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Archive for updates taken place in January 2013 in Reverse Chronological Order.
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New Fearsome Mice Have Been Sighted!

14 January 2013

New Fearsome Mice Have Been Sighted!

Fear and awe have spread through mice and hunters alike in recent days, as rumours of terrifying new mice have quickly spread.

In the Twisted Garden, a super-charged mouse lurks in the depths, shocking (both literally and figuratively) anyone that comes near!

In the Cursed City, an ancient and evil magical mouse is inventing new and dangerous curses to cast over the whole of Gnawnia!

And in the Sand Crypts, a hyper-evolved mouse has reared his exceptionally ugly head and is devouring all he sees!

All-new recipes!

In order to face these new mice, you'll need the power of the all-new Shattering Charm, which can only be crafted by utilizing the power of an Icuri Essence.

The mysterious Rift Base harnesses the very power of the rift between our world and the next, and will be immensely useful in coming battles. But how to craft it? Only patient and powerful hunters will ever know.

If there was ever a mouse that proved a little too tough, or thought he was a little too much for you, the Ultimate Charm will prove them wrong. What does it do? It catches mice. Period. Regardless of any other factors, this charm will catch the very next mouse that wanders too close. Then, if it wasn't jostled too hard in the process, maybe it stays around for another try. Try to see how many mice yours lasts for!

Finally, to prove your dominion over the Living Garden, there's the all-new Living Garden theme. Anyone viewing your journal when you have this theme active will definitely know that you are the true master of the Living Garden!

Kits and Charm Packs

This package contains 20 Red Sponge Charms, 20 Yellow Sponge Charms, 6 Bravery Charms, 6 Clarity Charms, 6 Shine Charms, 20 Grub Salt Charms, 2 Grub Scent Charms, and 250 SUPER|brie+ for use in hunting in the Twisted Garden, Sand Crypts, and Cursed City.
Provides the Lucky Golden Shield for 2 months from date of opening.

This package contains 10 Red Sponge Charms and 10 Yellow Sponge Charms for use in collecting coloured dewdrops in the Twisted Garden.
Provides the Lucky Golden Shield for 1 month from date of opening.

This package contains 3 Bravery Charms, 3 Clarity Charms, and 3 Shine Charms for use in dispelling curses in the Cursed City.
Provides the Lucky Golden Shield for 1 month from date of opening.

This package contains 10 Grub Salt Charms and 1 Grub Scent Charm for use in hunting the Grub King Mouse in the Sand Crypts.
Provides the Lucky Golden Shield for 1 month from date of opening.

The Living Garden To The Next Level!

  • Brand-new and terrifying mice now inhabit the garden!
  • Craft Shattering Charms to challenge them
  • Build your own Rift Base to be prepared for what's coming
  • Craft and collect Ultimate Charms and catch mice... guaranteed!
  • Proudly display your very own Living Garden Theme

Buy a Twisted Essence Collector Kit for you or a friend | Travel to the Living Garden

-- Dan Hulton

Bonus Luck Weekend!

11 January 2013

Bonus Luck Weekend!

It looks like a light smattering of lucky fairy dust has settled over Gnawnia. Or perhaps the Digby scientists have been up to more of their irresponsible experiments? Maybe everyone's just on an incredible streak. Whatever it is, every trap is lucky this weekend, and everyone gets a +5 luck bonus on every hunt!

Take advantage of all that extra luck and hunt down some of the tougher mice this weekend!

Lucky Mouse

This little guy has collected a pile of "Lucky" trinkets: a funky lucky sock that he'll never remove because he claims it once messed up a Monstrobot's sensors, lucky beads that managed to jam a trap's trigger mechanism without him even noticing, and his lucky belt that has... been a good conversation starter at least.

But also in his possession is a collection of actual Luck Charms, Super Luck Charms, and even Ultimate Luck Charms! Seek him out and catch him in your trap to claim your lucky prize!

Lucky Hunting Kit

Looking for even more luck? This kit comes jam-packed with it! 200 SUPER|brie+, 100 Luck Charms, an incredible 30 Super Luck Charms, and a 1 month Lucky Golden Shield will boost your luck to incredible levels.

Get One Now!

Bonus Luck Weekend!

  • +5 luck bonus on every hunt!
  • A new Lucky Mouse wandering the lands
  • Find that mouse!

Travel around to find the mouse

Buy a Lucky Hunting Kit for you or a friend

-- Giorgio Sintichakis