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The Grand Ghostship Returns!

14 October 2020

Save Gnawnia from this spooky skyborne threat!
This Halloween prepare to defend Gnawnia from the fearsome Grand Ghostship!

The Grand Ghostship Returns, again!

The dreaded Grand Ghostship has arrived above Gnawnian skies! This year Captain Cannonball and Admiral Arrrgh have joined forces once again to build the ultimate spooky ghostship to terrify Gnawnia in one grand ghostly assault! But fear not, the ship has yet to be fully completed.

Attack the ship by knocking their construction materials loose and then use them to earn Spooky Rewards!

The Floating Islands (of dread!)

The Floating Islands Launch Pad has become a new Haunted Location! Hunting on the Launch Pad will allow you to collect Ghastly Galleon Cheese and Ethereal Cannonballs! As an additional bonus, while hunting on one of the islands, the mice there will have a chance to drop Super Spooky Charms.

Super Spooky Charm Celebrate Halloween with a sprinkling of these as you explore the Floating Islands!

200 Power 2% Power Bonus 4 Luck 20% Power Bonus to Halloween traps The Sky Pirates of the Floating Islands have gotten word of the Grand Ghostships return and have provided aid with additional cannonballs! Capture Sky Pirate mice from the Floating Islands Pirate Dens to snatch them up!

These scoundrels will drop 1 Ethereal Cannonball when caught!

Admiral Cloudbeard has the largest stash so he will drop 3 Ghostfire Cannonballs when caught!

The Valour Rift Stays Spooky

The Valour Rift has already become a Haunted Location before but this year the spooky celebrations continue with the return of the Rift Spooky Charm! Mice inside the Rift Gauntlet Tower will have a chance to drop this terrifying treat!

Rift Spooky Charm A Halloween charm that is too spooky for the mortal realm! This charm provides the Rift Set bonus when armed with other Rift traps and bases.

500 Power 5% Power Bonus 2 Luck Provides the Rift Set Bonus 20% Power Bonus to Halloween traps Keep an eye out for these mice in the tower if you're looking for Rift Spooky Charms!

Raiding the Cargo Hold

Collect Ghastly Galleon Gouda in Haunted Locations and arm it to attract Halloween mice. Then collect cannonballs and unleash them upon the Grand Ghostship!

Every hunt taken while firing cannonballs will damage the ghostship and dislodge a Spooky Ship Part. Collecting ship parts will slow the construction of the Grand Ghostship and reward you with loot from the ghostship's cargo hold for every 200 parts you turn in!

Firing cannonballs will earn you Spooky Ship Parts with each and every hunt!

Firing an Ethereal Cannonball earns 5 ship parts Firing a Ghostfire Cannonball earns 6 ship parts Firing either cannonball with Boosted Cannonball Shots available will earn +1 bonus ship part

Boosted Cannonball Shots

Each new Gnawnian day during Halloween (every midnight UTC), you will be granted an additional 30 Boosted Cannonball shots. Boosted shots will knock loose +1 additional ship part each hunt.

Your cannonball shots are boosted automatically when they're available and they will accumulate during the entire event, so don't sweat it if you can't use them all up before the next day!

Remember: While cannonballs are actively firing, each and every hunt will earn ship parts regardless of the hunt's outcome!

Spooky Rewards

There are 10 spooky rewards available to be claimed from the Grand Ghostship's cargo hold. Each time you collect 200 ship parts, you can cash them in to claim a reward from the ghostship's cargo hold!

Once all 10 have been claimed, you can then spend any additional ship parts in the various shoppes for Halloween-themed charms, Spooky Shuffle Tickets, and more!

Cursed Skull x 200 Ship Parts

Condemned Base x 400 Ship Parts

10 Spooky Shuffle Tickets x 600 Ship Parts

The Haunted Manor Trap x 800 Ship Parts

Cursed Skull x 1,000 Ship Parts

The Sugar Shack Trap Skin x 1,200 Ship Parts

Pumpkin Patch Journal Theme x 1,400 Ship Parts

Ultimate Spooky Charms x 1,600 Ship Parts

Spooky Reward Box x 1,800 Ship Parts

2 Cursed Skulls x 2,000 Ship Parts

Ship parts are consumed when a reward is claimed.

