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Archive for updates taken place in April 2013 in Reverse Chronological Order.
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Dev Corner: April Update — Tweaks and Bug Fixes

24 April 2013

Dev Corner: April Update - Tweaks and Bug Fixes

We wanted to provide you all with an update regarding some of the behind-the-scenes stuff we're doing for MouseHunt!

We have a lot on the go, and sometimes we work on features or improve existing aspects of MouseHunt. Some of these improvements aren't always obvious, so we'd like to share these updates with you!

Mice Page

The mice page now sorts mice into their respective subgroups within each main group. This means the Events tab is finally cleaned up after nearly 90 mice found their way into that section over the years. The same goes for areas with specially grouped mice (Gauntlet, Fiery Warpath, Iceberg, etc.)!

Hopefully, this helps hunters better track their progress through locations.

Larry's Loot Lexicon

Recently, you may have noticed that Larry's Loot Lexicon now pops up on your Camp page when you click a loot item in your journal. This lets hunters view helpful info without having to navigate away!

Now, items can be interacted with, allowing you to open a new Special item (such as an egg!), arm bait, traps or charms, and even use potions, all from your Camp page!

Tons o' Tweaks and Bug Fixes

We've tackled some minor display issues and bugs, as well as improved some existing features in the last week.

Here's the list:

  • 3-day Lucky Golden Shield items now properly give 3 days of Lucky Golden Shield
  • King's Reward text field no longer "breaks" after a failed attempt
  • Current title rank up can be shared from Title page (in the case the popup to share is missing)
  • MouseHunt browser tab title and icon animates when horn is ready to sound
  • LGS image on profile properly aligned
  • Living Garden "pouring" typo fix for number of hunts
  • Amplifier Charms now work on Relic Hunter (though this mouse is no longer in the area, but can now be re-added)
  • Dragon Mouse journal image popup no longer peeking over the edge
  • Teams involved in a completed tourney no longer show members involved (as some can leave, which looked weird)

More to come!

We're working on more great stuff and we're excited to tell you all about it! We'll be back with another update with more news about what's coming out next!

Thanks for reading, and happy hunting!

-- Giorgio Sintichakis