Duskshade Camembert

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Duskshade Camembert
Category: Living Garden
Cheese Info
Cost: 1 piece for
1,100 gold
1 Duskshade Petal
1 Dreamfluff Herbs
4 pieces for
4,400 gold
3 Duskshade Petal
3 Dreamfluff Herbs
1 Magic Essence
Shoppe: Cursed City
Living Garden
Lost City
Sand Crypts
Sand Dunes
Twisted Garden
Potion: None
Craftable: No
Tradeable: No
Giveable: No
Smashes To: N/A
Stales To: Stale Cheese
Larry's Loot Lexicon: MouseHunt Info Page
Image: External Link
Duskshade petals can only be harvested in the twilight hours of the evenings, though once harvested, the petals keep for quite some time. Combining these gorgeous petals with a generous amount of Dreamfluff herbs creates a cheese that both looks wonderful and imparts a dreamy sense of peace.

This is the only cheese that mice in the Twisted Garden are attracted to. If you use a different cheese, you're gonna have a bad time.

Obtaining Duskshade Camembert

Cheese Shoppes

1 piece of Duskshade Camembert is available for 1,100 gold, 1 Duskshade Petal, and 1 Dreamfluff Herbs
4 pieces for 4,400 gold, 3 Duskshade Petal, 3 Dreamfluff Herbs, and 1 Magic Essence from Cheese Shoppes in the following locations:

Other Sources

Using Duskshade Camembert



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Loot Items

Staling Effect

  • Stale Cheese - Produced by Duskshade Camembert when it fails to attract a mouse and goes stale.

History and Trivia

  • 14 November 2012: - Duskshade Camembert is released with the introduction of the Living Garden areas.