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Archive for updates taken place in June 2012 in Reverse Chronological Order.
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The Collapsing Tunnel

14 June 2012

The Collapsing Tunnel

Recent reports regarding a collapsing tunnel within Icewing's Lair have been further investigated. New intel has surfaced and it appears there is something down there, lurking deep beneath the Iceberg...

The Digby Scientists have seen strange readings coming from the Iceberg, hinting at some form of mousey magic holding the Iceberg together. Icewing could very well be experimenting with strange technology in order to keep the Iceberg colder and more stable than it really is...

In light of these recent findings, hunters are urged to hunt down Icewing and learn more of her secrets.

A New, Secret Recipe

Troubling accounts have surfaced regarding pieces of what appear to be a blueprint, intentionally shredded by mouse claws, that may hold some secret. Very little can be gleaned from these mere scraps of blueprints. Perhaps if we could find a fully-intact one, we could learn a little more...

MouseHunters will all have to work together in order to discover the secret to this recipe. Once the hunting community has discovered these mysteries, the blueprint will better reveal its secrets.

Head to the forums and join the discussion!

Baskets and Kits

Iceberg Invasion Kit

This invasion kit contains items that will help you carve through the Iceberg! Use the charms to hold off Invaders or speed past them, and use the Drill Charges to power your Ice Drill deep into the Iceberg. Inside you'll find 120 Wax Charms, 120 Sticky Charms, 5 Drill Charges, and 125 SUPER|brie+! Provides the Lucky Golden Shield for 2 months when opened.


Drilling Gift Set

This gift set contains items that will speed you through the Iceberg! Use the charms to hold off Invaders or speed past them, and use the Drill Charges to power your Ice Drill deep into the Iceberg. Inside you'll find 60 Wax Charms, 60 Sticky Charms, and 2 Drill Charges. Provides the Lucky Golden Shield for 1 month when opened.


The Collapsing Tunnel

  • New information regarding the collapsing tunnel seen near Icewing's Lair
  • Strange readings from the Iceberg, ancient freezing magic holding it together
  • Hunters should hunt down Icewing and learn more of her secrets
  • Pieces of blueprints found hinting at something that might help
  • Find a fully-intact blueprint on the Iceberg

Travel to the Iceberg to discover new secrets | Buy a Iceberg Invasion Kit or a Drilling Gift Set for you or a friend

-- Giorgio Sintichakis

Living Salt

01 June 2012

Living Salt

Salt left over from the ocean water that formed the Iceberg combined with Icewing's powerful magic has resulted in this tiny, salty mouse. Penned up for the long trip towards Gnawnia, they are only allowed to roam free once the Iceberg has reached the shores, since their tiny salty feet could destabilize the ice underfoot with too much roaming.

These mice will only appear after all the chests have been smashed and the Iceberg has reached Gnawnia's shores.

Catching one of these mice will allow you to quickly finish off an invasion.

Crushed Ice

It's time to bring the fight to the mice directly on the Iceberg! The King is offering tournament points and rewards for mice located on Icewing's Iceberg and wants YOU to go out and claim them!

Join a Crushed Ice tournament, hunt mice in the Iceberg, and earn Tournament Tokens!

Check them out here!

Tournament Kit

Looking for a competitive edge? This basket is packed with supplies to help you compete in tournaments! Inside you'll find 50 SUPER|brie+, 50 Champion Charms and a 1 month Luck Golden Shield!


Living Salt

  • A new icy mouse has appeared!
  • A new tournament in the Iceberg
  • Earn some Tournament Tokens while you hold back the invasion

Travel to the Iceberg | Buy a Tournament Kit for a friend or for yourself!

-- Giorgio Sintichakis