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Archive for updates taken place in January 2015 in Reverse Chronological Order.
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New Rift Rips, Tears, and Bubbles its Way to the Surface!

28 January 2015

The threat of the Rift continues to spread across the Kingdom, this time striking the Whisker Woods region! Hunters ranked Duke/Duchess and above can travel to the new rift which is now appearing on the Rift Detector.

The Enraged Rift of Whisker Woods

Upon first arriving at the Whisker Woods Rift, the area seems relatively calm, with only a few relatively timid breeds of mice scurrying about. However, mice within the Whisker Woods Rift are protected by three powerful leaders that will be none-too-pleased to see their fellow mice being captured by hunters. Capturing mice will enrage them, attracting stronger breeds of mice and, eventually, the powerful leaders themselves.

Mice within this rift hail from one of three distinct zones. As you capture mice from a particular zone, it will anger that group of mice. Eventually, you'll enrage that group's leader who will then come out and challenge your trap! So, stock up on String Cheese and head into the rift!

Crazed Clearing

These mice are more fearsome versions of their Calm Clearing counterparts and are led by the Cyclops Barbarian Mouse!

Gigantic Gnarled Tree

Bigger, badder, and stronger than their Great Gnarled Tree cousins, these mice are led by the Centaur Ranger Mouse!

Deep Lagoon

As if the regular Lagoon wasn't intimidating enough, the mice of the Deep Lagoon are even more frightening! Their leader, the Tri-dra Mouse, is a triple-threat of danger!

Targeting Three Unique Breeds

Each group of mice has one breed that is particularly elusive, requiring a special charm to lure them out from their hiding spots. These mice are especially guarded, and capturing them will enrage their respective leader more than any other mouse! Additionally, each charm is part of the Riftwalker Set, adding a bonus when used with a rift weapon and/or base. The charms also have useful Luck and Power Bonuses!

And perhaps more importantly, each charm has the special effect of "funnelling" all rage from mice caught toward the specific group being targeted! This is especially helpful in helping hunters manage the rage levels of each group.

Cherry Sprite Mouse

Cherry Charm - +2 Luck, 250 Power, 5% Attraction Bonus, can attract the Cherry Sprite Mouse, and funnels all rage from mice caught, focusing it toward the Crazed Clearing mice! Craft some using Rift Cherries found as loot within the Whisker Woods Rift.

Naturalist Mouse

Gnarled Charm - +2 Luck, 250 power, 5% attraction, can attract the Naturalist Mouse, and funnels all rage from mice caught, focusing it toward the Gigantic Gnarled Tree mice! Craft some using Rift-torn Roots found in the Whisker Woods Rift.

Grizzled Silth Mouse

Stagnant Charm - +2 Luck, 250 power, 5% attraction, can attract the Grizzled Silth Mouse, and funnels all rage from mice caught, focusing it toward the Deep Lagoon mice! Craft some using Sap-filled Thorns found in the Whisker Woods Rift.

Lactrodectus Lancashire and the Monstrous Black Widow Mouse

The greatest threat awaiting you within the Whisker Woods Rift is the Monstrous Black Widow Mouse! Her imposing eight-legged figure stalks the rift looking for weak hunters from which to pillage points and gold. Luring her to a trap requires a very specific bait — Lactrodectus Lancashire Cheese. The spidery-cheesy concoction is crafted using items carefully guarded by the leaders of the Crazed Clearing, Gigantic Gnarled Tree, and Deep Lagoon. You'll need to track down each of these leaders and acquire their loot in order to make this cheese.

However, attracting a foe as elusive as the Monstrous Black Widow Mouse is not as simple as finding the necessary bait. The widow will remain hidden until you've angered each group of mice. The higher the rage, the more likely you are to encounter the widow when arming your Lactrodectus Lancashire Cheese. If you manage to fill all rage bars to their maximum, her encounter is near-guaranteed and her loot even more amplified!

Capturing such a powerful adversary comes with a generous reward of not only points and gold, but a valuable and rare item — a Widow's Web. Visit the Trapsmith to browse new and powerful rift bases that use these webs. The mighty Fissure Base is a particular sight to behold, boasting +12 Luck! Beyond bases, these webs can also be used in a mysterious new recipe to create a Taunting Charm capable of keeping even the most furious of mice enraged for as long as you have charms.

Gilded Leaf Mouse

Hiding in the Whisker Woods Rift is a delicate breed that is both well-hidden and guarded. The Gilded Leaf Mouse has a preference for Magical String Cheese and when captured will enrage all three leaders within the rift!

Whisker Woods Rift!

  • Capture mice to enrage their leaders
  • Lure more powerful breeds as rage increases
  • Capture all three leaders to craft Lactrodectus Lancashire
  • Capture the Monstrous Black Widow and find webs
  • Visit the Trapsmith for new bases!

-- Michele

Zombie Invasion Week

13 January 2015

The Scientists of Digby have uncovered a plot to overwhelm hunters in the Mousoleum, Catacombs, and Burroughs Rift with a... WEEK LONG ZOMBIE INVASION!!!

Looting Undead Emmental Potions

These strange potions can be found as loot by hunting Zombie and Ravenous Zombie mice within the Mousoleum and Catacombs as well Rift Phase Zombies, Tech Ravenous Zombies, and Zombot Unipire the Third in the Burroughs Rift.

Hunting with Undead Emmental

This bone-chilling bait attracts a variety of undead mice in both the Mousoleum and Catacombs, including horrific Zombot Unipire mice and gruesome Grave Robber mice! Not only does capturing undead mice bring with it great rewards, but, the King is offering special rewards for each capture of Zombot Unipire and Grave Robber mice, including King's Credits!

King's Prize Shoppe Item Update

Concerned with the surge of dangerous activity in the Burroughs Rift, the King's Arms has secured a supply of Mist Canisters that are now for sale to better supply hunters in the rift!

Brain Charm Breakthrough

The massive surge in zombie activity has rocked the Kingdom, even penetrating the Rift Plane! Early reports from Laboratory Scientists indicate the zombie breeds in the Burroughs Rift are now being affected by the attractive properties of Brain Charms and Super Brain Charms. Perhaps in an even bigger break through Laboratory Scientists believe this effect will be permanent and continue even after the end of the week long invasion!

Undead Emmental after the Invasion

Even after the weekend ends this cheese will retain its curse and be able to attract Zombot Unipire mice and other undead mice. Be warned that when the weekend invasion is subdued, you'll no longer be able to acquire Undead Emmental Potions.

How can I start hunting?

If you have not already, hunt for zombies in the Mousoleum, Catacombs, or Burroughs Rift to find Undead Emmental Potions. Once you've found a few, use them to create Undead Emmental and continue hunting in the Mousoleum or Catacombs. Good luck!


  • Collect Undead Emmental Potions from the Mousoleum, Catacombs, or Burroughs Rift
  • Hunt with Undead Emmental in the Mousoleum or Catacombs
  • Capture the valuable Grave Robber Mouse!

-- Michele