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The Dragon Mouse is a breed of mouse found in Dracano. It is known to drop Dragon's Chest, Dragon Ember, and Ancient Relic, as loot.

Dragon Mouse
Mouse Group: Draconic Brood
Mouse Statistics
Points: 74,200 Gold: 39,940
Location & Attraction Info
Required Power Types: Draconic Other Requirements: None
Cheese: Inferno Havarti Charm: None
Locations: Dracano Loot: Ancient Relic
Dragon's Chest
Dragon Ember
Larry's Loot Lexicon: MouseHunt Info Page Image: Image Link
High above the summit of Dracano circles the terrible Dragon mouse, scourge of the Tribal Isles. To this date, no trap has withstood the Dragon's fiery breath, and all attempts to hunt it have reduced the most advanced traps to smoking debris. Legend has it that the Acolyte Mice held the key to controlling the Dragon, but now that they are trapped in another realm, the Dragon mouse has expanded its territory. The Tribal Isles need a brave MouseHunter to confront this menace, before it sets its sights on Gnawnia!
Mouse ID#: 56

Preferred Cheese

The Dragon Mouse is only attracted to Inferno Havarti.

Hunting Strategy

Draconic is the only power type that is very effective against the Dragon Mouse. All other weapon types are ineffective.

Dragonbane Charm, Super Dragonbane Charm, Extreme Dragonbane Charm, and Ultimate Dragonbane Charm provide a power bonus against the Dragon Mouse.

History and Trivia

  • 29 September 2009: The Dragon Mouse was introduced with the release of the Dracano.
  • According to HitGrab developer Jacob Johnson, "The dragon mouse image was created back in May of 2008. The dragon was pretty much just a few sketches until I found the one that I wanted to do, once the dragon was created it stayed as is until it was finally released. We just tailored the story to fit since the original intention didn't work out in the end. Hence why it ended up taking so long to come out." [1]
  • The description of the Dragon Mouse has been shortened since its release. The original description was:
Seen from a great distance, soaring high above the summit of Dracano, the Dragon mouse is terrible to behold. The mice of the Elub, Nerg and Derr have a mutual respect for the Dragon, often traveling through the treacherous Jungle of Dread to make offerings of Inferno cheese to keep the Dragon mouse from ransacking their villages. Lore tells us that the Dragon does have a weakness, but no Trapsmith has succeeded in building a trap that is powerful enough to withstand the might of the Dragon mouse. Their attempts have all resulted in a smoldering pile of debris, as no trap has been capable of withstanding its fiery breath. It has been said that long ago, before their defeat, the Acolyte mice discovered the Dragon Mouse’s true weakness. If it were not for the efforts of Plankrun, the Acolyte mice would have succeeded in their plan to enslave the Dragon mouse as a soldier in their armies. With the Acolyte mice long locked away in another realm, the Dragon mouse, lacking any opposition, has been slowly expanding its territory. Now with its sights set across the Rodentia Ocean at Gnawnia, what MouseHunter will heed the call to stop the Dragon mouse from ravaging the Kingdom?
  • 29 August 2012: The Dragon Mouse began dropping Ancient Relic as loot.
  • Whenever the Marketplace is disabled, such as when recovering from a server outage, the Dragon Mouse is implicated with this message:
A recent Dragon attack has left the marketplace slightly singed! We are currently doing maintenance on the marketplace.
Any marketpace items or unclaimed gold will be available when the marketplace returns.
Please check back later.