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Several Letters to Santa play a major role in the Great Winter Hunt 2012 event. Each letter is dropped by the Confused Courier Mouse, to unlock various stages within the event, and tracks the various requests made by Greedy Al that led to his disillusionment with Santa and the creation of the MegaBuy Mart. The first letter (age 12) can be found in any Location, and unlocks travel to the MegaBuy Mart. All other letters can only be found by hunting with Festive Feta in the MegaBuy Mart, according to the following schedule:

Letter Available Toy New Mouse Repeat Mouse
Age 6 10 December Moon Mobile Triple Lutz Scrooge
Age 7 12 December Toy Raygun Ribbon Mouse of Winter Past
Age 8 14 December Toy Robot Snowglobe Mouse of Winter Present
Age 9 17 December Dragon Mouse Action Figure Gingerbread Mouse of Winter Future
Age 10 19 December Ball and Cup Ridiculous Sweater Squeaker Claws
Age 11 21 December Toasty Scarf Snowblower Mad Elf

After a letter has been found, it unlocks a new mouse attracted to Festive Feta, as well as a mouse from prior events attracted to Winter Charms, both of which drop a toy part; collecting 10 of these parts then builds the toy. Constructing all 6 toys is necessary to purchase the Wrapped Gift Trap to catch Greedy Al and unlock the Last Letter.

While it is possible to view Larry's Loot Lexicon for each letter in advance, that only provides a link to the actual letter contents, and if a hunter has not yet obtained that letter, a popup box appears warning:

Uh oh
You don't have this letter yet.

Likewise, viewing a toy prior to unlocking the letter sees merely this description:

You don't yet know what this is.

Progress of letters received can be seen in the Heads-Up Display at the MegaBuy Mart.

Letters to Santa

Letter to Santa, Age 12

Oh no! This mouse clearly never received any of his Winter Hunt presents, and has grown bitter and vengeful!
We must warm his frosty heart by making all the toys he missed as a child.
Hunt until you find a Confused Courier with a misplaced letter, and then find the parts needed to build the missing Winter Hunt toy!

The image of this letter reads:


I believed in you once but that was a long
time ago. I waited every year to see what I
would get, but would find nothing. Not even a
response to my letter. I know I wasn't the
best mouse growing up, but I only asked for
a little in return.

I guess I've learned to just take care of myself
and not rely on others. One day, I will be rich
and powerful, and I will just get my gifts for
myself. I will teach everyone that this is the
only way to guarantee happiness. I won't let
you disappoint anyone ever again.

Farewell Santa,

Letter to Santa, Age 6

To build Moon Mobile, you'll need:
10 Moon Mobile Parts

The image of this letter reads:

Hi Santa
Dear Santa.
I am a good mouse.
Can you please bring me moon.
All of it. It is Cheez.
thank yu.

Letter to Santa, Age 7

To build Toy Raygun, you'll need:
10 Raygun Parts

The image of this letter reads:

Dear Santa,

Last year I asked for the
moon. It was too big so you
got me nothing.

I am an gooder mouse tHis
Year. Can I please Has a
a Lazar Canon?
thank you
I will uze it for good

Letter to Santa, Age 8

To build Toy Robot, you'll need:
10 Robot Parts

The image of this letter reads:

Dear Santa.

I think the moon and
a laser cannonn are too
big to fit in a slaegh
flying sled. Please bring
me a gift this time.
I want a friend. Please
bring me a real Robot!


Letter to Santa, Age 9

To build Dragon Mouse Action Figure, you'll need:
10 Toy Dragon Parts

The image of this letter reads:

Hello Santa,

I have never gotten any
gifts from you. Why?

I have been a good mouse!
U owe me.
Please get me a cool action
figure. Than thnx

Letter to Santa, Age 10

To build Ball and Cup, you'll need:
10 Ball and Cup Parts

The image of this letter reads:

Okay Santa.

Another year and still no
present. I can remember that
my previous requests were a bit
much, but a gift of nothing?

I am willing to reason here.
I will be extra good if you send
me something, anything. Ball-and-Cup?

Thanks anyways, Albert

Letter to Santa, Age 11

To build Toasty Scarf, you'll need:
10 Scarf Parts

The image of this letter reads:

Dear Santa,

I have not always been a good mouse,
maybe that is why you never got me any

This year I don't want to ask for any toys,
but this winter is extra cold thanks to the
festive comet. Maybe you can send me
something warm to wear. A scarf would be


Last Letter

You gave Greedy Al his presents!
He was so overjoyed at receiving all his childhood toys that he decided to remain behind and hand out presents to any mice who visit your trap!

The image of this letter reads:

Dear Santa and Hero of Gnawnia,

After so many years of feeling betrayed by
this season, you have helped an angry bitter
mouse see the error in his ways. This holiday
has never been about getting gifts. It has
been about friendship and caring for your
fellow mouse. From now on, my shop will be
open to mice and hunters alike.

Thank you so much for caring to show me the
kindness you have. I will never forget this gift.

When we mice finally overthrow your wold
and become the rightful rulers, I will be sure to
make sure the other mice treat you well.

All the best,

Toy Parts

The following toy parts are collected in response to each letter:

Moon Mobile Parts

All little Albert wanted was the moon. Unfortunately, he couldn't have the moon for obvious reasons, and Moon Cheese is known to have pretty serious side-effects. This Moon Mobile is a safe and pretty alternative that's sure to cheer him up!
Collect 10 Moon Mobile Parts to build this toy!

Raygun Parts

Since real laser guns don't actually exist (and if they did, they'd be a massive safety issue), hopefully this Toy Raygun will cheer Albert up and satisfy his long-repressed childhood desires.
Collect 10 Raygun Parts to build this toy!

Robot Parts

Every kid wants a real robot. Well, most kids. Okay, some kids. Still, getting one is a tall order, especially since the only robots that exist are the kind that build cars in factories, and that's not usually what kids are looking for.
However, this Toy Robot should be more in line with what little Albert was looking for, and should bring a bright little smile to his face!
Collect 10 Robot Parts to build this toy!

Toy Dragon Parts

Who's the coolest mouse?
"Dragon Mouse!"
Who's got real* Fire-Breath Action?
"Dragon Mouse!"
Who's the affordably-priced toy that all the kids want this year?
"Dragon Mouse!"
Kids, this year, ask your parents for...
"Dragon Mouse!"
Because you might not get anything else!
Collect 10 Toy Dragon Parts to build this toy!

Ball and Cup Parts

The traditional ball and cup is known world-wide for providing several seconds worth of fun per child, per year. Little Albert never got his when he asked, and while he really wasn't missing out on much, hopefully it'll warm big Al's heart to get one, even all these years later.
Collect 10 Ball and Cup Parts to build this toy!

Scarf Parts

When all is said and done, what you need comes above what you want. And staying warm in the cold chill of winter is extra-important. Without it, your tiny little heart could freeze, and that could have long-term repercussions. Why, you might forget about the magic of the season entirely, becoming a greedy and impulsive meanie, placing yourself above all other and...
Wait... Oh no! That poor little mouse. This explains everything!
Hopefully this Toasty Scarf can finally warm his heart and remind him why giving is better than getting this year.
Collect 10 Scarf Parts to build this toy!