-giving, the Festive Gift Shoppe has returned with three new items! The Spring Toy, Birthday Bear and Silly Birthday Hat can be purchased as gifts for friends

Birthday Gift Basket

To celebrate MouseHunt's Birthday a special gift basket is available that contains 200 SUPER|brie+ and provides the Lucky Golden Shield for 1 month when opened. The basket also contains 100 Cupcake Colby Cheese to tempt the sweet-loving mice at the Birthday Party with! Whether you send some to friends, or keep some for yourself, opening these baskets are a great way to celebrate at the party!


How to Get Started:
Travel to the Birthday Party Location
Collect Cupcake Colby Potions and Nanny Charms as Loot or from Gifts
Arm Cupcake Colby to Capture the New Event Mice!
Make Sure to Visit the Trapsmith While at the Party!
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-- Dave Vanderburg