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Welcome to my user page.

My first edit on the MouseHunt Wiki was an update to the timeline to mark when the first hunter reached the title of Baroness. Since then, I've contributed at varying rates. Sometimes I'll go over a month without making a single edit, and sometimes I'll take on a task that results in my making hundreds of updates in a single day.

If you see my profile here and wish to add me as a friend, send me a friend request with the words "MouseHunt Wiki" in the friend request. I might not accept the request if it just says "MouseHunt", as I like to have at least some idea of how I met my MouseHunt friends and not find myself completely unfamiliar with half my friend list.

I've decided not to put any information about my progress on this page, for that would quickly become outdated, and it's easier just to view my profile (linked below).