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This is a general overview of MouseHunt myths and rumors, solely intended to help confused new players, and will constantly be updated as more appear on the Discussion Board.

April Fools Day Dev Jokes

  • Omnitrap is a myth arising from an April's Fools Day news post in 2011, requiring as one of the ingredients for crafting a wild goose, referring to the "wild goose chase" (a futile search or fruitless errand, a task inordinately complex relative to its outcome). The image of the Omnitrap appears to be a combination of all weapons known to date.
  • April Fools Day 2010 news post contained sneak peaks for allegedly Invis-o-trap of DOOOOM and a Stealth Mouse. The attached images had the silhouettes of the later-released Gorgon Trap and Eclipse Mouse as a transparency; thus invisible against the white background of the news post, but clearly seen when placed against color background (e.g. "Stealth Mouse"). Another mouse was also later released with the name Stealth Mouse.
  • During one of the Feedback Friday videos the devs showed Dev traps which apparently were another year's April Fools joke.

Hunter Perpetrated Myths

There are many harmless jokes posted on the Discussion Boards by bored and mischievous players. Here are lists of current common myths:

Flawed strategies

  • Purchasing a large amount of cheese to keep gold 'safe'
Having zero gold does not 'block' a hunter from a mouse stealing their gold. The mouse will instead steal a quantity of their cheese equal to the value of gold that the mouse would have taken. The quantity of cheese is also rounded up, meaning: if a mouse was to steal 201 gold and a hunter had brie baited the mouse would instead steal 2 pieces of brie which is the equivalent of 400 gold. It becomes obvious that this hurts the hunter more than it helps them.
  • Changing traps/bases will increase the chance of catching different kinds of mice; it "changes things up and resets your luck."
This is a very widely used strategy. Hunters all over MouseHunt have been trying this since the game's inception. The example is classic- if you have an unlucky streak (lots of red boxes or misses) and switch traps, your unlucky streak will end and you will catch a large amount of mice next. Dave Vanderburg (a developer of the game, we may remind you) himself has said that this has no bearing on your luck. The fact that it has seemingly helped people is, like anything else in this game, a completely random variation. As a matter of fact, switching to a weaker base or trap (such as swapping out a NVMRC Forcefield Trap for a Swiss Army Mouse Trap while hunting in the Laboratory) will significantly decrease your ability to catch mice.
  • A location swap will help to increase odds of catching mice; it changes your D.H.U. factor
Also a widely used strategy along with swapping traps/ bases. Some hunters believe that if he/ she is having bad luck in e.g. the laboratory, moving to the Town of Gnawnia then coming back will help to increase their luck there. There is no such thing; any improvements in hunting are totally based on luck. In fact more gold is wasted on travelling, thus hurting the hunter.
  • Weapon/Base setup has an effect on which mice you attract
No weapon or base will ever increase or decrease your chance to attract a specific mouse, with the following exceptions:
E.g. "I caught my Shelder Mouse with a Net Cannon, therefore this is obviously the best setup to get him." Yes, the trap/base setup may help catch the mouse, but it will in no way guarantee that the mouse will visit your trap. Another example of this is when hunters think that a Shadow type trap attracts Shadow type mice. This is a clear misconception; the use of Radioactive Blue in the Mousoleum or Gnarled Cheese in the Lagoon is the only way to attract the shadow mice in those locations.


  • Salt Mines (now an in-game reference)
  • Hanging Gardens
  • Pepper Mill
  • Pepper Dunes
  • Elysian Fields
  • Candy Cane Forest
  • Skull Island
  • Xanadu (ancient city of mice accessed through the ice caves north of the Training Grounds)
  • The Haunted Forest (the other side of the river)
  • Mouson Derrière
  • Gloomy Forest of Furoma (mentioned in the Catacombs)
  • Island of Camundongos (Island of Mice)(Mentioned with extensive and elaborate explanation in the forums) Areas on the island...Feta Beach, Lost Village, Volcano, Ancient Camundongo Ruins, Mousasaurus Valley.
  • Shipwreck


  • Pagoda (now an actual location, but not a shop)
  • Mr. Giggles' Fantastic Shoppe of Imported Goods Which May or May Not Include Cheese Traps Bases and "Hunting Mice For Dummies: A complete collection of common mistakes and their solutions"
  • Candy Shop for the mice of the Salt Mines


