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Return of the Haunted Terrortories!

17 October 2013

Brains, brains, BRAINS! (at the Haunted Terrortories)

Halloween in Gnawnia means one thing -- The return of the Haunted Terrortories! If you're in the mood for some frightfully haunted hunting, pack a powerful trap and travel to the Haunted Terrortories in Gnawnia! You'll need to look lively while hunting, because this year, more mice than ever are undead!

Perhaps most concerning are reports of a particularly nasty, zombie-like creature from the end of the Pumpkin Patch. Are you brave enough to venture through the Corn Field Maze, Haunted Manor, and Pumpkin Patch to discover what abomination awaits you at the end?

Gathering Spooky Supplies

In order to navigate the Haunted Terrortories, you're going to need both Candy Corn and Ghoulgonzola Cheese. Gathering this cheese in Gnawnia is a familiar tradition. Each day, hunters may go "Trick-or-Treating" at the profile of up to 10 of their friends. Before you visit others, be sure to visit your own profile and choose what type of cheese you're handing out! Additionally, you may find supplies inside Pumpkin Treat Baskets which you can send as gifts to friends!

Not feeling in the mood to ring doorbells? No problem! Hunt using Swiss, Brie, Gouda or SUPER|brie+ at the Haunted Terrortories to attract Hollowhead Mice, which are known to drop both Candy Corn and Ghoulgonzola Cheese.

Are you an experienced hunter looking to hunt more challenging and rewarding mice? Visit the Charm Shoppe at the Haunted Terrortories and purchase Spooky Charms which, when armed, will attract more fearsome mice worth greater rewards!

Navigating the Haunted Terrortories

Once you've stockpiled a healthy amount of Candy Corn and Ghoulgonzola Cheese, arm it at the Terrortories to begin treating and tricking the mice there. Each mouse you capture using Candy Corn will treat a mouse, while each capture using Ghoulgonzola will trick a mouse. Upon both treating and tricking enough mice, you'll progress to the next area in the Haunted Terrortories. Your trick and treat progress will be displayed while hunting in the Haunted Terrortories.

A boss without brains

If what other hunters are reporting is accurate, then at the end of the Haunted Terrortories is a truly creepy mouse looking to steal the brain of any hunter that crosses their path! Defeating this brain thief will earn you a unique item to build your very own limited edition, brain-stealing trap. This trap is the only currently known means of collecting bits of brain from zombie mice when capturing them. More experienced hunters may also find a way to upgrade their brain-stealing trap into a more powerful version.

I know what you're thinking, how can something as icky as zombie brains be useful?! The always resourceful Mustachio has the answer! He has found a way to harness these unique bits of grey matter into a charm that will attract droves of zombies! Once you've built your brain-stealing trap, try using the brain bits you harvest with some Orbs and Charmbits to create Brain Charms!

The ghoulish rewards do not stop with brains! Visit the various shoppes at the Haunted Terrortories where a wide variety of other unique items can be purchased using Halloween Candies and Cobwebs you find during the event.

Halloween Treasure Maps and Crystal Library Assignments

If you're the type of hunter that can't get enough spooky hunting, then there are two additional challenges to take on! Unique Halloween Treasure Maps, as well as new library research assignments at the Crystal Library.

Treasure maps are found within the Haunted Terrortories as drops from two special mice. While one map will have you hunt for a variety of mice, the other will have you focus entirely on undead breeds!

If you've unlocked the Crystal Library in Rodentia, than a new challenge awaits you. Visit the library and pick from a simple, or more advanced Halloween assignment to catalog various mice in the Haunted Terrortories. Be warned that you should probably complete the event before you attempt the advanced research!

Both Halloween Treasure Maps and library research come with Halloween-themed rewards!

Halloween journal themes and collectibles

There are two frightening journal themes available. Both journal themes are created by finding three unique scraps and crafting them together. One scrap can be found as loot, the other in the Haunted Terrortories General Store, and the last as a reward for completing a Halloween or Undead Treasure Map. Find all six scraps to create both the original Halloween Journal Theme, as well as the new Undead Journal Theme!

There are eight unique Halloween collectibles to find, including two new ones this year! The first is a Totally Scary Cape which be found by tracking down a powerful vampire that once ruled the Haunted Terrortories. The second is not nearly as intimidating, however, makes a great gift for friends. An overpriced cup of delicious pumpkin flavoured latte is sure to warm anyone up while hunting in the damp and dreary Terrortories.

Spooky Skins, baskets, and more!

Looking to celebrate this spooky season in the utmost ghoulish style? Look no further than a wide variety of new trap skins, all which give traps a particularly haunted appearence! Some skins can be purchased from the Trapsmith at the Haunted Terrortories, others can be found as loot drops there, and finally, some can be purchased.

Halloween Basket
This pumpkin shaped basket is stuffed full of both SUPER|brie+ and Halloween Cheese!

Spooky Supply Kit
SUPER|brie+, Halloween Cheese, and Spooky Charms make this kit the perfect starting point for more advanced hunters.

Jumbo Halloween Bag
SUPER|brie+, Halloween Cheese, and as a special bonus, 10 Halloween Candies make this jumbo bag extra sweet!

Haunted Treasure Kit
Are you an avid treasure hunter? This kit includes Halloween Cheese as well as Rare Map Dust: everything you'll need for haunted treasure map hunting!

Ultimate Spooky Bundle
A massive pack stuffed with everything haunted! SUPER|brie+, Halloween Cheese, Spooky Charms, Brain Charms! As a special bonus, this bundle includes 10 Halloween Candies, a few Meteorite Pieces for crafting Moon Cheese, as well as 10 "Ultimate Spooky Charms", a +20 luck charm that's sure to scare any mouse!

Halloween is here!

  • Setup your hunter profile to hand out treats to friends!
  • Visit friends and collect Ghoulgonzola and Candy Corn
  • Hunt with your Halloween cheese at the Haunted Terrortories
  • Earn a new trap, exciting loot, trap skins and more!

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-- Dave Vanderburg