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Relic Hunter Season Four

27 July 2016

A new Relic Hunter Season has started with new treasures to seek and maps to explore!

New Limited Edition Reward

The new season of the Relic Hunter brings with it a new limited edition reward to be found in Relic Hunter Treasure Chests: The Crystal Mineral Crusher Trap. This formidable Forgotten trap provides extra minerals when you find any as loot from mice.

Stats: 8,000 Power, 10% Power Bonus, 5% Attraction Bonus, +5 Luck
Special effect: Provides bonus Minerals when finding any as loot
Requirements: 50,000,000 points to equip
  • Each "Season 4" Relic Hunter Treasure Chest has a chance of containing the Crystal Mineral Crusher Trap.
  • The more season 4 chests you open, the greater your chance of finding the limited edition trap will be!
  • After opening 29 chests, you're guaranteed to find the trap in your 30th if you have not already found it.

Limited Time Only: Gilded Treasure Maps

To celebrate the start of Relic Hunter Season 4, the King has put together his own treasure hunt with rewards of a new "Gilded Charm", Ancient Charms, the Lucky Golden Shield, and more! Available from the premium shop for a limited time only is a new "Gilded Scroll Case". The Gilded Map within leads to a chest with Gilded Charms, Ancient Charms, and other powerful charms.

Inside each Gilded Treasure Chest you'll find 25 Gilded Charms, or 50 if you dust the map to find a Rare Gilded Treasure Chest. Each hunt you take with a Gilded Charm will consume the charm and in return reward between one and ten pieces of SUPER|brie+!

The Gilded Treasure Chests these maps lead to also grant 1 month of the Lucky Golden Shield when opened, making them great for sharing the Golden Shield with your map mates!

Finally, inside a Gilded Treasure Chest you may also find one of three fancy Gilded Trap Skins. Dusting a map leads to a Rare Gilded Treasure Chest which always has one gilded skin inside!

  • Gilded Scroll Case
A special treasure hunt!
  • Gilded NVMRC Forcefield Trap Skin
Talk about reviving a classic! The old and reliable NVMRC Forcefield Trap, restored and reworked with a beautiful golden finish!
  • Gilded Sandtail Sentinel Trap Skin
Gilded with crystalline accents, this illustrious gilded Sandtail Sentinel is quite pleasing to the eye.
  • Gilded M.Y.N.O.R.C.A. Trap Skin
A beautifully gilded Mysteriously unYielding Null-Onyx Rampart of Cascading Amperes trap skin. A wealthy way to display your incredible hunting prowess and endless gold coffers!
  • Get a Gilded Scroll Case to start a hunt for treasure with your map mates.
  • Complete the treasure map to earn Gilded Chests full of goodies.
  • Open a Gilded Treasure Chest to obtain the Lucky Golden Shield for one month!
  • Each chest contains the new "Gilded Charm" that rewards a random amount of SUPER|brie+ when used!
  • Each chest has a chance of containing one gilded skin and rare chests always have a gilded skin!

Slayer Treasure Maps

Inside any Season 4 Relic Hunter Treasure Chest or the new Gilded Treasure Chest, you may occasionally find a scroll case leading to even greater treasure! Inside this intimidating scroll case is a map that will have you hunting the most challenging mice in the Kingdom in search of treasure.

The type of Slayer Treasure Map you can find inside a scroll varies in difficulty, with higher-level hunters able to find more challenging slayer maps leading to more rewarding treasure chests. Inside each Slayer Treasure Chest you'll find a generous quantity of Gold, Points, and King's Credits, along with Ultimate Ancient Charms, Baitkeep Charms, and SUPER|brie+. The more difficult the map, the greater the reward!

Opening a Slayer Treasure Chest will also grant you the prestigious "Slayer Aura". This aura will grant +5 Bonus Luck as well as +1 Ancient Relic each time you find one as loot from a mouse. The duration of the aura depends on the difficulty of map completed, ranging from 2 to 10 days. Finally, the aura's duration time stacks, meaning your aura's time will be extended each time you open an additional Slayer Treasure Chest.

  • You'll occasionally find a Slayer Scroll Case from Season 4 Relic Hunter and Gilded Treasure Chests.
  • Complete the map to earn a Slayer Treasure Chest!
  • Inside Slayer Chests find Ultimate Ancient Charms, Baitkeep Charms, SUPER|brie+, and more!
  • Opening the chest rewards the Slayer Aura, granting +5 Bonus Luck and bonus Ancient Relic loot drops!

Other Season 4 Updates

The Relic Hunter's focus for research has become so focused that she has lost some interest in the tasty distractions of cheese. When the Relic Hunter Mouse visits your trap, it will happen as a bonus encounter, meaning you'll no longer lose cheese or charms. The Relic Hunter's increasingly large quest for research has also brought her to a few more areas across the Kingdom.

This season also brings with it a change to how consolation prizes work on those maps which the King grants consolation prizes for. When the captain chooses to claim the consolation prize, the captain receives the prize and the map then enters "Consolation Mode". When a map is in consolation mode, no new hunters can be invited to the map and any member can choose to take the consolation prize and leave the map. This allows hunters to continue their search for a Treasure Chest even if the captain decides to take the consolation prize. Finally, Rare Map Dust is no longer returned upon claiming a consolation prize and instead consolation prizes are increased for rare maps.

Rare Map Dust and Treasure Hunting Kits

Use Rare Map Dust to boost your treasure hunting rewards! By using dust on a treasure map, you'll find a rare chest that has double the Points, Gold, and Ancient Charms! Rare chests also have a greater quantity of other special loot and an increased chance of finding the limited edition reward!

For a limited time only: A special bundle of 20 Rare Map Dust is available at a discounted price!

  • 20 Rare Map Dust
Limited time discount!
  • Rare Map Dust
Increase Map Rewards!
  • Gilded Scroll Case
Limited Time Only!

Relic Hunter Season 4

  • New Limited Edition Reward
  • New Slayer Scroll Cases
  • Limited Time Gilded Treasure Maps