  • Anchovy Mouse (Salt Mines)
  • Anklyo-mouse (Island of Camundongos)
  • Beggar Mouse (Catacombs)
  • Black Mamba Mouse (Island of Camundongos)
  • Bigpaw Mouse (Catacombs)
  • Bronta-mouse (Island of Camundongos)
  • Bulgarian Bread Mouse
  • Burlesque Mouse (Mouson Derrière)
  • Camundongo Mouse (Island of Camundongos)
  • Explorer Mouse (Island of Camundongos), drops map to volcano and ruins
  • Gnome Mouse (Catacombs)
  • Greater Mummy Mouse, said to drop Imperial Pass (Catacombs)
  • Hollywood Mouse
  • Jade Mouse (Island of Camundongos)
  • Jungle Mouse (Island of Camundongos)
  • Kamikaze Mouse, said to drop Permit to the Salt Mines
  • Kong Mouse
  • Kraken Mouse, responsible for sinking the Harbour ship
  • Lobster Mouse (Harbour)
  • Magma Mouse (Island of Camundongos), drops map to dino valley
  • Midden Mouse (Island of Camundongos)
  • Monkey Mouse
  • Mouseticore (Catacombs)
  • Neanderthal Mouse (Island of Camundongos)
  • Obsidian Mouse (Island of Camundongos)
  • Olivia Newton-John Mouse (Xanadu)
  • Pearl Mouse (Island of Camundongos)
  • Pelican Mouse (Island of Camundongos)
  • Piranha Mouse (Island of Camundongos)
  • Primal Lycan Mouse (Catacombs)
  • Pterodactyl Mouse (Island of Camundongos)
  • Pumice Mouse (Island of Camundongos)
  • Rambo Mouse (Island of Camundongos), supposedly drops pitfall base blueprints and tree noose trap blueprints
  • Raptor Mouse (Island of Camundongos)
  • Ruby Mouse (Island of Camundongos)
  • Saber-tooth Mouse (Island of Camundongos)
  • Scorpion Mouse (Island of Camundongos)
  • Seal Mouse (Island of Camundongos)
  • Seaweed Mouse (Island of Camundongos)
  • Slither Mouse (Catacombs)
  • Stalagmite Mouse (Salt Mines)
  • Surfer Mouse (Island of Camundongos)
  • Temple Guard Mouse (Island of Camundongos)
  • Tricera-mouse (Island of Camundongos)
  • Turtle Mouse (Island of Camundongos)
  • Tyrannosaurus Mouse (Island of Camundongos)
  • Umpire Mouse, said to be in Furoma, supposedly drops Shredded Wheat Map piece
  • Village Mouse (Island of Camundongos)
  • Warrior Mouse (Island of Camundongos)
  • Witch Doctor Mouse (Island of Camundongos)

