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Archive for updates taken place in January 2014 in Reverse Chronological Order.
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Carl's Cozy Horse-Powered Lunar Cruise

30 January 2014

Carl's Cruise is setting sail to party throughout the Kingdom! Hop onboard for an XTREME HORSE-POWERED PARTY!

Boarding the Ship

Calamity Carl's Cozy Cruise can be found in Gnawnia near the Harbour. This cruise party is like no other Carl has hosted before: This year's cozy cruise is not only decorated for Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day, but also has an expansive sports deck, complete with an ice rink! The new sports deck appears to have attracted some athletic mice, however, their taste in bait is a little different than mice currently found on the mainland.

Horse-Powering the Ship

Carl's mechanical prowess certainly leaves much to be desired. He's completely forgotten to supply an adequate source of fuel for his massive cruise ship!

To get the ship sailing at a proper pace, he's going to need your help. Luckily, some of the mice on board the ship are carrying just the explosive item you need: Fireworks. These are not just any fireworks! Their mighty blast, when timed perfectly from the rear of the ship, is capable of propelling the ship forward. Collect basic Firecracker Charms as loot drops to speed the ship up, or find more powerful varieties to move even quicker, leaving behind a mighty wake!

While using various types of firework charms to propel the ship, you'll no doubt notice that the mice you attract change depending on the type of fireworks show you're putting on. It appears that some of the mice which are costumed for Lunar New Year only come out to party when the fireworks get BIG!

Visit the Sports Deck

It's a little chilly out in the Rodentia Ocean. In fact, it's cold enough to keep an ice rink frozen on the sports deck! Various sporty mice have flocked to the cruise to try out not only the ice rink, but the various other sports facilities the ship offers. However, luring them away from their sport poses a challenge. You'll need to get your hands on some Runny Cheese to break their athletic discipline and have them visit your trap.

Calamity Carl has stocked the gift shop with some Runny Cheese, which can be sent as a free gift to friends each day. While you're sending gifts, make sure to check out the wide variety of other festive items you can send to friends! Some are free of charge, while others carry a cost of gold.

Looking for a little more Runny Cheese? The King has assembled a few supply packages for hunters looking to work up a sweat on the sports deck!

25 Runny Cheese
Attract mice from the sports deck!         

Lunar Athletic Pack
Runny Cheese, SUPER|brie+, fireworks, and more

Earning Cruise Bux

The currency on board Carl's ship is Cruise Bux. These nautical coins are handed out as celebrations for safely arriving at new areas of Gnawnia while cruising, and can also be found as loot drops from mischievous mice who keep running off with the stuff! Keep your ship cruising quickly across the water to propel through the Kingdom and keep the celebrations coming!

Upon completing the first tour, you'll be awarded a Captain's Cavalry Sword to indicate you've mastered the rough waters of Rodentia. This sword will earn you the respect of the shopkeepers, which will in turn allow you to purchase their wares. Once you've obtained your Cavalry Sword and amassed some Cruise Bux, visit the various shoppes on board to browse what hunting loot they have for sale. If you're the type that likes to remember where you've been with mementos, then the General Store will be of particular interest. Stocked in the General Store are several "miniatures" to remember each place the cruise ship visited.

Stocking Up For a Voyage

The King loves a party at sea as much as any hunter, and as such, has used his reserves of hunting loot to assemble various supplies and kits to help keep the party going aboard the cruise!

15 Firecracker Charms
Get the ship cruising quicker!         

Cozy Cruise Gift Basket
Share SUPER|brie+ and fireworks with friends!         

Horse Festival Celebration Kit
SUPER|brie+ and powerful fireworks!

Calamity Carl's Cozy Cruise!

  • Celebrate Lunar New Year, Valentine's, and the winter games!
  • Gather various firework charms as loot
  • Use Firecracker, Nitropop, and Horsepower Charms to propel the ship
  • Earn Cruise Bux with each location you visit!
  • Spend Cruise Bux at the shoppes!

-- Dave Vanderburg

A Toxic Spill has occurred outside the Laboratory!

21 January 2014

A spill of toxic waste has happened at the Laboratory! The Toxic Spill has polluted the opening of the Burroughs River causing the mice there to mutate into powerful monsters! Read on to learn how hunters can help hunt the mice there and clean up the pollution.

