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Archive for updates taken place in December 2013 in Reverse Chronological Order.
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Happy New Year!

30 December 2013

The New Year's Mouse has arrived! This year, the New Year's Mouse has also brought the Party Head Mouse with them to really take the party to the next level!

New Year's and Party Head Mice

Both New Year's and Party Head mice can be found at the Festive Snow Fort, where they can be seen getting ready to bring in 2014 while participating in the snowball fight! Although these mice are ready to party, they are still, well, mice! Like all mice, they're up to no good: They have been spotted stealing various supplies for their own purposes. Capturing either of these mice is sure to bring rewards both old and new! Judging by how eager they are to party, Larry does not doubt that both these mice will be around until the end of the Great Winter Snowball Fight. Arm your Snowball Bocconcini and get hunting!

2014 Charm (Limited Edition)

2014 Charm
15 explosive charms

These new charms are packed with the power of an entire crate of fireworks! New Year's mice have brought them to the Festive Snow Fort to create some celebratory "booms", however, in the hands of a MouseHunter their explosive effect carries with it an impressive 2,014 power! Find these charms as loot drops from both the New Year's Mouse as well as the Party Head Mouse. Make sure to sound your horn and ring in the New Year, because once the celebration is over, the supply of these charms will be forever gone!

Party Packs

2014 Party Pack
Bring in the New Year with a BOOM!

When the first few New Year's mice arrived, they were not yet keen to hunters seeking their precious celebration charms. The King was able to secure an oversized crate full of 2014 Charms and has used it to put together a new 2014 Party Pack! This pack contains 300 SUPER|brie+, 100 of the new 2014 Charms, and 200 collectible Confetti! Handle with extreme care, hunters: These charms pack an explosive party punch!

New Year's Dimensional Chest Trap Skin

Totally Awesome Skin
Celebrate the new year in style!

Celebrate the new year in tactical style with the New Year's Dimentional Chest Trap Skin! This skin fills the chest with a variety of festive party supplies which is sure to liven up the party!

Celebrate the arrival of 2014!

  • Hunt New Year's and Party Head mice
  • Collect new charms and winter loot!
  • Grab the new festive New Year's trap skin
  • Yell REALLY, REALLY loud at midnight!!

Happy New Year, hunters!

-- Dave Vanderburg

The King's Grand Gift Opening Ceremony

24 December 2013

Visit your profile to open your gifts! The King's Grand Gifting Opening Ceremony has now begun! Give your shield in the top-left of the game a click to visit your profile where you can now open gifts friends left under your tree! Claiming your gifts from your profile tree will also claim gifts from your Team Stocking.

Opening Profile Gifts and Team Stockings

Opening the gifts on your profile is easy and fun! Visit your Hunter Profile and click the button next to your profile tree to unwrap gifts friends left for you. You'll also claim any goodies teammates left in your stocking on your team's profile!

While you're there, now's a good time to check for any unsent Passing Parcels that you may have and send those along to friends! If you have any unsent parcels, you'll see a reminder on your profile under where you claimed your gifts.

Put your Snow Armoury to use: Festive Tournaments

Now that you've opened your team stocking, it's time for some team activities to bring you even closer together! There are still a wide array of festive tournaments running.

Don't forget: If you've added an Armoury to your Snow Fort and upgraded it, you'll enjoy a luck bonus while in a tournament, along with extra Tournament Tokens and Ice Coin rewards!

Click here to browse festive tournaments

Still lots of festive time ahead!

The forecast is still calling for plenty of cold weather! The scientists of Digby estimate this cold snap will last until Tuesday, January 7. There's lots of time left to put your awesome Snow Fort to good use! Stay in the snowball battle to keep collecting Ice Coins and cash out big after the 7th. Once the Festive Snow Fort melts, the area will be called the Vacant Lot, where all of the Festive Shoppes will stay open for one week, allowing you to cash in your Ice Coins and Advent Chocolates.

Cheesy Gifts for Friends

Looking for a little extra something for a friend during the Great Winter Snowball Fight? The variety of packs, kits, and bundles the King has assembled can all be sent to friends! Have a friend that needs a little help finishing their fort? Help them build that final upgrade with a supply kit or bundle! Many of the kits even include a few Snow Blocks as a special bonus.

Fort Builder's Lunchbox
Get started on fort building

Fort Builder's Construction Kit
Boost your fort building!

