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Archive for updates taken place in May of 2011 in Reverse Chronological Order.
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Zombie Invasion Weekend!

27 May 2011

While studying the newly discovered Undead Emmental Potion, the Scientists of Digby uncovered a plot to overwhelm hunters in the Mousoleum and Catacombs with a...


Where can I find Undead Emmental Potions?

These strange potions can be found as loot by hunting Zombie and Ravenous Zombie mice within the Mousoleum and Catacombs. These potions carry with them a curse which prevent hunters from holding too many at once. Additionally, hunters are unable to find potions when they have large amounts of the cheese they produce. Make sure to use up any Undead Emmental Cheese you have before looking for more potions.

What can I do with Undead Emmental Cheese?

This bone-chilling bait attracts a variety of undead mice in both the Mousoleum and Catacombs, including horrific Zombot Unipire Mice! Not only does capturing undead mice bring with it some of the highest rewards in the Kingdom, but the King is offering a special reward for each capture of a Zombot Unipire Mouse...

Will Undead Emmental work after the Weekend Invasion?

Even after the weekend ends this cheese will retain its curse and be able to attract Zombot Unipire mice and other undead mice. Be warned that when the weekend invasion is subdued, you'll no longer be able to aquire Undead Emmental Potions.

What's a Zombie Survival Kit?

The King takes the threat of a zombie invasion seriously and as such wants his hunters to be as prepared as possible. Inside this kit you'll find 150 SUPER|brie+, 5 Radioactive Blue Potions as well as 25 Undead Emmental Cheese. The kit provides the Lucky Golden Shield for one month when opened and can be sent to friends.


Survival Kits are placed in the "special" section of your inventory. You need to open the kit from your inventory to get the loot inside.

Will there be another Weekend Invasion?

Zombies are mysterious and unpredictible mice and no one truly knows if this will be their only attempt at overrunning hunters... However, the Scientists of Digby do not discount the possibility for a future invasion.

How can I start hunting?

If you have not already, hunt for zombies in the Mousoleum or Catacombs to find Undead Emmental Potions. Once you've found a few, use them to create Undead Emmental Cheese and continue hunting in the Mousoleum or Catacombs. Good luck!


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-- Dave Vanderburg

Strange New Potion Discovered...

26 May 2011

Undead Emmental Potions have been discovered! These potions are cursed, making them highly unstable and currently unusable! The King has the Scientists of Digby working hard to unlock the mysteries of these potions and find a way to unlock the secret of how to use the potions to imbue cheese. Progress is rapidly being made by the scientists who estimate reaching a breakthrough this Friday afternoon.

How can I find these potions?

These strange potions are currently being found as loot from Zombie and Ravenous Zombie Mice in both the Mousoleum and the Catacombs. Be warned, due to the curse it seems hunters are unable to keep more than a few of these potions in their inventory at any given time.

To hunt in the Mousoleum or the Catacombs you'll need to supply yourself with some Radioactive Blue Cheese, which is made from potions primarily found as loot while hunting in the Laboratory.

Keep watching this news section for more information as the Scientists of Digby continue their research.

-- Dave Vanderburg

Curious Chemistry Weekend: May 20th - 23rd

19 May 2011

This weekend is a Curious Chemistry Weekend! What does this mean? Curious Chemist Mice at the Great Gnarled Tree will be dropping a new, special type of Wicked Gnarly Potion that will make more cheese per potion!

The event will start on Friday, May 20th at approximately 12pm (noon) and end Monday May 23rd at approximately 12pm (noon). The times are in EDT and are only rough guidelines. Keep an eye on the news ticker at the top of the game to know exactly when the event has started.

Where can I use Wicked Gnarly Cheese?

Wicked Gnarly Cheese is a special blend of tree roots, wood and curd that attracts the most powerful mice at the Lagoon. If you're looking to complete your collection of Forest Guild Mice, a few extra pieces of Wicked Gnarly Cheese is sure to come in handy!

How can I prepare for the event?

To hunt Curious Chemist Mice, you'll need some Gnarled Cheese. You can collect potions to make Gnarled Cheese by hunting Bear, Centaur, Chameleon and Frog mice at the Great Gnarled Tree.

Good luck to everyone who plans on hunting Curious Chemist Mice this weekend and happy hunting!

-- Dave Vanderburg

The Spring Egg Hunt Comes to an End

10 May 2011

The Spring Egg Hunt has Ended!

How many bonus eggs did you find?

The 2011 Spring Egg Hunt Ends

The Spring Egg Hunt has come to an end. A huge thanks to all the amazing hunters in the community who worked together to track down egg locations and restore the Gnawnian Chocolate Factory to its usual sweet state! It's great to see the MouseHunt Community Spirit so strong!

Will the bonus eggs make a return next year? Yes, all of this year's bonus eggs will make a return in next year's egg hunt along with a few new surprises.

What did you like most about the Spring Egg Hunt? What would you like to see for next year's egg hunt? Head over to the forums and let us know what you think!

-- Dave Vanderburg