The Toxic Spill marks the first release in the Year of the Noble which represents a series of content releases aimed at adding new challenges for experienced hunters with high-ranked hunter's titles!

Outbreaks and Toxic Spills

Toxic Spills are the result of a build up of polluted waste from the Lab spilling into the river due to the filtration system being damaged beyond repair by mice. The damaged filters block the waste until they give under the weight of the waste, causing it to flow into the river.

It's somewhat unpredictable how often a spill occurs and just how much waste will be spilled, however, with waste always building up these spills are likely to occur somewhat frequently. Each time there is a spill the amount of waste spilled is a little different, meaning each spill will vary in its level of severity.

Depending on the level of severity, access to the area will be restricted: Higher levels of toxic waste are restricted to higher-hunter's title, while lower levels of waste will allow for less experienced hunters to enter the spill area. These restrictions are for good reason -- High levels of contamination are when the most powerful mice are active requiring experienced hunters with powerful hunting equipment!

Contamination Levels

A Toxic Spill can be of eight possible contamination levels. As mice are captured, the contamination level will lower.

The minimum title required to enter different levels of contamination:

  • Level Eight: Archduke / Archduchess
  • Level Seven: Grand Duke / Grand Duchess
  • Level Six: Duke / Duchess
  • Level Five: Count / Countess
  • Level Four: Baron / Baroness
  • Level Three: Lord / Lady
  • Level Two: Knight
  • Level One: Hero

As you may expect, more powerful mice can be found during high contamination levels, while slightly weaker mice can be found during lower levels. Similarly, the more powerful mice come with the greatest reward of gold and points.

Hunters with a title of Hero or above will be made aware of the current contamination level via a banner placed above their journal while hunting outside the Toxic Spill. If you're interested in helping and lack the necessary title to enter, check in periodically to track the progress of higher-ranked hunters and see when you'll be able to enter the Toxic Spill.

Hunting strategies for the Toxic Spill

Thanks to the early efforts of Digby Scientists, the King and Larry were able to gain valuable insight on how to hunt the mice at the Toxic Spill. Their findings include a distinct weakness to hydro traps, as well as a new type of bait called Rancid Radioactive Blue. Rancid Radioactive Blue is a more pungent version of Radioactive Blue and can be made my smashing Radioactive Blue to obtain its curd and combining two curds with Radioactive Sludge and Ionized Salt. Alternatively, the keeper at the Cheese Shoppe will sell you Rancid Radioactive Blue, so long as you provide him some regular Radioactive Blue, Radioactive Sludge, and some gold to cover the cost of Ionized Salt.

No matter how you obtain your bait, you'll want to arm your absolutely strongest hydro trap. The polluted mice at the Toxic Spill seem to only be weakened with a healthy dose of water, making all other power types ineffective.

Collecting and refining Crude Pollutinum

While hunting at the Toxic Spill you'll likely come across the unique item Crude Pollutinum. This gooey resource can be refined into a more useful item simply called Pollutinum. The refined version is undoubtedly a much more useful item for crafting that has hunters across the Kingdom excited about its possible use. The King's trapsmith is tinkering with Pollutinum to create a new base, while Mustachio is interested in how it could be used to create charms. Some hunters interested in cosmetics are exploring how to create unique trap skins with Pollutinum.

An important word of caution: Refining Crude Pollutinum is a process to dangerous to attempt while a Toxic Spill is actively raising the levels of radiation in the Kingdom; You'll need to wait until the Toxic Spill is entirely cleaned before you can refine Crude Pollutinum into it's more useful refined state.

Finally, in order to safely store Crude Pollutinum in your inventory, each hunter has been given a containment barrel from the King capable of holding 200 units of Crude Pollutinum. Larger barrels can be crafted with scraps found in the Toxic Spill, allowing you to store more Crude Pollutinum each time a Toxic Spill occurs.

Supply and Hazmat Kits

To help equip hunters, the King has assembled various supplies and two kits using the Kingdom's reserve of Radioactive Curd and Sludge.

Pollution Control Supply Kit
Contains 200 Radioactive Curd and 100 Radioactive Sludge. Available for purchase at the King's Arms using King's Credits.

Rancid Radioactive Blue
Attract the polluted mice!

Hazmat Cleanup Kit
More Rancid Radioactive Blue, and as a small bonus, a few Soap Charms to weaken the polluted mice!

Toxic Spill in the Burroughs!