You sunk my Ghostship!

Sinking the ghostship will open up these rewards in Haunted Location Shops! So keep shooting and collecting supplies to cash in for these rewards!

The Ghost Galleon Airship Cosmetic

Ghost Galleon Balloon x 200 Ship Parts

Ghost Galleon Hull x 200 Ship Parts

Ghost Galleon Sail x 200 Ship Parts

Additional Rewards

Spooky Charm x 5 Ship Parts

Super Spooky Charm x 25 Ship Parts

Extreme Spooky Charm x 50 Ship Parts

Ultimate Spooky Charm x 100 Ship Parts

Rift Spooky Charm x 50 Ship Parts

Spooky Shuffle Tickets x 50 Ship Parts

Treasure Maps are Back!

The "Sealed Ghostship Scroll Case" has been added to the cartographer at all Haunted Locations (Max Inventory Quantity of 3). Opening the scroll case will give you one of the following maps. If you are a Lord/Lady or below, you will get the "Easy Grand Ghostship Map" (10 total Mice) If you are a Baron/Baroness or above, you will get the "Hard Grand Ghostship Map" (15 Total Mice) Both treasure chests have event rewards inside including Ghastly Galleon Gouda, Spooky Charms, Spooky Shuffle tickets, cannonballs, a chance (guaranteed if dusted) at getting a Halloween trap skin and a chance at getting Spooky Shuffle Dust (double the chance if dusted). Easy maps have low level trap skins, Hard maps have higher level trap skins.

The Treasure Map display has also been updated to support this year's Haunted Location Event Mice so you can easily see where to catch them!

Spooky Aura Update!

The Spooky Aura has been replaced on the reward track by Cursed Skulls! These new Cursed Skulls have absorbed the spooky energy that fuels the Spooky Aura and will need to be CRUSHED in order to release it!

Cursed Skulls: Crushing a Cursed Skull will award you one week of the Spooky Aura from the time of crushing. The reward track will give the player a total of 4 Cursed Skulls. You can claim this item without activating the aura and can instead choose to activate it at a later time (with some caveats)! Skulls will automatically crumble and award the Spooky Aura if it has not been manually crushed by the end of the Halloween Event provided you log in and take a hunt in the game. This should let players maximize their aura by just leaving the skulls in their inventory for automatic consumption. SKULLS WILL BE REMOVED FROM YOUR INVENTORY if they have not been used by the aura expiry date of December 1st, 2020 (either manually or automatically). The system will automatically remove any unused Cursed Skulls from everyone's inventory on that date and you will get NO AURA. So make sure to take advantage of the aura while you can!

Cursed Skull

Crush this cursed skull to release the Spooky Aura for 1 week!

Spooky Aura

30% Power Bonus Chance to find Wealth Charms Chance to find Cursed Gold The Spooky Aura ends on December 1, 2020!

Spooky Shuffle Update

The Spooky Shuffle has been updated this year with some new items from the Valour Rift and the Floating Islands! Select the Duke and Up board to have a chance at these rewards!

Gauntlet Elixir

Champion's Fire

Cloud Curds

Stock up on Halloween Treats

The King's spooky servants have scared up these Halloween supplies and equipment to fight back against the Grand Ghostship!

Halloween Shop Items

100 Ghastly Galleon Gouda For Spook Slaying! Ghastly Gift Basket A Ghoulish Gift! Spooky Shuffle Starter Pack Start Shuffling 100 Ethereal Cannonballs Man the Cannons! 25 Spooky Shuffle Tickets Try your luck! Spooky Shuffle Mega Bundle Ultimate deal!

New Trap Skins

Fount of Bats Trap Skin For the Queso Fount Trap! Pumpkin Patch Thrasher Skin For the Smouldering Sentinel! Visit the Premium Shop to find more!

Halloween ends on November 3, 2020!


Relic Hunter Season 8 on the Horizon!

The next Relic Hunter season will begin when Halloween ends on November 3, 2020! Make sure you have earned your Season 7 rewards before it is too late! Electromagnetic Meteorite Base

Use this base during the night in Fort Rox for a chance to find Meteorite Pieces.

Vegetation Base

Use this base in the Elub Shore, Nerg Plains, or Derr Dunes to find a pepper that matches whatever seed a mouse drops.