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MouseHunt Century Club (MHCC)

Welcome to your new obsession! :-).

Bored with the same old, same old?

Want to get away from it all?

Have we got a deal for you!

Because there is more to MH than points, we offer seasoned hunters a new challenge. Catching mice by the hundreds encourages hunting throughout the kingdom, radically changing the hunters’ perspective and goals, revitalizing the horn addiction.

We will fully support, reinforce, and encourage you in your compulsion. Do you sense a trend here?

Check out our Fan page, listed at the bottom of the page.

Entry Requirement

Since July 1, 2011, the requirement for membership in the MHCC is to have caught at least 100 mice of at least 25% of all breeds, which is 84 breeds as of July 1, 2011. For instance, 100 White, 100 Brown, 100 Granite, 100 Steel, etc… Since new mice are being added to the game occasionally and some of them very easy to get to 100, it will be raised to 26% of all breeds on August 1, increasing 1% every start of the month until December 1 where it will stay at 30%. [1][2] When that happens, hunters already in the club but under the new requirement will not lose their membership. Look in the list below for the link to our script to use to count your mice, or check your Profile tab for the number of Gold and Silver King's Crowns you own. It is easy to use once you know how to do it, and we have created a Google doc to show you exactly how. There is also a link to register your 100s, so we can update our scoreboard.

Application for Membership

Use the link listed below to go to the club page. Click on the Join link beside the heading. You will soon receive a message either welcoming you in, or letting you know you are not yet qualified, and how many 100s you need yet.

When you are in, more tabs will appear for you to go to. Say “Hi” on the ‘Welcome New Members!!!’ thread on the Discussion board, and add your name and MH profile link on the ‘MHCC Add List’ thread. We all need to be friends here.

The Scoreboard

The Scoreboard is on the Info page.

The members are ranked in the club according to how many 100s of mice they have caught. Members can update their stats using the form in the Links list below.

  • 50 – Novice
  • 60 – Recruit
  • 70 – Apprentice
  • 80 – Initiate
  • 90 – Journeyman
  • 100 – Master
  • 110 – Grandmaster
  • 120 – Legendary
  • 130 – Hero
  • 140 – Knight
  • 150 – Lord/Lady
  • 160 – Baron/Baroness
  • 170 – Count/Countess
  • 180 – Duke/Duchess
  • 190 – Centurion
  • 200 – Squirrel

On the Wall

The MHCC site hosts a lively wall, where there’s always something going on.

It is public, meaning anyone can access it, and features a list of Administrators, and Links for the Members list, Club Info, Discussions, Photos, and Events. Find the Wall in the Links list below.

Further Goals

The Millennium Mission is a subgroup of hunters with the added goal of getting 1,000 of as many mice as possible. Crusade preparation is held on the Discussion board.

The Decade Dance is a subgroup of hunters with the added goal of catching at least 10 of all the mice in the game. Campaign planning is held on the Discussion board.

The Bonus Mice Badge is a goal for the club as a whole. As a club, we want our total number of mouse breeds caught 100 times, including rare and event mice, to be more than the number of regular mouse breeds caught 100 times. For instance, while we all have the beginners’ mice at well over 100, some hunters have 100 or more Lycans but not Cyclops, and other hunters do have 100 or more Cyclops. Therefore the club has both Lycans and Cyclops at 100 or more if one member has them. Look for the hit list of mice, in the Links list below.


Bets are set up, discussed, and tracked on threads in the Discussion tab.


Hosting Expeditions in locales both quaint and exotic, featuring the nostalgia of pursuing long forgotten prey. We schedule group hunts in areas higher ranked MH players normally would not go to, to catch mice we need to get to 100, but are not likely to have friends there to help sound the horn for. Members just RSVP to invitations, discuss strategy on the Events tab event, and when the time comes, join the hunt in the MH location.

Members can also request specific Hunting Expeditions on the Events tab.

The rotating list of events is as follows:

  • Jungle Of Dread (Rumble In The Jungle)
  • Dracano (Here There Be Dragons)
  • Meadow (Picnic In The Park)
  • Mousoleum (Tails From The Crypt)
  • Training Grounds (Boot Camp)
  • Town Of Gnawnia (Castle Capers)
  • Harbour (Under The Boardwalk)
  • Bazaar (Chaaaarge It!)
  • Windmill (Don Quixote)
  • Catacombs (“Come Into My Parlor” Said The Spider To The Fly)
  • Calm Clearing (A Day At The Spa)
  • Furoma (Warriors Challenge)
  • Great Gnarled Tree (“AAAAOOAAAAAAOOAAAAAAA!”)
  • Digby (Fire In The Hole!)
  • Mountain (Iditarod)
  • Acolyte Realm (Who's Afraid Of The Acolyte Mouse?)
  • SS Huntington II (It’s A Pirates Life For Me)
  • King’s Gauntlet (The Amazing Race)
  • Laboratory (Monster Mash)

Some hunters post profile pictures they have made showing their progress in MHCC.


We are a fast growing club, started April 17, 2010 and reaching 750 members August 7, 2010. Embrace your obsession and take MouseHunting to a whole new level.


  • Curt Schramm *The Man With The Vision
  • James Mount *Updater Extraordinaire
  • Kathy Hitzfelder *Group Hunt Wrangler
  • Andrew Damon *Site Creator
  • Eileen Kelleher *Welcoming Committee