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Welcome to the MouseHunt Wiki, where users can contribute their knowledge of the MouseHunt world for all to see.

MouseHunt is a popular application on Facebook that uses passive gameplay to help the player, referred to as the hunter, catch mice with a variety of traps in order to earn experience points and gold. To keep the growing Mousehunt community entertained the developers add from time to time new locations and mice to the game. MouseHunt was developed by members of HitGrab, Inc. and sampled for Beta testing in early 2008. On March 7, 2008, MouseHunt was officially released on Facebook to the general public.

The MHWiki (as it will be referred to from here on out) is intended to inform the populace of Mouse Hunters and those who have any interest in the MouseHunt world and its intricacies.


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To begin your MouseHunt adventure, you must first purchase a trap, which consists of a base and a weapon. You will also need cheese to be used as bait.

  1. Hover over Shops
  2. Click on Trapsmith
  3. Select a base
  4. Select a weapon
  5. Click on Cheese Shoppe
  6. Select the type and quantity of cheese you wish to purchase
  7. Sound the Hunter's Horn

When you have enough gold and you have reached the required Hunter's Title, you may Travel to new Locations.


Here is where you'll find answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions...

Visit the FAQ page.


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