Compressed Jet Stream

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Careful study of meteorological patterns has resulted in the ability to focus, compress, and contain the powerful jet streams that blow through the Floating Islands!

Any hunter who pries open this exquisite crate had best be ready to take flight because doing so will instantly release a Jet Stream in the Floating Islands. The Jet Stream will dissipate one day after opening but during that time, airships will travel faster in the Low and High Altitude islands. In addition to the speed bonus, this temporary force of nature will shake loose additional Storm Cells from Wardens and Paragons!

Opening this crate will extend the Jet Stream Aura for 24 hours which causes the following effects:
• +1 Exploration Bonus in Low and High Altitude islands
• Sky Wardens will drop +4 Storm Cells
• Sky Paragons will drop +8 Storm Cells


Compressed Jet Stream is an item that grant Jet Stream Aura upon opening.



Opening each Compressed Jet Stream grants Jet Stream Aura for 24 hours. Doing so generates a journal entry:

Prying open 1 Compressed Jet Stream released the Jet Stream Aura in the Floating Islands!
While active, my exploration speed will be increased by +1 in Low and High Altitude islands and I'll loot additional Storm Cells from Sky Wardens and Sky Paragons!

The Aura duration stacks, so the expiry time is extended 24 hours each time the Hunter opens an additional Compressed Jet Stream.

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