  • Hunt mice to cleanup the pollution
  • Hunter's Title required lowers as the contamination level is lowered
  • Grab some Rancid Radioactive Blue and a Hydro Trap
  • Earn points, gold, and Pollutinum!

-- Dave Vanderburg

Pollution Levels Rising at the Laboratory

17 January 2014

Pollution levels outside the lab are rising! Digby Scientists predict that a deadly toxic spill is imminent!

Laboratory Outflow Filters

The Laboratory has long been entirely overrun with mice, however, Digby Scientists are now reporting that the infestation is beginning to affect more than just the Lab. The waste outflow pipes that pour into the Burroughs River have had their filtration system chewed through by mice, making them much less reliable.

Without a properly functioning filtration system, the pollutants generated at the Lab are slowly building up in the river opening, forming a delta of radioactive waste. The scientists at Digby are predicting that once this pollution reaches a critical mass, a massive toxic spill will occur!

Early Toxic Spill Research

A small team of brave scientists from Digby ventured into the Laboratory to investigate the potential effects of pollution entering the Burroughs river on mice in the area. A few experiments later, their most-feared hypothesis was proven true: The toxic waste has dastardly effects on mice, increasing their size and strength, while others gain new found powers! The toxic environment also appears to make the mice extremely aggressive, making them a serious threat to the safety of the Kingdom.

With no doubt in the scientists' minds that a toxic spill is imminent, the King has called upon experienced hunters to stand at the ready and brace themselves to hunt mice at the toxic spill.

The cleanup strategy will be as follows:

  • When the spill first occurs and is at its highest contamination level, more experienced hunters will need to head in and capture the most powerful mice.
  • As the contamination level drops and the more powerful mice are removed, lower ranks of hunters will be permitted to enter the area.
  • Repeat this strategy as the pollution levels continue to drop, allowing in more and more hunters, until the area is completely free of contaminants.

Although the scientists are not positive how severe the toxic spill may be, the King is asking for hunters with the title of Hero all the way to Archduke to be at the ready.

Digby scientists have not finished their investigation, but they're able to share one preliminary finding that may help hunters prepare for the imminent toxic spill: Mice exposed to the toxic waste can be lured closer by extremely radioactive and rancid items. Although standard Radioactive Blue Cheese has not proven effective, they're confident that should a more rancid variety of this cheese be crafted, it would be extremely effective.

Digby scientists are recommending that hunters stock up on both Radioactive Blue Cheese and Radioactive Sludge as they suspect both items will prove valuable in the upcoming Toxic Spill.

Pollution accumulating around the Lab

  • A Toxic Spill is imminent
  • Hunters from Hero to Archduke, prepare for a new challenge!
  • Keep watching the news section for further developments

-- Dave Vanderburg

Season Two of the Relic Hunter

14 January 2014

The second season of the Relic Hunter and treasure hunting has begun! A new reward now awaits those who complete treasure maps!

Season Two Treasure Chests

With season two now started, completing a treasure map now awards a "Season Two" chest. You'll also notice any treasure chests you have in your inventory now carry with them the label of "Season One". These two types of chests contain similar items, however, the Season Two chests contain a new Limited Edition trap in place of the Ancient Gauntlet Trap.

Season One Treasure Chests still have a chance to drop the Ancient Gauntlet Trap, however, these chests are now no longer obtainable.

New Limited Edition Chesla's Revenge

Every Season Two Treasure Chest has a chance of containing the new Limited Edition Chesla's Revenge trap. This new tactical trap boasts good hunting prowess as well as a special use in Zugzwang's Seasonal Garden. The electric energy in Chesla's Revenge has a unique effect on your Tower Amplifier, resulting in an occasional boost in amplifier power. This boost also stacks with the effect of an Amplifier Charm, charging your Amplifier quicker than ever!

Rare Map Dust

Looking to boost the rewards found in Treasure Chests, including improving the odds of discovering rare items? Rare Map Dust is carefully scraped from an old, rare map, and instantly transforms a map into a rare one! The difficulty of the map does not increase, only the delicious loot! Rare Map Dust can be purchased with gold from the Marketplace, occasionally found when opening a treasure map scroll case, or purchased from the SUPER|brie+ shop.
Rare Map Dust
Boost Treasure Chest rewards!

