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Not just a big-box store, a HUGE-box store, filled with only the very greatest gifts you were never given! Don't give this Winter Hunt, GET!

Description and Requirements

The MegaBuy Mart is a special location first available during Great Winter Hunt 2012, taking the place of the Festive Comet from previous years. To first enter the area, a hunter must catch a Confused Courier mouse in any other location, carrying the Letter to Santa, Age 12. Mice are unable to steal gold or points in this location but may steal cheese if not caught.

Catch statistics from the MegaBuy Mart are grouped with those from other King's Party Zone event hunts.

The Heads-up Display shows the initial Letter to Santa, Age 12, a calendar of when each new event mouse will be released, progress towards six toys needed to purchase the Wrapped Gift Trap, and a count of the Festive Feta and Ice Coins owned by the hunter. If the hunter arms any cheese other than Festive Feta, the HUD also gives a hint: "Hunt with Festive Feta to find Confused Courier mice and Toy Parts!" Likewise, once the hunter has built all six toys but not yet purchased the trap, the HUD gives a hint: "You're ready! Go to the shop and build the Wrapped Gift Trap!"

On 2 January 2012, the event ended, and hunters remaining in the area were moved to the Festive Lot, where the shops were open for a few more days. Hunters staying through 7 January 2012 were relocated to the Meadow, with the following message in the Hunter's Journal:

The Vacant Lot is currently closed. The King's Guards kindly escorted me to the Meadow so that I may resume the hunt.


These are the shops that can be found in the MegaBuy Mart:

A couple days prior to the start of the event, the MouseHunt Facebook page mentioned that the Kingdom of Gnawnia was being inundated with flyers for Greedy Al's MegaBuy Mart. Among other things, the flyer promised a "Real live Pony for 603,000,000,000 Gold!*" and "Your own personal Fighter Jet for only 800,900,000,000 Gold!!*". Of course, in the fine print was a disclaimer: "*Items in real life may not be exactly as depicted on this flyer. Item prices are subject to change at any time. Items only available while supplies last."

During the event, the MegaBuy Mart General Store listed these two items, with a disclaimer for each stating "This product is out of stock at this time."

Real Live Pony
This is an actual, real-live pony that you can actually ride and name and brush and feed sugar cubes to! Buy one now and be the envy of all your poorer friends!
Personal Fighter Jet
Tired of the daily commute? Wish you had a quicker way to travel? Wish you had a better-armed way to travel? Well with your own Personal Fighter Jet, you can fly way above the cares of the world, and use the (simulated) armaments to rain (simulated) destruction down from the sky!

After catching Greedy Al for the first time, these listings are replaced by Your Tiny Derpicorn and Mini Fighter Jet.

MegaBuy Mart Mice

The mice attracted to standard cheese (such as Brie) are also attracted to the Seasoned Gouda and Gingerbread Cheese from previous events. The Winter Charm attracts additional mice only when armed with Festive Feta cheese.

Mouse Points Gold Mouse Group Available Standard
Candy Cane Event Mice 10 December X
Christmas Tree Event Mice 10 December X X Festive Feta
Confused Courier Event Mice 10 December X X Ice Coin
Letter to Santa, Age 6
Letter to Santa, Age 7
Letter to Santa, Age 8
Letter to Santa, Age 9
Letter to Santa, Age 10
Letter to Santa, Age 11
Destructoy Event Mice 10 December X X X X
Elf Event Mice 10 December X X Blue Winter Hunt Gift Box
Festive Feta
Green Winter Hunt Gift Box
Purple Winter Hunt Gift Box
Red Winter Hunt Gift Box
Missile Toe Event Mice 10 December X X X X
Mouse of Winter Past Event Mice 12 December X Ice Coin
Raygun Parts
Mouse of Winter Present Event Mice 14 December X Robot Parts
Nutcracker Event Mice 10 December X X X X
Ornament Event Mice 10 December X X X X
Present Event Mice 10 December X X Festive Feta
Ribbon Event Mice 12 December X X Festive Feta
Ice Coin
Raygun Parts
Scrooge Event Mice 10 December X Ice Coin
Moon Mobile Parts
Snow Scavenger Event Mice 10 December X X X X
Snowflake Event Mice 10 December X X X Festive Feta
Ice Coin
Snowglobe Event Mice 14 December X X Ice Coin
Robot Parts
Stocking Event Mice 14 December X X X X
Toy Event Mice 10 December X X
Toy Tinkerer Event Mice 10 December X X X X
Triple Lutz Event Mice 10 December X X Moon Mobile Parts
Wreath Thief Event Mice 12 December X X X X

Hunting Strategy

Hunters can hunt in MegaBuy Mart using standard cheese or SUPER|brie+ to obtain Festive Feta as loot from the festive mice; it is also possible to use leftover Seasoned Gouda and Gingerbread Cheese from previous years for this purpose. Festive Feta is then used to hunt for each stage's Confused Courier for the Letter to Santa to unlock that stage, as well as the new mouse with the appropriate toy parts for that stage. It is necessary to use Winter Charms to catch the more powerful mice from previous years.

During this event, Festive Feta is also available daily from Loyalty Chests. Alternatively, hunters who prefer instant gratification may choose the donation option.

Hunting tips by Larry

Right on schedule, the Festive Comet flattened the Vacant Lot this year, only immediately afterwards, this Greedy Al mouse built his new big-box store on top of it: the "MegaBuy Mart".

I remember Albert from when he was just a young mouse, and he wasn't always so greedy. Perhaps if we could build him the childhood toys he missed out on, he wouldn't be so upset any more?

Hunt with regular bait and SUPER|brie+ to collect Festive Feta, then hunt with Festive Feta to collect toy parts. The Confused Courier Mouse will show up every few days with a new lost letter, with new information about toy parts to collect, and it will become a little more difficult to collect previous days' parts, so be sure to keep up!

When you're done, buy the new trap from the store, and catch Greedy Al with it to give him his presents!

And don't forget to collect lots of Ice Coins - you'll need them to buy the new trap, and to buy all the Winter Hunt-only goodies in the store!