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Dev Corner: Facebook Update — Friends and Permissions

07 April 2015

Some new changes from Facebook affect how friends are accessed. Read more to find out how!

**UPDATE** [Apr. 8/15] It appears that some players with several hundred friends that play MouseHunt are having problems getting all their friends to appear in their friends list. We're looking into the problem. Thanks for your patience!

Facebook Friends

New changes from Facebook have modified how you interact with your friends in MouseHunt.

In the past, simply allowing MouseHunt to see your friends gave us access to it and allowed us to bring your friends on hunts with you.

Now, in order to see and access all your friends and hunt with others that play MouseHunt, both you and your friends must allow MouseHunt to access your friends. You will be unable to see friends who have not also allowed us to access their friends.

What does this mean?

For hunters who have allowed MouseHunt to see their friends and have friends who have done the same, nothing should change!

However, for some hunters, they might notice their friend list is suddenly shrinking. This is because we are no longer allowed to see those friends unless they also allow MouseHunt to see and access their friends. Both sides need to give us access in order to see one another in MouseHunt and go on hunts together.

What can be done?

In order to respect the privacy and permissions of our users, we cannot force hunters to share their friends with us. If your friends do not authorize MouseHunt to access their friends, we must comply with that wish and have no way to show them in your friend list due to the new changes from Facebook.

However, if hunters wish it, they may allow us access so that they can continue to hunt with friends!

Both you and friends can click the following links to ensure MouseHunt can see that you are friends:

1. Ensure MouseHunt can Access my Friends
(The link above should simply load your friends list)

2. Refresh my Friends on MouseHunt
(If you notice friends missing in the coming days, try clicking this link again)

If both you and all of your friends that play MouseHunt allow MouseHunt to access their Facebook friends, you'll be able to keep playing MouseHunt with all your friends as you have before!

Keep in mind that it may take a while for friends to allow this new permission and refresh their list, meaning, it may be a while before your friends list returns to normal.

Thank you for reading and happy hunting!