Traps and Bases

  • Patience Charm - the solution to almost every case of being supposedly unable to catch a mouse.
  • Any Salt Mine-related cheese or traps, e.g. Salt "Extractor" or the "Salty Droid"
  • Bulgarian Bread Feast Trap
The official Brotherhood of Tudor MouseHunt group definiton is:
It is effectively just a huge hunk of Whole-grain soaked in Kitten Soup. The only mice that can escape from this mouthwatering fiesta of flavours are those that are 'as quick as snot on a door knob'.
The chances of catching a mouse with this trap are 3v1 one million vs 1.
  • Diamond Atomizing Portal Trap
A description of this trap is as follows:
"A top-secret advancement on the now-redundant earlier portals, this trap atomizes any unsuspecting mouse to set foot into its shimmering jaws. Developed by Burroughs' scientists to combat the wave of rapidly-evolving mutants spreading from the Mousoleum, this trap remains in the early stages of testing and is reported to be highly volatile and unstable. Mousehunters should use only at their own risk."
This trap is created when a hunter arms a Sticky Glue Trap with Moon cheese and catches 3 Diamond Mice.
  • Diarrhea Bottomizing Portal Trap
The official description of this trap created by Pooflinger is as follows:
Power: 10
Power Type: Shadow
Accuracy Bonus: -25% (negative accuracy bonus)
Luck: 50%
Cheese Effect: Extremely negative
"An eastern scientist has applied Yin/Yang philosophy into a new weak but effective trap. The entrance is not properly sealed but the virus inside could make the mice exhausted forever in this toilet-equipped trap."
  • Hot Tub (Base)
Creates a sense of ambiance that draws the mouse in for a calming swim which soon turns into a boiling pool of burning doom
  • Diving Board (Trap)
Created for use with the Hot Tub base the diving board trap uses pressure plates on the surface of the diving board to activate what the creators of this trap called the hydraulic hinge, folding the board from front to back upon itself crushing the mouse.
  • Fall Base
Fall describes two things on this trap, its design and its camouflage, designed to have the appearance of a forest floor scattered with leaves the fall base blends perfectly with its surroundings. Stepping on this false ground will cause you to plunge into a pool of liquid nitrogen instantly freezing the mouse.
  • Armor Plated ULTIMATUM or A.P.U.
A mish-mash of many traps, blended together to make the strongest trap ever devised yet. With an Accuracy rating of 300%, and Cheese Effect off the chart positive, this trap will catch just about any mouse, be it physical or undead. While it has not been tested against the battle-trained mice to this point, it is expected to do very well. (Catacombs)
  • Not A Fat Guy's Mouth Trap
Another creation of Lobster Mouse's creator, the "Not A Fat Guy's Mouth Trap" is a staircase that goes through a doorway that promises "Definitely not to be a fat guy's mouth". But through this doorway leads a staircase that actually does go up to a fat guy's mouth, which will eat the betrayed and saddened mouse. The fat guy in the picture is said to be based off it's creator's uncle.
  • Radioactive Base
Many versions and crafting formulas exist, but this popular base concept is regrettably still a myth. Most recipies involve around 20 or so Radioactive Sludge and several Scrap Metal (Splintered Wood being too weak to contain the base's raw materials), along with varied other materials. It was first brought up before Radioactive Sludge had a use, and many players still hope for its inclusion. It commonly has a high basic power and power type, but often has a low attraction bonus. The Radioactive Base obviously has a high Stale effect.
  • Salty Droid
Created by crafting 1,000 salt and Deathbot Parts, this trap is supposedly a method of gaining alternate entrance to the Salt Mines (only works if Ronza is in the Salt Mines)
This thread was actually created by a player christened 'Salty' in response to a "When Is Ronza Coming" Thread. When the OP actually attempted to craft it, salty refunded him in gold (with an extra 100 SB) And a ticker message appeared warning players that they could be banned if they posted misleading information on the forums.

Map Pieces

  • Shredded Wheat Map piece, supposedly leading to the Elysian Fields
  • Salt Mines Work Permit, opens Salt Mines map location, supposedly dropped by Kamikaze mice in the Training Grounds
  • Babylon Boat Pass, opens the Hanging Gardens, said to be dropped by a Pirate Mouse in the Training Grounds or a Gold Mouse in the Salt Mines.
  • Ancient Book, dropped by Sensei mice, unlocks Xanadu
  • Riddle of the Catacombs, unlocks the Catacombs if you can solve the riddle
  • Secret Knock Of The Pagoda, a myth started before the pagoda was released as a real area; a samurai supposedly dropped a slip of parchment with the secret knock written on it. The secret knock comprised exactly 26 knocks.

Map Pieces (Winter Hunt '09 Event)

  • Santa Claus' Village map piece, supposedly dropped by a Christmas Tree Mouse in Festive Comet. The village is said to contain all and the only the rare breeds of christmas mice, and is located East of Calm Clearing. However, the validity of this location is not guaranteed, as the MouseHunt developers have said that the Christmas Tree Mouse WILL NOT drop any map pieces, neither will the other christmas mice drop any. As with other events, event myths are generally folklore that players make up to participate in the atmosphere of the particular event.


  • Dark Moon Cheese and Dark Moon Cheese potions (Selenelion Potions).
  • Green Tea Cheese from the Pagoda, supposedly help attract Kamikaze mice
  • Lerxst, Dirk, and Pratt, three kings who give random rewards to worthy hunters in Xanadu.


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