Festive Bundle
Get more in this bundle!

Super Festive Bundle
Get locked and stocked!

The King's Grand Gift Opening Ceremony

  • Visit your profile to open gifts under your tree and in your Team Stocking
  • Keep putting your fort to use and collect Ice Coins
  • The Great Winter Hunt Snowball Fight ends January 7
  • The Festive Shoppes will stick around in the Vacant Lot for one week after the 7th

Happy holidays from everyone at HitGrab!

-- Dave Vanderburg

MEGA Tourneys, Elf Encounters, and Snow Days

18 December 2013

MEGA Tourneys, Elf Encounters, and Snow Days have arrived at the Great Winter Snowball Fight! Keep an eye on your calendar! With certain days will come new challenges and rewards! Each Monday and Thursday from now until the end of the Great Winter Snowball Fight will have a special challenge, while this weekend will be the only occasion to participate in MEGA Festive Tournaments!

This weekend: MEGA Festive Tournaments

This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are MEGA Festive Tournaments! Earn extra Tournament Tokens, SUPER|brie+, as well as festive themed rewards! These tournaments also reward a new Festive Champion Kit containing 10 Snowball Bocconcini, 10 Winter Charms, and 10 Ice Coins. There are start times convenient for a wide range time zones. Head over to the Tournament Listings page and select the "Special Tournaments" tab to view MEGA Festive Tournaments and other competitions for festive prizes.

MEGA Festive Tournaments run on December 20, 21, and 22

Click here to browse special tournaments

Mondays are Snow Days

Although Mondays can be a drag, seeing a few extra Ice Coins is sure to delight! Every Monday from now until the end of the event is a Snow Day! The extra-wintery weather has a few unique effects at the Festive Snow Fort: A few more Snowflake mice can be found drifting in the wind, some mice in the snowball fight drop additional Ice Coins, and finally, ALL snowball-fighting mice have an opportunity to drop Ice Coins and Snowball Charms! Stockpile your Snowball Bocconcini for an epic Monday snow battle!

Thursday Elf Encounters

Elf mice are greedy, sneaky mice that constantly steal gifts from around the Kingdom! So outraged is the King that he has organized a means of luring more Elf mice out of hiding to allow hunters to exact some revenge. Every Thursday from now until the end of the Great Winter Snowball Fight the King will power-up a gift beacon to lure Elf mice out of their hiding spots, increasing how often they'll be encountered at the Festive Snow Fort. Although capturing an Elf Mouse will return the gifts to their proper place, you'll also keep one yourself! Open it up and enjoy the hunting loot inside! If you're looking for find a few more Elf mice and their gift boxes, make sure to sound your horn on Thursdays!

Reminder: Show your Snow Fort construction skill with a new journal theme!

Upon building the final upgrade for your fort, you will be awarded with a limited edition Snow Fort Snowglobe. This prestigious collectible not only shows that you've mastered the snowball fight, but also unlocks new items in the various shoppes! Don't forget to purchase the new Snowball Journal Theme, as well as Snowball Charm Packs from the shoppes at the Festive Snow Fort once you've completed your Snow Fort! Snowball Charms greatly increase the power of both the Ice Blaster and Glacier Gatler! What upgrades have you built so far? Which one are you saving to build last?

Looking to restock?

The King has put together a wide variety of kits and bundles to help you in your snowball fight! You'll find everything from Snowball Bocconcini and Winter Charms, to Trap Skins, Snow Blocks, Ice Coins, and more!

Bucket of Snowball Bocconcini
150 Snowball Bocconcini in a big bucket!

Fort Builder's Lunchbox
Get started on fort building

Festive Bundle
Get more in this bundle!

Super Festive Bundle
Get locked and stocked!

MEGA Tournaments, Snow Days, and Elf Encounters!

  • Travel to the Festive Snow Fort
  • MEGA Tournaments from December 20 to 22
  • Every Monday is a "Snow Day"
  • Every Thursday is an "Elf Encounter"

Happy holiday hunting!

-- Dave Vanderburg

Fun Festive Snowball Tournaments!

12 December 2013

Have you checked out the new Great Winter Snowball Fight tournaments? There are some great festive prizes to be one in each, like Festive Ultimate Luck Charms, Winter Charms, Snowball Bocconcini, and more!

Make sure to sign up for some with your team for great festive rewards!