Vacant Lot has now closed

With the Great Winter Hunt long over, the Vacant Lot and the Festive Shoppes located there have now closed. They will make a return next year with a plethora of festive goodies!

Season Two of the Relic Hunter

  • Treasure Maps reward new "Season Two" Chests
  • Team up with friends to hunt for treasure!
  • Find the new Chesla's Revenge Trap in Season Two Chests

-- Dave Vanderburg

End of the Winter Event

7 January 2014

The Great Winter Snowball Fight has come to an end. An area called the Vacant Lot has remained behind where all of the Festive Shoppes will stay open for one more week.

Spend Your Ice Coins

Make sure you visit the various Festive Shoppes to cash-in all of your Ice Coins! There is a wide variety of hunting loot available that is sure to help you in your hunting endeavors across the Kingdom. Make sure to also purchase the Limited Edition Ice Blaster Trap. Remember: The Ice Blaster Trap can be upgraded into the Glacier Gatler, so if you're the collector type, you may want to purchase two Ice Blaster Traps to have one of each!

Exchange Snow Blocks for Snowball Charms

Have extra Snow Blocks after completing your Snow Fort? Exchange them at the Charm Shoppe for Snowball Mystery Packs! Each pack contains a random amount of Snowball Charms. Although these charms boost the stats of any trap, arm them with either the Ice Blaster or Glacial Gattler and watch your power really soar!

Exchange Snowball Bocconcini for Winter Charms

Have extra Snowball Bocconcini? Extra pieces of cheese can be exchanged at the Cheese Shoppe for Winter Charms! Even outside of the festive area, these charms provide an impressive luck bonus, making them useful all year long!

Special bonuses melt away with your fort

The warmer weather has melted the Festive Snow Fort, along with the fortresses built by hunters. All special bonuses provided by the fortress, such as power bonuses, tournament bonuses, etc. will no longer be provided. The one exception to this are rewards from Naughty and Nice Treasure Chests. The magical bonus upon opening the chest has remained even though the tavern in your Snow Fort has melted. You will still receive the double loot bonus upon opening if you built the related upgrade.

What's your next goal?

The end of an event can leave a few hunters pondering what their next goal may be. Are you still on the always expanding quest of discovering new hunting locations and breeds of mouse? If you need a little help getting back on track, check out this amazing MouseHunt guide built by a member of the community: Spheniscine's MouseHunt Guide (

Are you an avid treasure hunter? As a reminder, season one of the Relic Hunter and Treasure Chests will soon come to an end and season two will begin! This means that completing newly acquired Treasure Maps will reward a new "Season Two" Treasure Chest with mostly similar contents, although some will be different. Most notably, the Limited Edition Ancient Gauntlet Trap will no longer be able to be found in the new chests. If you have not obtained the Ancient Gauntlet Trap yet, now is your last chance to find it!

Looking for more unique goals? Check out these large groups dedicated to specific hunting goals:

The Official MouseHunt Newbie Group - Help and advice for new hunters -->
MouseHunt Century Club - Collectors of King's Crowns! -->
Ministry of Mice - Very active competition group for active hunters. -->
Sisterhood of the Dragon Divas - For the female Dragon Slayer. -->
Brotherhood of the Dragon Dominators - For the male dragon slayer. -->
The Balackadders - For the Balack Hunters! -->
Mousehunt Madness -->
The Siltherers - For hunters aiming to silver the Silth. -->
Mousehunt University - Friendly help, advice and competitions. -->
Eclipse Eliminators - For Kings Gauntlet hunters. -->
Caravan Convoy - Hunters all hunting together in one place. -->
Furoma Addicts - For Furoma Hunters. -->
Mapmeisters - Interest in maps? You are in the right place!. -->

2014 is Year of the Noble

During 2014, the Kingdom will see new hunting locations revealed requiring a Hunter's Title of Count, Duke, and above! In and amongst the usual events, be prepared for new, high-level content and challenges! If you're not quite experienced enough, don't worry -- these new locations will be permanent additions, meaning they'll await your visit when you reach the appropriate Hunter's Title.

Looking to gain some more experience and reach a higher title? Discuss strategy on the forums, consult MouseHunt Guide, and get to sounding your horn!

The Great Winter Snowball Fight has ended

  • Spend your Ice Coins
  • Exchange extra Snow Blocks
  • Decide on your next amazing hunting goal!

-- Dave Vanderburg