Fog Warden Stone

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It is difficult to make out any fine details on this small but compelling stone because of a thick grey cloud that envelopes it and never seems to dissipate. The immense power emanating from this thing is quite intimidating and yet somehow it feels almost... incomplete. As though it may be only a piece of something much greater.

Ful'Mina and her Storm Dragons guard these stones very carefully. The locals believe that the only way to retrieve one is by carrying a fully functional Skyfarer's Oculus while hunting.

Acquiring A Fog Warden Stone

Hunters must first craft a Skyfarer's Oculus by repairing a Damaged Oculus dropped by Ful'Mina, The Mountain Queen. Afterwhich, all Storm Dragons will have a chance of dropping a Fog Warden Stone, along with the Wind Warden Stone, Rain Warden Stone and Frost Warden Stone.


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