Skyfarer's Oculus

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A brilliantly ornate, gold-ringed ocular lens. This mechanism uses unique crystals to focus and channel light rays through melted prisms to provide unparalleled image clarity. With this miraculous device, you will be able to see farther than ever thought possible by land-dwellers. Gazing upon it you cannot help but ponder, what spectacular wonders will this oculus behold?

Carrying such a magically charged item will help hunters to attract some of the Storm Dragons' most cherished possessions: the uniquely powerful Warden Stones.

Acquiring A Skyfarer's Oculus

Hunters must defeat Ful'Mina, The Mountain Queen to obtain a Damaged Oculus. The Damaged Oculus has to be combined with items which can drop from Storm Dragons and other sources.

Upon acquiring the Skyfarer's Oculus, the Wind Warden Stone, Fog Warden Stone, Frost Warden Stone and Rain Warden Stone will start dropping from Storm Dragons, which are used together with the Skyfarer's Oculus to purchase the Dirigible and Flight License which grants access to the Floating Islands.

Formula: Skyfarer's Oculus
Recipe can be unlocked by:
Item Item
Cost (Each)
Item Source
Damaged Oculus 1 N/A
Crystal Crucible 3 N/A
  • Dropped by:
  • Other:
Dragon Ember 6 N/A
Gold Leaf 9 26,000
(234,000 total)
Essence Prism 12 500
(6,000 total)
Shard of Glass 18 N/A
Total 240,000
Recipe costs represent Shoppe prices only. The cost of items obtained through other sources will affect the total cost of crafting.


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