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Treasure Hunting Update, King's Gauntlet Tourneys, and Checkout Shop Overhaul!

10 September 2012

Treasure Hunting Update, King's Gauntlet Tourneys, and Checkout Shop Overhaul!

A lot of work went into MouseHunt in the last week and it's finally time to release it all at once!

The Relic Hunter and treasure hunting in general has gotten a much needed once-over to clear up some lingering bugs and to also improve the displaying maps and inviting friends!

Along with that, with great help from the community, the new King's Gauntlet tournaments are now ready to go! Look for one on the Tournament Listings page!

And finally, the checkout shop has had a much-needed massive overhaul, allowing us to bring back the beloved kits from the past that just couldn't fit anymore!

Treasure Hunting Update

Wow. Wow! So much treasure hunting has gone on. How much? So much! Over 65,000 maps have been found and completed so far. That's... That's a LOT of treasure hunting!

Ancient Relics

With so many hunters all digging for treasure at once, the delicate Treasure-Hunting Ecosystem has been forever altered!

What does this mean? For one, all the easy Ancient Relics have been found, and mice that had large stockpiles of relics in the past have noticed their reserves are dwindling. No mouse drops an Ancient Relic on every catch any more, though some are still more common than others. Keep an eye out!

Treasure Chests

However, all this is good news for treasure chests! With the increased rarity of relics, all the Treasure Chests now have more and more varied treasure in them!

Harder chests will reward more points and gold than before, with Arduous maps being significantly improved to balance out the incredible difficulty of the mice required. That means hunters will earn more rewards for their hard work!

So keep hunting, hunters! Treasure hunting has never been more rewarding than now!

King's Gauntlet Tourneys

Due to popular demand, the King is proud to announce the grand opening of the King's Gauntlet tournaments! He reached out to the many hunters in the land for aid and assistance, and the resulting tournaments are entirely community created!

Wait, tournaments? That's right! There are two tournaments for the King's Gauntlet – one for the higher floors, and one for the lower ones! No matter where you are through the Gauntlet, you should have ample opportunity to play and win!

Checkout Shop Overhaul

We've been slowly rolling out a new checkout system a few users at a time, so some of you may have seen this already, but today we're opening it up to everyone: a brand-new checkout!

It's a lot cleaner, allows us to offer a lot more information to you about your purchases, provides a nicer shopping cart system, and most importantly, allows us to bring back a lot more of your favourite packages!

No more needing to remove old packages due to size restrictions, so your Tournament Kits, Tribal Isle Kits, Warpath Kits and more should always be available in the future!

Wanna see what it looks like? Click here!

Treasure Hunting Update, King's Gauntlet Tourneys, and Checkout Shop Overhaul!

  • Treasure Chests have greater rewards!
  • Community-made King's Gauntlet tourneys are live!
  • A better, cleaner, more awesomer Checkout Shop!

Hunt tough mice to find Ancient Relics | Check out the new Checkout Shop!

-- Giorgio Sintichakis