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''Travel info By The Sanggarans.''
''Travel info By The Sanggarans.''
* [[Non-Violent Mouse Removal Charity]]
* [[Adopt a Novice/Apprentice MouseHunter]]
* [[Newbie Begging and Deterrent League]]
==Mousehunt related links==
==Mousehunt related links==

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Welcome to the MouseHunt Wiki where users can contribute their knowledge of the MouseHunt world for all to see.

The MHWiki (as it will be referred to from here on out) is intended to inform the populace of Mouse Hunters and those who have any interest in the MouseHunt world and its intricacies.


Mice - Cheese - Traps - Locations - Loot - Potions - Hunter's Titles

To begin your MouseHunt adventure, you must first purchase a trap, which consists of a base and a weapon. You will also need cheese to be used as bait.

  1. Hover over Shops,
  2. Click on Trapsmith,
  3. Select a base,
  4. Select a weapon,
  5. Hover over Shops,
  6. Click on Cheese Shoppe,
  7. Select the type and quantity of cheese you wish to purchase,
  8. Sound the Hunter's Horn.


Here you find answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. How do you catch a Leprechaun Mouse?

A. A trap, and Cheese...Figure it out geinues.

Q. How much is a Leprechaun Mouse Worth?

A. Leprechauns are worth various amounts of real money payable via PayPal or convertible into SuperBrie+. Amounts range from $25 to $100 (Canadian funds).

Q. Is it a must to have radioactive blue to catch shadow mice?

A. Yes. If you don't have radioactive blue, you can't even lure the shadow mice.

Q. How do i get Super Brie

A. Just ask the professional of the game, everyone is eager to get asked and willing to give you some of their cheese, just KEEP on asking, and you will recieve


Points =D


The currency in MouseHunt is the Gold piece. It is used to buy cheese, traps, bases, and for traveling expenses.


Traveling allows you to get to new hunting grounds where you can find new mice to catch. New hunting areas become available as one progresses through the game. The cost of traveling differs depending on where you are and where you are traveling to.

The following is a table of gold required to travel from one place to another.

Table of travel costs in MH gold

' Gnawnia Meadow Harbour Mountian Laboratory Digby Mousoleum Training Grounds
Gnawnia x 330 1448 4762 19443 921 6084 9559
Meadow 0 x 1168 4646 19277 622 5806 9291
Harbour 0 169 x 4814 19161 474 5642 9125
Mountain 0 147 1314 x 19404 763 5951 9436
Laboratory 0 278 1161 4904 x 552 5702 9242
Digby 0 373 1224 5013 19302 x 5600 9314
Mousoleum 0 307 1142 4951 19202 350 x 9225
Training grounds 0 192 1025 4836 19142 464 5625 x


To travel to new areas maps need to be found. Here is a list of the maps, the areas they are found and how to get them

  • Gnawnia Map Piece -allows access to The Town of Gnawnia, Meadow, Harbour, Mountains and traveling merchant on special days

- Given at the start of game

  • Burroughs Laboratory Map Piece -allows access to The Laboratory

- dropped by Ninja Mouse and Found in The Mountains

  • Key to the Town of Digby -allows access to the Town of Digby

- dropped by Dwarf Mouse and Found in Laboratory

  • Tattered Mousoleum Map -allows access to the the Mousoleum

- dropped by Zombie Mouse and Found in Laboratory

  • Shredded Furoma Map Piece -allows access to the Training Grounds

- dropped by Lycan Mouse and Found in Mousoleum

Travel info By The Sanggarans.

Mousehunt related links