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Archive for updates taken place in February 2015 in Reverse Chronological Order.
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Year of the Sheep Festival

17 February 2015

Carl's Cruise has returned to Gnawnia for the Year of the Sheep Festival with a new stop on the itinerary — The Sunken City!

Sailing Through the Kingdom

Carl's Cruise starts at the Harbour and then embarks on a tour around Rodentia where hunters can take in sights from around the Kingdom. Carl's Cruise will sail past the Harbour, Gnawnian Shoreline, Digby and Lab, Iceberg, Acolyte Realm, Huntington, Tribal Isles, Zugzwang's Island, Sunken City, and Daredevil Canyon. As usual, there are few places in the Kingdom safe from the invasion of mice. Carl needs you to hunt down the pests aboard and will reward you with some Cruise Bux for helping out!

While hunting aboard the ship you'll find Firecracker Charms as loot. Hunting while having a Firecracker Charm armed will boost the ship's speed. The sound of firecrackers will also lure some mice out of hiding that drop Nitropop Potions. Use Nitropop Potions to create Nitropop Charms which will speed the ship up even further and lure out a costumed mouse that drops the mighty Ramming Speed Potion! This final potion creates Ramming Speed Charms that will have the ship moving at top speed and also lure out the "guest of honour" — the Costumed Sheep Mouse.

Complete a trip around the Kingdom and you'll be rewarded with a Captain's Coat. Not only is this a snazzy looking garment, it will also impress the shop keepers aboard the cruise, letting you purchase various goodies from the shops there! The currency of the shops is Cruise Bux, which are earned by capturing mice aboard the ship as well as powering it through the various locations that the ship tours.

Spending Cruise Bux

Once you complete one round trip aboard Carl's Cruise and acquired your Captain's Coat the shops will open their doors allowing you to spend Cruise Bux. There are a variety of hunting supplies available including the new Sheep Jade Base. With its horns of strength, beard of majesty, and eyes of tenderness, this carved Jade Base represents the gentle, yet strong, spirit of the sheep.

Available from the General Store are a variety of collectible miniatures that make the perfect keepsake to remember each place the cruise visited on your trip. In addition to the miniatures from years past, a new Sunken City Miniature is available to commemorate the new stop on the cruise.

The Charm Shoppe and General Store aboard Carl's Cruise also has some new arrivals including a larger variety of charms, Oxygen Canisters, Calcified Rift Mist, and more! Make sure to browse the shoppes and see what piques your interest.

Lunar New Year Festival!

  • Visit Carl's Cruise in Gnawnia
  • Collect Firecracker Charms to power the ship
  • Collect Cruise Bux
  • Complete a round trip of the Kingdom
  • Spend Cruise Bux at the shops on board the ship

-- Michele

Turn Your Luck Around This Valentine's Day

12 February 2015

With Valentine's being preceded by a Friday the 13th, the King is taking no chances when it comes to mice being captured! While Valentine's mice are on the loose the King is providing a +13 Luck bonus to all hunters' traps!

The love and luck both leave on Tuesday, February 17, so start hunting now!

Tracking Valentine's Mice

Valentine's mice have spread themselves across the Kingdom and can be found in a variety of locations. Every Valentine's Mouse you track down will drop a King's Credit, Valentine Charm, a lucky-themed charm, and occasionally a tasty candy treat! They've also taken to looting and hoarding various items found in each area as trinkets of affection. The loot a Valentine's Mouse drops when captured will vary depending on where it is caught!

Specific Loot to Find in Each Location

Town of Gnawnia

Basic supplies to aid new hunters.


Pinches of gold to fill your coffers.

Great Gnarled Tree

Gnarly and damp supplies.

Town of Digby

Glowing globes and pieces of bait.


Carefully crafted orbs of glass aplenty!

Training Grounds

Furoma supplies to lure Student and Master alike.

Cape Clawed

Wide array of isle supplies, even some rare finds!

Slushy Shoreline

Scraps of war and invasion supplies.

Muridae Market

Regroup at the market to supply against the Marching Flame!

Sunken City*

Both docked and diving, collect oxygen and more!

Gnawnia Rift

Essences and calcified bits of mist.

  • Note: Although Valentine's mice have been able to brace the underwater currents outside the Sunken City, they're not quite talented enough swimmers to reach all underwater zones. You won't encounter any Valentine's mice within the following zones: Sanddollar Seabar, Feeding Ground, Pearl Patch, Carnivore Cove, Sunken Treasure, Monster Trench, Oxygen Stream, Magma Flow, Lair of the Ancient, and Larry's Underwater Hideout. That last one's probably not real. Or is it? It's not.

Valentine's Day +13 Luck Event!

  • Enjoy a +13 Luck bonus
  • Visit various areas around the Kingdom
  • Capture Valentine's mice
  • Find unique loot based on your location
  • The luck and love leaves on Tuesday!