Click here to browse tournaments with special rewards!

Happy holiday hunting and good luck!

-- Giorgio Sintichakis

Great Winter Snowball Fight!

10 December 2013

The Great Winter Hunt has begun! The landing of the Festive Comet has long-marked the start of the Winter Hunt, however, this year the comet was instantly sculpted into a massive snow fort upon landing! Surely the mice that have fortified themselves within are up to no good.

A massive Snow Golem Mouse has been spotted within the fort, growing in both size and strength! Orders have come down from the King to fight snow with snow by building your own snow fort and challenging the snow-tossing mice! Defeat their troop of snowball warriors and stop the S.N.O.W. Golem Mouse before it's unleashed upon the Kingdom!

Build the Ultimate Snow Fort!

In order to stand a chance against the horde of snowball-yielding mice, you'll need to build a fort of your own! Unfortunately, the mice have procured all suitable construction materials and have them well-guarded within their fortress. In order to collect Snow Blocks to build your fort, you'll have to lure snowball fighting mice to your trap in the hope that they drop a Snow Block, which can be used to build your snow fort.

Luring a mouse in for a snowball fight is a straightforward affair -- You'll need to use Snowball Bocconcini to show them you're interested in a battle. This new type of cheese can be collected by hunting at the Festive Snow Fort with any standard type of bait armed.

Once you've collected Snowball Bocconcini and used it to obtain Snow Blocks, you'll be able to build and expand your snow fort for cool bonuses while in the Festive Snow Fort area!

Collecting Snowball Bocconcini

Snowball Bocconcini is rolled and packaged with the fresh festive snowfall; they've absorbed the taste of the season as well as the shape and texture of snow! It's the perfect bait to lure a snowball fight mouse towards your trap in order to collect Snow Blocks to build and expand your snow fort!

Snowball Bocconcini can be collected as loot from various mice that are on the sidelines of the snowball fight. Simply hunt using any standard type of bait to attract festive breeds of mice that may drop Snowball Bocconcini. Although nearly any type of bait will attract some festive breeds, using Gingerbread, Seasoned Gouda, Festive Feta, or SUPER|brie+ will attract festive breeds more often! You'll find some of these festive flavours of cheese by visiting friends' profiles, as a bonus reward in your Advent Calendar, and within Daily Loyalty Chests.

The King has also put together a variety of festive supply kits, baskets, and bundles to aide your snowball fighting efforts! Browse a selection of cheese, charms, and more alongside SUPER|brie+.

15 Snowball Bocconcini
Tasty round bait to attract snowball-fight mice

Bucket of Snowball Bocconcini
150 pieces of Snowball Bocconcini in a handy bucket!

Upgrading Your Snow Fort

Once you've built your basic fort, you can build expansions and upgrade them using additional Snow Blocks. Keep hunting snowball fight mice using Snowball Bocconcini to collect as many Snow Blocks as you can. Then build upgrades for your fort that will provide unique bonuses! Snow Cannons increase your trap's power, the Ice Armoury provides bonuses while in tournaments, the Winter Wall gives bonuses to help you in the snowball fight, and the Festive Tavern will give you and your friends increased rewards and loot! Which will you build first?

Fort Builder's Construction Kit
Bocconcini, Winter Charms and Snow Blocks!

Ice Blaster Trap

Defeating the final snow bully, the S.N.O.W. Golem Mouse is the key to unlocking the limited edition Ice Blaster. While this trap packs quite an icy punch with 3,800 Power and 12 Luck, more experienced hunters may discover a means of upgrading it to something capable of rivaling the Oasis Water Node!

On rare occasion, the ice balls fired have a chance to absorb the joy released by the hunter when catching a mouse, forging a Snowball Charm on the spot! Although these charms work well with any trap, arm them with the Ice Blaster or its upgrade for an additional power bonus!

Visit Friends' Winter Hunt Profiles

Once a day you can visit the profiles of up to ten of your friends to claim some Gingerbread Cheese to help you at the Festive Snow Fort! Additionally, if your friend has upgraded their Festive Tavern, you'll also be able to claim Festive Feta from them! While you're there, thank them for helping you out by leaving a gift under their tree which they'll be able to open after the King's Grand Gift Opening Ceremony has begun in a couple of weeks.

