Gloomy Charm

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Gloomy Charm
Category: Halloween
Charm Statistics Charm Info
Power: 200 Cost: 25 Pungent Pumpkin
Power Bonus: 2% Limited Edition: No
Attraction Bonus: 2% Crafted: No
Luck: 4 Smashable: No
Cheese Effect: Ultimately Fresh Tradeable: Yes
Consumed Upon: Always Giveable: Yes
Larry's Loot Lexicon: MouseHunt Info Page Image: External Link
This gloomy but useful charm has some of the dark magic surrounding the Gloomy Greenwood locked inside which reacts spookily with Halloween traps by giving them a 20% Power Bonus!

These charms can be smashed into Insidious Incense which can be used for bonus loot in the Gloomy Greenwood.

Obtained Via

During Halloween 2021 event

Special Effects

The Gloomy Charm gives a 20% power bonus when used with Halloween Event Weapons and adds +1 to all ingredient drops in the Gloomy Greenwood during Halloween 2021 event.

Hunter's Hammer

History and Trivia

  • 13 October 2021: Gloomy Charm was introduced as Gloomy Gathering Charm at the start of the Halloween 2021 event.
  • 12 October 2022: The charm got its name updated to Gloomy Charm.
    • The item description was also updated.
Old description:
This gloomy but useful charm has the remarkable ability to reap what others have sown by harvesting additional ingredients in the Gloomy Greenwood!
Hunting with this charm armed in the Gloomy Greenwood will give you +1 to all ingredient drops.
This charm also interacts with all Halloween traps by giving them a 20% Power Bonus!

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