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Archive for updates taken place in April 2012 in Reverse Chronological Order.
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The Spring Egg Hunt Ends

23 April 2012

The Spring Egg Hunt Ends

With the closing of the Chocolate Factory last Wednesday, the inevitable disappearance of eggs was close behind. A grand effort was made to clean up the remaining bonus eggs, and MouseHunters collectively gathered quite an amount!

A grand total of 3,452,820 eggs were either painted or looted. Wow! WOW!

Thank you for taking part in the Spring Egg Hunt this year. We hope you had a blast, because we sure did! Didn't get all the eggs? Come back next year to try your luck again!

A New Tournament

The King has gladly approved a new set of rules, put together by the MouseHunters, for a tournament in the Whisker Woods! Head on over there and compete in one right now!

Check them out here!

Tournament Kit

Looking for a competitive edge? This basket is packed with supplies to help you compete in tournaments! Inside you'll find 50 SUPER|brie+, 50 Champion Charms and a 1 month Luck Golden Shield!


The Spring Egg Hunt Ends

  • All the bonus eggs have been cleaned up
  • MouseHunters collectively looted 3,452,820 eggs!
  • Join us next year to collect more eggs, old and new!
  • Head on over to the Whisker Woods for a new tournament

Travel to the Whisker Woods | Buy a Tournament Kit for a friend or for yourself!

-- Giorgio Sintichakis

Chocolate Factory Shuts Down!

18 April 2012

Another year, another chocolate shortage! The Chocolate Factory once again closes its doors for the year, as all the chocolate and paint have all finally run dry. With no more paint to steal, the Spring Mice have also vanished.

Thanks to the awesome handiwork of the hunters, we managed to paint nearly TWO MILLION eggs! That's just awesome!

Although the Chocolate Factory doors are closed, you can still visit the Charm Shoppe in the Vacant Lot in order to convert Marshmallow Monterey into Eggstra Charms, and there's still some cleanup work to do! The bonus eggs are still out there, so find as many as you can before they're all gone!

The Vacant Lot and bonus eggs will be around until Monday, April 23. Happy Spring Egg Hunting!

Chocolate Factory Shuts Down!

  • The Chocolate Factory is closed
  • The Vacant Lot is still open
  • Use leftover Marshmallow Monterey to buy Eggstra Charms from the Charm Shoppe
  • Bonus eggs across the land will be gone Monday, April 23
  • Use Eggstra Charms to double the bonus eggs looted from mice!

Travel to the Vacant Lot | Buy a Spring Gift Basket for a friend or get an Egg Hunting Kit for yourself!

-- Giorgio Sintichakis

Spring Egg Hunt!

4 April 2012

Spring Egg Hunt!

Spring is here, and with the season comes the Spring Egg Hunt!

The Chocolate Factory doors have been re-opened after last year's hare-razing events, and the sweet aroma of brewing chocolate has attracted some of the egg-loving mice of the land. A vast supply of eggs, old and new, have been stolen and carried off into Gnawnia and beyond. What's worse, some of the more artistic mice were tempted by the reserves of egg paint, and all we've got left are a bunch of plain ol' white eggs!

Get to the Chocolate Factory, catch mice carrying Marshmallow Monterey, find the missing egg paint to finish off the Spring Eggs, and find out whose responsible for the mischief at the factory!

Factory doors close on April 18, but it might take a while to clean up all the bonus eggs...


Paint all your Spring Eggs, find the Eggscavator, then head off to find the mice carrying the bonus eggs across the land!

When you find an egg, visit the Special section of your inventory to smash it open!

Paint, Paint, Paint!

Marshmallow Monterey

Hunt in the Chocolate Factory to find mice carrying Marshmallow Monterey. This strangely sweet 'n' peppery cheese has an aroma and flavour only a mouse could love.

Egg Paint

Use Marshmallow Monterey to find mice carrying paint for each of the unpainted eggs. Use Dark Chocolate Charms from the Charm Shoppe in the area to attract a more sinister mouse who sometimes carries more paint.

The Golden Egg is the most-coveted of all of the Spring Eggs, so the mice won't give up any Golden Paint until all the other paints are exhausted. The sight of that fully-painted Golden Egg is sure to attract the troublemaker responsible!


We saw a mouse carrying this new egg-hunting tool, and it could prove quite useful for hunting down all of the bonus eggs! Finish painting the eggs, find the mouse responsible for all this trouble, and get that Eggscavator so you can begin your Spring Egg Hunt!

When you find an egg, visit the Special section of your inventory to smash it open! Your Eggscavator will keep a record of eggs you've found, old and new, smashed or intact.

Eggy Charms

Eggstra Charms

The incredible magic of these charms will duplicate any bonus eggs dropped by mice, giving you TWO eggs instead of just one when used with the Eggscavator. Use Marshmallow Monterey in the Chocolate Factory Charm Shoppe to create these charms, or pickup an Egg Hunting Kit which comes with 5 charms and plenty of Marshmallow Monterey. After the Spring Egg Hunt is over, any eggcess Eggstra Charms can be smashed with your Hunter's Hammer to create Dark Chocolate Charms.

Dark Chocolate Charms

Made of 88% coco and 12% evil, this sinister piece of confectionery will attract spooky mice when hunting at the Chocolate Factory and help you paint eggs faster! Before you arm this charm make sure your trap is properly prepared and that you're up for a challenge! Buy some from the Charm Shoppe!

Spring Gifts and Gift Eggs for Friends!

Gift Egg

These eggs have a variety of items inside to help you in your hunting endeavours. I wonder what's inside this one... Send your friend a Gift Egg this Spring! Remember, they'll still need to paint this egg themselves at the Chocolate Factory!


Scrambles the Hunting Seer is full of sage hunting advice that will help you see the sunny side of hunting. When you're questioning your hunting strategy, just ask Scrambles for help. Make sure to consult Scrambles before sounding your horn. You never know what piece of advice you'll get from this cuddly little chicken.

Check them all out here!

Spring Tournament

Join a tournament while you're in the Chocolate Factory! Score tournament points while you paint your Spring Eggs!

Check them out here!

Spring Gift Basket and Egg Hunting Kit

Spring Gift Basket

This gift basket is filled with yummy goodies to help you during the Spring Egg Hunt! Inside you'll find 80 Marshmallow Monterey and 20 Dark Chocolate Charms. It also provides the Lucky Golden Shield for 1 month when opened. Buy one and give it to a friend!

Egg Hunting Kit

This eggy kit is choco-full with tons of eggy goodness to really help you during the Spring Egg Hunt! Inside you'll find 200 Marshmallow Monterey, 100 Dark Chocolate Charms, and 5 Eggstra Charms, which give you TWO eggs instead of just one when used with the Eggscavator.

Marshmallow Monterey

This strange flavour is one of the most bizarre, foul tasting flavours of cheese ever made! Despite its vile peppery-sweet flavour, the Spring Mice just love this bait! Arm some of this cheese and one is sure to come your way...

-- Giorgio Sintichakis