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Archive for updates taking place October of 2009 in Reverse Chronological Order.
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Hollowheads Haunt the Kingdom

28 October 2009

Terror filled screeches have been heard from areas all around the Kingdom... these reports of spooky activity can only mean one thing -- Hollowheads are running rampant!

The King's researchers have noticed the Hollowheads concentrating their haunting efforts on one specific area in almost every region. Spread out and see if you can find where they are hiding.

Hollowhead mice tend to hoard any SUPER|brie+ cheese that they manage to steal. With a little luck you may catch one that was holding on to a piece or two.

Stay alert MouseHunters! Hollowhead mice love to trick traps and make off with your cheesy treats!

Happy Halloween Hunting!

-- Dave Vanderburg

Ronza's Rockin' Return

20 October 2009

Hello MouseHunters!

After a long flight, Ronza has finally landed in Gnawnia just south of the Castle! Onboard her ship is a Trapsmith, General Store, and Cheese Shoppe. All the excitement has lead to absolutely record breaking amounts of travel and hunting in the Kingdom! All the excitement lead to some traffic jams that may have interrupted your hunting. Once the majority of hunters have visited Ronza and made their purchases, the King expects the traffic jams to ease up and the hunt to return to a much more stable state.


Ronza's Trapsmith has three weapons and one base for sale. For most hunters, there should be at least one item of interest in stock. The costs range from 158,500 gold to 860,000 gold and point requirements range from 9,100 to 843,500.

Novices, Apprentices, Journeymen and Masters seeking a high-luck physical trap will no doubt be interested in the HitGrab Rockin' Horse. If you're ready to rock (and roll) while you hunt for mice, this Horse will be a good companion to bring luck your way.

Masters and Grandmasters looking for a high-luck tactical trap to aid their hunting efforts in Furoma or the Gnarled Tree will be interested an extremely loud new trap. After each horn call, the Giant Speaker trap is sure to leave your ears ringing!

Legendary, Hero and above MouseHunters looking for a lucky hydro trap to use in Rodentia or the shores of Elub will want to consider the Kraken Chaos trap. See if eight arms and two tentacles can aid your hunting!

While passing over Dracano, Ronza noticed the molten rock found at the base of the mighty Volcano. Risking life and limb, she dodged Dragon mice to create the Magma Base! Its high temperature gives it an impressive 10 luck, but beware its Insanely Stale cheese effect when using expensive bait. Any failures to attract will most certainly result in your cheese melting into a stale mess.

General Store:

Ronza frequently uses her HitGrab Horsey trap to keep the mouse population on board her ship under control. With all the rock n' roll gear she’s carrying, she wanted a way to crank the star power of her horsey up to eleven. Now her horsey steals the show with a giant rainbow mohawk! If you are an owner of an original HitGrab Horsey trap, than for the low-low cost of 60,000 gold you can purchase the Rainbow Mohawk Wig of Awesomeness! This wig is sure to give new life to your old hobby horse and get it ready for the hunting spotlight. Some assembly required.

Cheese Shoppe:

Not to be outdone by mohawks and giant speakers, the forger of fromage onboard Ronza's Ship created Rockforth cheese, a flavor oozing rock n' roll attitude. A few stray mice nibbled the Rockforth and were instantly transformed into Rockstar mice!

The Rockstars kept Ronza's crew up late with loud concerts and partying. The crew became so tired that at first, they did not notice the Rockstars rushing off the ship the moment it landed, to start their epic rock tour. See if you can collect some Rockforth by hunting onboard Ronza's ship. Once you have some, it’s time to party with the Rockstars! The sound of guitars and singing has been heard in more than one area, including the Town of Gnawnia, Town of Digby and even the S.S. Huntington II!

Ronza was particularly annoyed that the Rockstars stole some supply satchels that she had planned to sell to MouseHunters. The Satchels come in three colours: Red, Blue and Green and their contents range widely. If you catch a Rockstar, Ronza encourages you to open your satchels for a small bonus reward, a few extra pieces of cheese as thanks for taming the destructive Rockstars.

The King's Order of Supplies:

MouseHunters are not the only ones making purchases from Ronza. The King ordered a rather large amount of building supplies. These supplies are quite heavy and cumbersome and will be sure to take at least two weeks to unload. Ronza plans to keep her shops open the entire time, giving everyone at least two weeks to hunt onboard her ship and purchase her wares. From her personal experience, Ronza knows Rockstars are harder to hunt down than most mice and fears that the Kingdom will still be hunting Rockstars for a short time after her departure.

*Phew* Ronza brought quite the party with her this time! So browse her wares, see if anything interests you then get out there and rock out with your entire hunting party!

Rock on MouseHunt!

*wailing guitars*

-- Dave Vanderburg

Ronza Drops Flyers!

19 October 2009

Ronza is now flying over the Harbour en route to the landing area to the west. Upon making landfall she began to drop advertising flyers into the wind! The flyers give a little insight into what wares she will have for sale and for how long she plans to keep her shop open.

Ronza is scheduled to land tomorrow (Tuesday, Oct 20) and her shops will be open once she has landed!

Click Here to Read the Flyer! -- Dave Vanderburg

Familiar Airship Enroute to Gnawnia

17 October 2009

As many hunters have already noticed, a familiar airship has been spotted flying in from the North East. Aboard the infamous ship is none-other than Ronza the traveling merchant!

Ronza is flying into the wind and carrying lots of supplies making her flight slow but steady. She hopes to make landfall sometime next week.

You can track Ronza's progress towards Gnawnia yourself by clicking the full map link located on the Travel Page. Her final destination is the empty spot just south of the Gnawnia Castle.

To view the latest map image you may need to do a "full refresh" in your browser. This is done in most browsers by holding shift or control while clicking the refresh button.

-- Dave Vanderburg

Cherry Credits?! What's that about??

2 October 2009

Hey MouseHunters!

How've ya been? I've been great!

I'm super-excited to introduce to you all a new payment gateway to MouseHunt called Cherry Credits!

It works much like PayPal and Facebook Credits. If you've heard of it before, great!
If not, check it out: Cherry Credits

You sign up, "top-up" your account with credits, and then you can use your balance to donate for SUPER|brie+!

The payment gateway is available for anyone to use, but what's extra special is that Cherry Credits provides MANY ways to purchase credits, such as your mobile phone, with a credit card, and what I find especially awesome: physical scratch cards purchased from shops in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, and other Southeast Asian countries!

Check out this page for places to buy: Where To Buy

This new payment gateway has been implemented to provide another great way to donate for SUPER|brie+ and to make it available for players of all ages and from all places! You can walk into a 7-11 in Singapore and purchase a scratch card with the MouseHunt logo right ON it for plain old cash! I just think that's so cool!! The scratch card will have a code that you redeem for credits in your Cherry Credits account, and from there you can use those credits to donate for SUPER|brie+.

Head on over to the donate page to check it out if you're interested!

Thanks for reading, thanks for playing, and thanks for your constant support! We would not have come this far if it wasn't for all of your support, you awesome people!

Giorgio and his beard, signing out!

-- Giorgio Sintichakis