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The Spooky Shuffle is a mini-game present in the Heads-up Display of the Haunted Terrortories 2014 event location. It is a memory-style matching game, with 18 cards containing 9 pairs of Halloween items. The cards are randomly shuffled to a different location for each hunter, although once the shuffle occurs for all cards face-down, individual cards do not move location until a hunter completes the game. On the bottom of the game are the rules:

Match cards to win prizes! You lose a ticket for every wrong guess, so choose wisely!

On the top right is a count of the user's current inventory of Spooky Shuffle Tickets. On the top left is a message giving current status; depending on what has been clicked, it will be one of:

Match cards to win prizes!
Try and match that card with its twin!
Sorry, no match there!
A match! I received XXX as a reward!

The following pairs of items are available for matching:

Each match made also leaves a message in the Hunter's Journal:

I made a match in the Spooky Shuffle and received XXX as a prize!

Making all 9 matches awards a hunter with an additional bonus of 10 SUPER|brie+ with the following popup message:

Nice work!
Wow, you've found all the spooky matches!
You've earned some bonus SUPER|brie+! for clearing the board!

It then resets the board to a fresh shuffle, and leaves this message in the Hunter's Journal:

I completed a Spooky Shuffle board and earned 10 SUPER|brie+!

Spooky Shuffle Ticket

This admission ticket allows a hunter to make a card pair selection in the 2014 Spooky Shuffle. Flip two cards and see if they match!

A hunter can gain 2 Spooky Shuffle Tickets per day in the Daily Loyalty Chest; it was also possible to obtain tickets via Facebook or by Donating for a Spooky Shuffle Pack. Possessing a ticket allows another attempt at the spooky shuffle game; the ticket is only lost if the hunter does not make a match on that attempt.