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Jet Stream at Hollow Heights

21 June 2022

A powerful Jet Stream is blowing through Hollow Heights!

Soar through the skies with speed, sailing on the Jet Stream!

A Jet Stream Hits The Floating Islands

The winds of Hollow Heights are picking up speed as a Jet Stream flows through the Low and High Altitude Islands. Sky Paragons and Sky Wardens are putting this surge of air to use, creating Storm Cells at an unprecedented rate.

Capable hunters can ride the current and surprise the forces of the Empyrean Empire, seizing the Storm Cells for themselves.

Put Some Wind In Your Sails

Capturing a Sky Warden or Sky Paragon will grant the Jet Stream bonus for the next 25 hunts. This bonus is only active, and will only decrease, while hunting on Low or High Altitude Islands, it will not reach the Sky Palace. While the bonus remains active, you’ll gain +1 exploration speed allowing you to sail the skies at supreme speeds. Jet Stream HUD

Especially speedy hunters who manage to capture another Sky Warden or Sky Paragon while the bonus is still active will reap even more rewards! Not only will this extend the duration and power of the Jet Stream bonus, but they’ll also gain up to 8 Storm Cells based on the strength of their bonus.

The Jet Stream event ends on July 5, 2022 at 3:00pm UTC

Sales For Your Sails!

To help hunters harness the Jet Stream to its fullest potential the King is uncorking a special supply of Bottled Wind and other hunting supplies! These special deals will sail away when the Jet Stream ends on July 5, so fill your sales before it's too late!

Jet Setter Bundle
Make each hunt count!
100 Bottled Wind
Bottled savings!
500 Bottled Wind
Best deal ever on wind!
Harness the Jet Stream to explore Low and High Altitude Islands and find bonus Storm Cells!
The Jet Stream event ends on July 5, 2022 at 3:00pm UTC

-- Dave Vanderburg