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Archive for updates taking place May of 2010 in Reverse Chronological Order.
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Change to Balack's Cove

24 May 2010

We always endeavor to include the feedback of players when deciding on adding to, or modifying existing features. Based on a Friday feedback session we decided to try this approach with the release of new content as well.

Since the release of Balack’s Cove, we have been listening carefully to constructive criticism from the MouseHunt community, trying to gauge if there are any elements that we might need to tweak in order to make the game more fun and challenging. In addition to reading feedback we have been carefully analyzing how players have been tackling the new content. Looking at things such as how quickly they can acquire resources, catch mice, earn points/gold, etc.

We've decided, with the help of the MouseHunt community, to raise the amount of Vanilla Bean needed to craft Vanilla Stilton when using magic essence from one to five. We think that this tweak will make crafting Vanilla Stilton more challenging, and thus make the end result more satisfying to the majority of MouseHunt players. Although this may not be a welcome change for some players, we made the decision with the help of the community, and we feel that it will be beneficial to the majority of players.

This change has now come into effect.

We are still gauging whether or not releasing content earlier than usual and using feedback from players to help put the final adjustments and finishing touches on areas is a useful exercise. We welcome players to discuss this matter in a constructive way via the discussion boards. The passion of hunters is what helps ensure everything about MouseHunt is as fun as possible!

Thanks for playing, and good luck on the hunt!

-- Dave Vanderburg

Balack the Banished

17 May 2010

Once, the three tribes, Nerg, Derr and Elub, were one, united under a ruler so cruel and merciless that the tribes-mice lived in constant fear of his whims. The Elders formulated a plan to banish Balack’s spirit to a remote cove near the Jungle of Dread, but he had other plans. He allowed the Elders to banish him, but he corrupted their enchantment along the way, pulling his attackers into the cove with him to be his servants for the rest of eternity.

Forever banished to the dark caverns under Dracano, Balack now takes his revenge out on any hunter who dares to enter his cove. Balack's Cove is a unique environment with unpredictable tides that keep the dark caverns constantly soaked, and that can easily wash unsuspecting Hunters out to sea. To navigate in the dark and damp, no ordinary torch or lantern will do.

The general store in Cape Clawed offers a clue on how to gain access to the cove -- an Antique Lantern rumoured to once be held by Balack himself. The lantern has long lost the power of Balack's Magic, which was capable to keeping it alight in almost any situation. If you plan on using the lantern to navigate the cove, you'll need the intense flame of three dragon embers, rumoured to be scattered around Dracano. Any other flame is instantly extinguished by the damp, humid air in the cove.

But finding the cove is only the beginning! The ghostly mice that dwell in the area have very unique taste in cheese. They crave the pungent flavour of Vanilla Stilton cheese made from Vanilla Beans harvested from the Jungle of Dread and another ingredient native to the island, Coconut Milk. Combine 15 Vanilla Beans, Coconut Milk, Salt, Curds and Whey to produce 15 ill-flavoured pieces of Vanilla Stilton. Crafters have found that the flavour of Vanilla Beans can be amplified with Magic Essence! You may use a single Vanilla Bean and 15 Magic Essence as a substitute for all 15 beans.

Vanilla Stilton has an awful taste, but an even more... sinister flavour can be made by collecting the anger of the Tribes’ Lich mice that are trapped in the cove. By combining each of the Tribal Lichs' unique ingredients with just a little Coconut Milk, Ionized Salt, Curds, a single Vanilla Bean and an optional dash of Magic Essence, Hunters can make a truly "vengeful" cheese. Be warned that such an angry cheese is sure to draw even more Tribal Lich mice to your trap, and perhaps even a rare sighting of Balack himself.

Knights entering Balack’s Cove should consider a variety of hunting strategies and trap options. What will your strategy be?

-- Dave Vanderburg

Display and FB Credits Errors Resolved

11 May 2010

The recent display errors (most apparent on hunter profile pages) have now been resolved. Pages that appeared to have wonky layouts should now appear normal.

We have also resolved a problem causing an error message to appear when donating with Facebook Credits. You can now use Facebook Credits to donate and obtain SUPER|brie+ on the donate page.

Thanks for you patience while these problems were being corrected.

Happy Hunting and good luck in your hunts!

-- Dave Vanderburg

Recent Page Display Errors

4 May 2010

Earlier today the layout of pages appeared broken as Facebook's CSS and JavaScript cache servers stopped serving content.

We have implemented a work-around until Facebook's servers are back up and running. This should fix the majority of display problems.

Sorry for any inconvenience and good luck in the hunt!

-- Dave Vanderburg