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Task Details Status Reference
Event donations Add event donation information Not started Donation#Event_Donations
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Event Donations

Baskets and Kits


Donation Amount Cheese received
$1.99 15 Bonefort Cheese
$8.99 100 Bonefort Cheese


Donation Amount Charms received
$2.99 15 Gloomy Gathering Charm
$9.99 100 Gloomy Gathering Charm


Donation Amount Item received
$3.00 All-Seeing Eye Skin
$4.99 Costume Party of Sharks Trap Skin
$1.00 Costume Ambush Skin
$1.00 Count Sentinel Skin
$3.99 Explosive Pumpkin Core Trap Skin
$3.00 Extremely Enraged RhinoBot Skin
$5.00 Fount of Bats Trap Skin
$1.00 Ghostly Spiked Crusher Skin
$3.00 Haunted Dragonslime Ballista Trap Skin
$3.00 Haunted Spires Skin
$3.00 Lovecraft Shelf Skin
$3.00 Molten Oasis Skin
$3.00 Pillow-S.L.A.C. II Skin
$5.00 Pumpkin Patch Thrasher Skin
$3.00 Skeletal Rune Shark Skin
$3.99 Soul Piercer Trap Skin
$3.00 Soul Searching Turbine Trap Skin
$5.00 Spooky Chrome Temporal Turbine Trap Skin
$3.00 Spooky Endless Labyrinth Trap Skin
$1.00 Spooky Mary O'Nette Skin
$3.00 Steam Maw Skin
$3.00 Terrifying Terrorsplit Squash Trap Skin
$1.00 Zugzwang's Night-Mare Skin