Finally, before friends can visit your profile, you'll need to remove the ice which has encased your dinner table! If a friend has not done the same, you can remind them by "chipping the ice" on their profile. If a friend has been away for an extended period of time, you may even find an Ice Coin when chipping away their ice! Chipping the ice will only let your friend know that you were there; they still need to clear away the ice on their own.

Similarly, you can leave gifts for members of your hunting team in stockings hanging on your Team Profile page.

The Valuable Snowflake Mouse

The Snowflake Mouse drifts with the strong winter wind, using it as a means of easy kingdom-wide conveyance. In their travels, Snowflake mice commonly pickup various knick-knacks and odd ends that they find in the snow. Arm a Winter Charm and a Snowflake Mouse may visit your trap, along with the valuable loot they carry! You're likely to find Snowball Bocconcini, Snow Blocks, or even Ice Coins!

15 Winter Charms
Attract the Snowflake Mouse!

Festive Bundle
275 Bocconcini and Winter Charms, plus 12 Snow Blocks!

Lovely, Lovely Ice Coins!

While hunting your way through the Great Winter Snowball Fight, various mice may drop Ice Coins, a precious festive currency! Visit the various shoppes at the Festive Snow Fort to browse a wide variety of wares available for purchase. There's a ton of supply packs, charms, and other hunting equipment to give you a leg-up in the various hunting locations across the Kingdom.

Collect Ice Coins to spend at the various shops within the Festive Snow Fort!

New Festive Trap Skins

The Trapsmith at the Festive Snow Fort has stocked their shop with a variety of festive trap skins! Some skins cost Ice Coins, while others require a handful of Advent Chocolates. If you find yourself a little short after raiding your Advent Calendar for chocolates, keep hunting! You may come across a rare chocolate or two while hunting at the Festive Snow Fort. The King has also put together a Festive Skin Pack containing all the skins!

Advent Chocolates
Buy some skins and other rewards using your Advent Chocolates, or find some as rare loot drops at the Festive Snow Fort!

Festive Skin Pack
All 11 skins at a discount!

Naughty and Nice Lists

While hunting with Snowball Bocconcini a few of the tougher snowball fight mice may drop either a Naughty or Nice List containing the names of a few mice. Check each mouse on the list to earn you and any friends you invite to help a special festive treasure chest reward! These rewards can be increased using Rare Map Dust, and even further increased by upgrading your Snow Fort's Festive Tavern! What will you find in each reward chest?

Rare Map Dust
Increase naughty and nice list rewards!

A New Type of Gift: The Passing Parcel

This year the King has organized a new type of unique gift that's sure to involve your hunting group! Accessible via the gifts page is the Passing Parcel. These gifts from the King have been wrapped with an undisclosed number of layers. After unwrapping a layer, should the final gift not be discovered the parcel must be passed onto another friend!

Keep passing along and unwrapping layers until the final gift is discovered!

Snowball Journal Theme

Looking for a trophy to show off your ultimate fort building skills? Look no further than the exclusive Snowball Journal Theme. This prestigious Journal Theme can only be obtained by first proving that you're an expert in all things snowball by fully upgrading your Snow Fort. Once you've fully upgraded your fort, the King will award you with a limited edition Snow Fort Snowglobe to show that you've done all you can to defend the Kingdom during the Great Winter Snowball Fight. This snowglobe will prove your worthiness to the shopkeepers, allowing you to purchase the Snowball Journal Theme from the General Store. Wear this theme with pride, hunters!

Fully upgrade your fort to be able to purchase the Snowball Journal Theme!

Festive Kits and Bundles

The King has put together a wide variety of kits and bundles to help you in your snowball fight! You'll find everything from Snowball Bocconcini and Winter Charms, to Trap Skins, Snow Blocks, Ice Coins, and even new Festive Ultimate Power and Luck Charms!

Fort Builder's Lunchbox
Get started on fort building

Festive Bundle
Get more in this bundle!

Super Festive Bundle
Get locked and stocked!

Ultimate Festive Bundle -- Best value!
Makin' it snow! Includes EVERYTHING Skins, cheese, charms, blocks, and coins!

The Great Winter Hunt and Snowball Fight!

  • Travel to the Festive Snow Fort
  • Collect Snowball Bocconcini
  • Hunt for Snow Blocks
  • Build your snow fort and defeat the final snowball bully!
  • Keep upgrading your fort for cool bonuses!

Happy holiday hunting!

-- Dave Vanderburg

Time to cash in your King's Credits!

