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Archive for updates taken place in April 2014 in Reverse Chronological Order.
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Spring Egg Hunt

15 April 2014

The Spring Egg Hunt has begun!

Omelette Factory Arrives in Gnawnia

As the Spring Egg Hunt approached, a massive Omelette Factory appeared in Gnawnia! It appears that a few mice in the area have a seemingly unhealthy obsession with omelettes. Little information is currently known other than that an intimidating mouse known as the Pan Slammer has devised a plot to take over all of Gnawnia... involving omelettes somehow.

According to rumors, this is his plan:

Step 1: Hoard all eggs and create endless omelettes
Step 2: ???
Step 3: Destroy Gnawnia!

Despite this plan not making a lick of sense, the King is leaving nothing to chance. In order to recover the eggs and begin the Spring Egg Hunt, the Pan Slammer must be dealt with!

Calibrating an Eggscavator

A critical instrument for finding rare eggs is the Eggscavator. Unfortunately, the Pan Slammer Mouse employed the services of the Egg Scrambler Mouse to scramble the circuits of each and every Eggscavator in the Kingdom! The Pan Slammer wants all the eggs in the Kingdom to itself! In order to begin locating bonus eggs across the Kingdom, you must first calibrate an Eggscavator by tracking down ten basic eggs within the Omelette Factory.

If you do not already have an Eggscavator, you can purchase one from the General Store at the Omelette Factory. Once an Eggscavator is in your possession, locate ten basic eggs within the Omelette Factory by hunting with Marshmallow Monterey to calibrate your Eggscavator. You can collect Marshmallow Monterey as loot from sweets-loving mice at the Omelette Factory. If you're looking for a greater challenge while calibrating your Eggscavator, try equiping Dark Chocolate Charms available from the Charm Shoppe at the factory. With Dark Chocolate Charms armed, you'll attract a variety of Shadow and Forgotten Mice to your trap!

Once your Eggscavator is calibrated and the Pan Slammer subdued, go forth throughout the Kingdom and hunt for bonus eggs! You can check which eggs you've found and which you have yet to collect by checking the Eggscavator in your inventory.

Charge Charms, Charge Eggs, and Eggstras!

Have some extra Marshmallow Monterey? Exchange it at the Omelette Factory Charm Shoppe for Charge Charms and/or Eggstra Charms! Charge Charms will charge up your Eggscavator to new power levels while capturing mice, making it capable of detecting hidden Charge Eggs with each hunt! The higher the charge, the more valuable egg you can discover. You may even find two rare spring-themed trap skins within High Charge Eggs!

Want to double up your eggs found? Exchange Marshmallow Monterey at the Omelette Factory Charm Shoppe for eggstra-special Eggstra Charms! With Eggstra Charms armed each and every egg you find will be doubled, granting twice the reward! Eggstra Charms are only used up upon finding an egg as loot, so feel free to keep one armed even when hunting for rare and elusive bonus eggs.

King's Spring Supplies

To aid hunters in tracking down dozens upon dozens of eggs, the King has assembled items, a few treat baskets, and supply kits.

15 Marshmallow Monterey                                                 
Hunt with or exchange it!
15 Charge Charms
Charge your Eggscavator!
Find Charge Eggs!
Dimensional Egg Basket Skin
The cutest dimensional egg basket in town!
5 Eggstra Charms
Doubles all egg drops!
Marshmallow Gift Basket
60 Marshmallow Monterey for you or a friend!
Bonus Egg Hunting Kit
SUPER|brie+, Charge and Eggstra Charms
Track down more bonus eggs!
Spring Arcanum Skin
Spring ahead with Arcane power!
1,200 Marshmallow Monterey
Stock up to hunt with!
Exchange for other supplies!

Pan Slammer Mouse Threatens the Egg Hunt!

  • Travel to the Omelette Factory
  • Collect Marshmallow Moneterey
  • Calibrate your Eggscavator
  • Defeat the Pan Slammer
  • Travel around the Kingdom, collecting BONUS eggs from all sorts of mice!

Travel to the Omelette Factory

-- Dave Vanderburg