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Archive for updates taken place in August 2014 in Reverse Chronological Order.
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MEGA Tournament Madness!

18 August 2014

Get ready for MEGA Tournament Madness! For one whole week (from August 19 to August 26) there will be an onslaught of new MEGA Tournaments to challenge you and your fellow hunters!

New Rules, New Exciting Ways to Play!

With the resurgence of previous tournaments, which you all have come to know and love, we will be introducing a few new tournaments for an extra challenge! With some of these new tournaments, we will be debuting mice worth NEGATIVE points! That's right, folks! Now, not only will you be hunting for those mice worth precious points, you will want to be wary of those worth a negative value that will take away from your score! Hunt smart!

New MEGA Tournaments

Here are some hints about the new tournaments coming out!

Mega Masters All of the Masters within Gnawnia have made this list.

Mega World Tour Catch select mice from almost every area!

Mega Meadow A Meadow tournament worth lots of gold! Is it worth the risk?

Mega Mutiny Pirates are causing trouble on the S.S. Huntington!

Mega Boss Battle Take on the big bad bosses of Gnawnia!

Rift / Anti-Rift Mice in both the Meadow and the Gnawnia Rift are worth points! Where will you find victory?

Rare Rodents The rarest of mice in all the lands!

Sensei Stockpile Smackdown Simple: Catch the most Sensei mice but avoid the Master of the Dojo!

New MEGA Rewards!

Participate in the new MEGA Tournaments in order to obtain the coveted MEGA Tournament Token! Then cash them in for sweet rewards at the Tournament Hall, like some Ultimate Luck or Power charms, or even this awesome new journal theme!

MEGA Tournament Kit (For a limited time only!)

Get a MEGA start on your MEGA tournaments with this MEGA Tournament Supply Kit!

250 SUPER|brie+ 250 Champion Charms 1 Month Lucky Golden Shield

So, what are you waiting for?

Jump on over to the tournament listings page and sign up now!

-- Franco D'Auria