02 December 2013

The King's Giveaway has come to an end! The King has once again tightly sealed his vault of King's Credits which has caused the majority of prize mice to scurry back into hiding. Keep in mind, prize mice can still be encountered outside of a King's Giveaway, they're just more rare.

Time to cash in your King's Credits!

Make sure to stop by the King's Arms in Valour to spend your King's Credits on a wide variety of wares. There are plenty of hunting supplies for sale to help you in a variety of areas across the Kingdom. If you have not visted the King's Arms recently, make sure to stop by and check out some of the new items for sale, including two new exciting skins! If you're a few credits short, no need to worry, the new items are permanent additions to the King's Arms.

Lion Sphynx of Life Skin

King of the jungle and now the desert! This proud lion is part of the great circle of life in the Sandtail Desert: Mouse is born, mouse finds cheese, mouse is bathed in the bright Beams of Judgement emanating from the statue's eyes, mouse is born anew.

Sculpted from the rare clay found deep underneath the Living Garden, this Lion Sphynx of Life has one main goal: To protect the pride of Gnawnia.

King Chromo Skin

Royalty in Purple and Chrome! Dressed to the nines in the finest of fine!

Royal lavender robes, crafted from the same fabric line used for the King's apparel ("Royal-Tees") adorn the chrome chassis. The crown is provided free of charge with every purchase.

The King Chromo skin is for those that need to put shine on shine, bling on bling and stacks on stacks to live the highlife!

If trap skins aren't your thing, there's plenty of other rewards! Furoma Token Packs, tons of Tribal Isles Supply Packs, SUPER|brie+, and more!

Regal Charms and Journal Theme

Regal Charms can no longer be obtained. They'll return the next time the King has a giveaway! Where are you planning on using your collection of Regal Charms? Let us know on the forums!

The Regal Theme First Half dropped by Treasurer, Snooty, and High Roller mice can be combined with the second half to create a new journal theme. The second half can be purchased from the King's Arms using King's Credits. Once you have both halves craft them together to create a new, Regal Journal Theme! Visit your hunter profile to change your journal theme.

Click here to visit the King's Arms and spend your King's Credits!

Happy hunting and thanks for playing MouseHunt!

-- Dave Vanderburg

Daily Gnawnian Advent Calendar

01 December 2013

It's December on the Gnawnian calendar, meaning the Great Winter Hunt is just around the corner! This year the King is looking to spread festive cheer a little early by handing out chocolate advent calendars to each and every hunter!

Each day in December leading up to the 24th, you'll be able to open a door on your Gnawnian Advent Calendar to reveal a tasty treat inside. As a bonus, if you open the door on the exact day it unlocks, the King will give you a little something extra!

Viewing your Gnawnian Advent Calendar

The advent calendar can be accessed in two ways. A small "advent calendar" link has been added to the navigation bar near the very top of the game. Additionally, if you have an unopened door on your calendar, a banner will appear above your journal reminding you to claim your tasty treat!

Remember: Opening the door on the exact date grants a bonus item from the King! The bonus item will vary from day to day, so check back often!

(Link at the top of the game is always there.)

(Banner above journal appears when you have an unopened door.)

(Tasty Advent Chocolate. Not to scale.)

When does the day reset?

Midnight in Gnawnia just so happens to be the same as what hunter's may call "UTC" (Coordinated Universal Time). This is the same time daily gifting counts reset.

What can I do with these tasty Advent Chocolates?

Right now, Advent Chocolates sit in your inventory in all their delicious glory. However, when the Great Winter Hunt begins, the shop keepers will undoubtedly have some special rewards that you can barter for with your chocolates!

A regal exit

With the festive celebrations around the corner, the King's Giveaway will soon come to an end. The King will close his massive vault of King's Credits, making prize mice a more rare encounter in the kingdom. All items in the King's Arms will remain after the giveaway closes. However, the supply of Regal Charms is running low, meaning they'll be retired until the next giveaway.

Make sure you send them to your friends as free daily gifts, claim your last loyalty chest, and grab any final Regal Gift Baskets.

Chocolate Advent Calendars!

  • Open a door on the calendar each day
  • Get tasty Advent Chocolates
  • Open each door on the exact day for a bonus item

Keep watching this space for an announcement when the Great Winter Hunt begins!

Happy holiday hunting!

-- Dave Vanderburg