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Archive for updates taken place in August of 2011 in Reverse Chronological Order.
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Zurreal Trap Research Assignment

23 August 2011

New Research Assignment at the Crystal Library

Research a trap capable of capturing Zurreal!

Investigating Zurreal the Eternal

With the help of hunters recovering research and defending the Crystal Library, scraps of research have been recovered indicating there may be a trap capable of capturing Zurreal the Eternal. For hunters who have proven themselves as capable researchers, a new research assignment can now be started at the Crystal Library. This assignment will take you across the entire kingdom searching for unique trap components to build Zurreal's Folly.

Capturing Zurreal is only half the challenge; the other half is luring him toward your trap! Zurreal knows better than to fall for a hunter's cheese and so to attract him toward a trap you'll need something he can't resist: Pure wizardly knowledge! Upon completing your Zurreal Trap Research Assignment the library will reward you with a single charm charged with magical knowledge. The Charm Shoppe at the Crystal Library now also stocks Uncharged Scholar Charms, which can be charged upon capturing a mouse that possesses great knowledge of magic.

Building Zurreal's Folly is sure to be a challenge for even experienced hunters and will push the limits of your crafting abilities! Good luck with your research, hunters!

New research assignment at the Crystal Library!

  • Research a trap to capture Zurreal the Eternal

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In other news...

Based on player feedback a few existing research assignments have been updated. If you're currently working on an assignment you may notice the length of some of your tasks have been shortened, potentially completing the task.

-- Dave Vanderburg

New Hunting Location: The Crystal Library

9 August 2011

A new threat has been discovered...

Zurreal the Eternal and his minions are destroying Zugzwang's Crystal Library!

Gaining Access to the Library?

The Crystal Library is where Zugzwang stored a vast amount of hunting research collected over the years. To protect this knowledge, the library was hidden inside a crystal specially enchanted to prevent any mice from entering, until recently...

A mouse known as Zurreal the Eternal has managed to infiltrate the library's enchantment where he has unleashed an army of inorganic magical-tech mice who are immune to the library's protective enchantment! The library's wealth of knowledge is rapidly being destroyed by the mice there and must be salvaged!

The Crystal Library can only be accessed with a special Crystal Library Card. Unfortunately, thanks to Zurreal, these cards are now all under the possession of mice. You'll need to hunt down a card somewhere in Zugzwang's Tower before you can lend a hand at the library.

Restoring Library Research

Once inside the library, you can help recover Zugzwang's research by carrying out research tasks. Click "Get Assignment" on the heads-up display while in the library to browse available research assignments.

Completing assignments will earn you rewards based on the assignment carried out, along with special Library Points to mark your experience as a researcher! More advanced research assignments pose a greater challenge (and reward!) and thus require more Library Points in order to access them.

You can also see how you measure up against your friends and other hunters on the new Library Points Scoreboard.

Once you've earned a few Library Points, you'll have a greater variety of assignments available to you, allowing you to choose where you wish to conduct research; from Furoma, to the Seasonal Garden, and even at the Crystal Library itself!

Investigating Zurreal the Eternal

Once more is known about Zurreal the Eternal, the King will allow hunters to research this mysterious mouse. Keep watching this space for an announcement about when Zurreal can be hunted.

New Hunting Area for Lords, Ladies and above!

  • Find a Crystal Library Card
  • Travel to the Crystal Library in Rodentia
  • Carry out Research Assignments to help recover the lost knowledge!

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-- Dave Vanderburg