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Archive for updates taken place in August 2012 in Reverse Chronological Order.
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Mouse Archaeology

29 August 2012

Mouse Archaeology

All across Gnawnia, rumours and legends about long-hidden treasure have been cropping up. Tales of treasure maps, relics from the far past, and incredible wealth have been flooding the local taverns. It seems everyone's got treasure-hunting fever, and for good reason!

Hunt and catch tough mice to find Ancient Relics, attract Relic Hunters who love to nab these relics, and collect Treasure Maps to seek out FANTASTIC treasures!

Treasure Hunting

Ancient Relics & Relic Hunters

The most dangerous and tricky mice in the realm have been sighted digging up and carrying around Ancient Relics. These long-lost pieces of mouse history are gorgeous examples of the Early Neomousical Period of sculpture, but most importantly, they're the only way to attract a brand-new mouse to your trap!

The Relic Hunter mouse roams all over Gnawnia searching for these Ancient Relics, and will only visit your trap if you have one in your inventory. You'll have to track it down though, since they will only stay in one location for 24 hours at a time before moving on to a new area.

Catch a Relic Hunter to obtain a Treasure Map Scroll Case at the cost of one Ancient Relic. These scroll cases are the very heart of tracking down untold heaps of treasure!

Treasure Map Scroll Case

Uncapping a Treasure Map Scroll Case will reveal a Treasure Map with a list of mice on it. Each of those mice will drop a clue, and catching all the mice will allow you to claim a special Treasure Chest with gold, points, and incredible loot!

But why hunt for treasure on your own? Each map will allow you to invite up to four friends to help track down the long list of mice, and every friend that helps gets a treasure chest of their own!

Treasure Chests

Treasure Chests contain a whole bunch of Title-appropriate loot from across the entire game. If you can hunt there, you can get useful loot for there from Treasure Chests!

Ancient Charms are incredibly rare, incredibly powerful charms ONLY obtainable from Treasure Chests. Keep an eye out for these, as they can greatly sway the battle against really hard mice!

Every once in a while, a Treasure Chest will contain something really, really rare and valuable. Whether a new Limited Edition trap, or an ancient trap skin, or something else, these are the real big prizes that every hunter will be hoping to find!

Limited Edition Trap

For a limited time, treasure hunters will have a chance to obtain a new Limited Edition Trap known as the Ancient Gauntlet.

This long-forgotten trap can lend much-needed aid to hunters attempting the long climb up the King's Gauntlet. While the statues may look dormant and docile, one of them has been secretly replaced with an incredibly patient hunter droid. Let's see if the mice notice!

Tier 1 mice caught with this trap will be so frightened, they'll drop two Tier 2 Gauntlet potions!

Any type of Treasure Map has a chance of finding a Treasure Chest containing this trap! Using Rare Map Dust to upgrade your map to a Rare Treasure Map more than doubles your chance!

Rare Map Dust

Occasionally when uncapping a Treasure Map Scroll Case, you'll get a tiny bit of Rare Map Dust. Anyone following the map that has some of this dust can apply it to a Treasure Map to turn it into a Rare Treasure Map!

Rare Treasure Maps have DOUBLE the gold, DOUBLE the points, DOUBLE the Ancient Charms, EXTRA loot, and MORE THAN DOUBLE the chance of getting super-rare loot!

EVERYONE benefits from this bonus loot, and ANYONE can upgrade the map, not just the owner!

Treasure Hunting Kit

With 125 SUPER|brie+ to help you hunt down clue-bearing mice, and 3 Rare Map Dust to turn regular old treasure maps into Rare Treasure Maps, the Treasure Hunting Kit has everything you need to go treasure hunting, and maybe find an Ancient Amulet of your own! Provides the Lucky Golden Shield for 1 month when opened.


Mouse Archaeology

  • Collect Ancient Relics from tough mice across the land
  • Relic Hunters will remain in a location for 24 hours at a time
  • Attract and catch a Relic Hunter to obtain a Treasure Map Scroll Case
  • Open this case, invite up to 4 friends, and hunt down the required mice for clues!
  • When the Treasure Map is complete, everyone hunting the treasure gets a Treasure Chest!
  • Keep hunting for the Relic Hunter to collect more scroll cases and find all the rare treasure!

Hunt tough mice to find Ancient Relics | Buy a Treasure Hunting Kit or Rare Map Dust for yourself or a friend

-- Giorgio Sintichakis

Mousey Marathon!

07 August 2012

Mousey Marathon!

This is no quick dash! Sign up for the long haul and catch Great Gnawnian Games mice for big points and prizes!

Get out to the race track, equip Runny Cheese to run the race, and catch sporty mice to earn a few Tournament Tokens on the side!

Check them out here!

Tournament Kit

Looking for a competitive edge? This basket is packed with supplies to help you compete in tournaments! Inside you'll find 50 SUPER|brie+, 50 Champion Charms and a 1 month Luck Golden Shield!


Mousey Marathon!

  • Hunt down mice in the Great Gnawnian Games
  • Earn some Tournament Tokens while you race

Travel to the Great Gnawnian Games | Buy a Tournament Kit for a friend or for yourself!

-- Giorgio Sintichakis