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Archive for updates taken place in May 2013 in Reverse Chronological Order.
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Tournament Update Pack #2

17 May 2013

Tournament Update Pack #2

Attention tournament lovers!

Teams and tournaments have been upgraded and feature some new and interesting updates!

Captaincy can now be transfered to other team members, teams now have customizable Team Emblems, more team member slots have been added, your Team Profile now publicly showcases your tournament awards and has a private cork board, teams can be "opened up" to accept anyone who wishes to join, team members can sign up for multiple tournaments in a row, and new tournaments have been added for the Living Garden and other areas! Whew, what a list!

Read below to learn about the update in greater detail!

Team Emblems

Captains can now customize a Team Emblem for their team! Pick from an array of sigils (those images up above), patterns, and background colors to create over 7,500,000 unique combinations! Combine these layers to create a special emblem that matches your team's style!

Check it out right now on your Team Profile page. And while you're there...

Team Profile

Tournament Awards
Check out all your awesome tournament awards! The Team Profile page now showcases the awards a team has collectively won from competing. The awards an individual team member has won do not influence these awards (meaning a new member joining a team won't suddenly boost the number of trophies or badges). It merely displays the awards the team itself has won as a group.

Team Size Expansion
Even more team member slots have been added, bringing the new total up to 12 members! Imagine all the tournaments your team can compete in and all the trophies and badges that'll come with it! Are you up to the challenge to unlock these new slots? Remember to talk to your captain to get completed slots unlocked!

Cork Boards
The Team Cork Boards have made a return! Privately discuss hunting strategies with your team members to ensure victory!

Team Journal
The Team Journal tab on your Team Profile page has been further improved to ensure you always know how your team is performing!

Tournament Tweaks

New Tourneys
We've added 4 new tournaments for the Living Garden, Lost City, Sand Dunes and Bristle Woods locations. We've also tweaked the balance and added some new mice to existing tournaments!

Open Team Sign Up
Team captains can allow a team to have "open sign up", temporarily allowing anyone to join instantly for when you need some more members on your team in a flash! Just post your team's profile link on the forums and recruit those mercenaries in no time! Then, when you've found enough members for that tourney, turn open sign up off again!

Multiple Tournament Sign Up
Individual team members can now sign up for up to 3 tournaments at once (as long as their start and end times do not conflict), allowing teams to better coordinate efforts and complete several tourneys in a row!

Hunters can view the Upcoming Tournaments for any team in order to know where to sign up to help out their team or stay on the heels of their rivals!

Tournament Supply Kit

Looking for a competitive edge? This basket is packed with supplies to help you compete in tournaments! Inside you'll find 50 SUPER|brie+, 50 Champion Charms and 1 month of Lucky Golden Shield!

Tourney Update Pack #2

  • Captaincy can now be transferred to other members
  • Create a custom Team Emblem for your team
  • Complete tournaments and unlock extra team member slots
  • Check out the improved Team Profile and show off your awards
  • Convert your team to an "open" one to accept roaming hunters
  • Sign up for multiple tournaments in a row
  • Check out the Living Garden and Full Moon tournaments!

Join an upcoming tournament | Buy a Tournament Supply Kit for yourself or a friend

-- Giorgio Sintichakis

Return of the Relic Hunter

06 May 2013

Return of the Relic Hunter

Since his arrival, the Relic Hunter has been hunting down and collecting Ancient Relics from hunters who carried them. In exchange, the hunter would find a special Treasure Map Scroll Case that led to untold riches!

Now, harnessing the power of the countless Ancient Relics he has amassed, the Relic Hunter has uncovered a secret path that leads to new Treasure Maps and wondrous rewards for those worthy of the challenge!

Hunters that have reached the title of Baron or Baroness (and beyond) will find the Relic Hunter will now sometimes drop a special Living Garden Scroll Case in exchange for their Ancient Relic. Do you have what it takes to face this daunting and daring trial?

The Relic Hunter is now more elusive than ever', so be sure to tell your friends and fellow hunters if you spot or catch the Relic Hunter!

A New Path

Ancient Relics & The Relic Hunter
Uncovering an ancient path that leads to the special Living Garden Scroll Cases has led the Relic Hunter astray from his usual roaming. Now, hunters will have to work together to track down the Relic Hunter as he roams in search of more Ancient Relics in a different area each day! Where will he be found next?

Remember that the Relic Hunter will only visit your trap if you have an Ancient Relic in your inventory. He will only stay in one location for 24 hours at a time before moving on to a new area!

Catch a Relic Hunter to obtain a Treasure Map Scroll Case at the cost of one Ancient Relic. These scroll cases are the very heart of tracking down untold heaps of treasure!

Living Garden Scroll Case
This special Treasure Map Scroll Case was recently discovered and will give hunters a tough challenge in the Living Garden and surrounding areas.

Catch the mice on the Living Garden Treasure Map that slides out of this case to find a Living Garden Treasure Chest! These chests contain special Living Garden (and surrounding area) loot for hunters that are Baron or Baroness and above!

Living Garden Treasure Chests

Living Garden Treasure Chests offer slightly more Gold, Points and Ancient Charms than Elaborate Treasure Chests. Additionally, for hunters that are Baron or Baroness and above, special Living Garden area loot will also be found inside!

Younger hunters can still join in on the map, but they won't be able to help nor will they get the special Living Garden loot as they don't have access to the area.

Remember to use Rare Dust on the Living Garden Treasure Map in order to receive a Rare Living Garden Treasure Chest with even greater rewards inside!

Rare Map Dust

Occasionally when uncapping a Treasure Map Scroll Case, you'll get a tiny bit of Rare Map Dust. Anyone following the map that has some of this dust can apply it to a Treasure Map to turn it into a Rare Treasure Map!

Rare Treasure Maps have DOUBLE the gold, DOUBLE the points, DOUBLE the Ancient Charms, EXTRA loot, and MORE THAN DOUBLE the chance of getting super-rare loot!

EVERYONE benefits from this bonus loot, and ANYONE can upgrade the map, not just the owner!

Treasure Hunting Kit

With 125 SUPER|brie+ to help you hunt down clue-bearing mice, and 3 Rare Map Dust to turn regular old treasure maps into Rare Treasure Maps, the Treasure Hunting Kit has everything you need to go treasure hunting, and maybe find an Ancient Amulet of your own! Provides the Lucky Golden Shield for 1 month when opened.

Return of the Relic Hunter

  • The Relic Hunter is now more elusive than ever and roams several new areas
  • He can be randomly found in a new area every 24 hours
  • For Baron/Baroness+, the Relic Hunter has a chance to drop a Living Garden Scroll Case
  • Track down the tough Living Garden mice for special Living Garden loot!

Work with hunters to find the Relic Hunter | Buy a Treasure Hunting Kit or Rare Map Dust for yourself or a friend

-- Giorgio Sintichakis