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Archive for updates taken place in May 2015 in Reverse Chronological Order.
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New Hunting Area: Fungal Cavern

12 May 2015

"A new hunting area has been discovered in the Sandtail Desert!"

The Fungal Cavern

Purchase the Fungal Cavern Map Piece from the Cartographer in Muridae Market to learn the path to the newly discovered hunting location where challenges for Duke/Duchess hunters and above await! The damp and dark cavern is the perfect growing environment for two unique plants: Cavern Fungus and Nightshade. However, there's much more to be found in the cavern than mushrooms and herbs. Deeper within the cavern, various precious minerals and stones can be found! Early research indicates you'll need all of this to hunt down the threatening mice that await you within the cavern.
Larry's conducted an exploratory trek into the cavern. Read on for what information he's uncovered.

Damp and Forgotten Mice

Upon first entering the cavern, a massive underwater aquifer can be seen supplying an abundance of water for the various breeds that reside in the cavern mouth. Their watery environment makes them particularly susceptible to Hydro traps, however, as you venture deeper into the cavern it becomes apparent that much more ancient and threatening mice await. The deeper you venture into the cavern the less effective your Hydro traps will become and Forgotten traps will become more effective.
As you move deeper into the cavern, a noticeable food-chain pattern will appear. Mice in the deeper sections prey on those in the earlier tiers. Using bait themed to their normal prey will lure mice towards your trap.

Hunt through the tiers of the cavern by crafting special bait!

The Cavern Mouth

The opening of the Cavern is where the damp aquifer meets the arid desert air making the walls sweat with humidity. The mice that inhabit this muggy environment are known as the Fungal Fodder and can be lured using any variety of standard bait and are weak to both Hydro and Forgotten traps. The environment is also where Cavern Fungus and Nightshade grow, although, it's quickly scooped up by mice. Gather as much as you can as loot from mice to prepare to venture further into the cavern.
SUPER|brie+ will attract the valuable Nightshade Masquerade Mouse that drops both Fungus and Nightshade each time she is captured!

Hollow Halls

Moving further into the cavern, the lack of light prevents the growth of much plant life, however, what little light does reach the halls is reflected by the mineral-rich walls found there. Rich in valuable minerals, mice within this section of the cavern chip away at walls and carry minerals off. Using Fungus and Nightshade you can craft a foul bait called Glowing Gruyere. The scent of Fungus and Nightshade along with the cheese's unique glow will lure the Gruyere Grazer mice towards your trap. The drier, cooler air has made these mice resistant to Hydro traps and you'll find Forgotten likely a better choice.

Glittering Grotto

Past the narrow passages of the Hollow Halls, the cavern begins to open up once again into a cathedral of sparkling Gemstones! These precious stones are fearsomely guarded by the mice here who are known as the Mineral Munchers. In order to lure a mouse towards your trap, you'll want to trick them into thinking their mineral-prey is near by crafting Mineral Cheese from, you guessed it, Minerals! Manage your Minerals carefully, however; they'll come in handy as you continue your cavern trek.
The mice in the Grotto are ancient mice that never venture far from their dwelling. These age-old mice have no vulnerabilities to Hydro traps. Only Forgotten setups will capture them.

Flowstone Falls

Little bits of light creep through tiny cracks in the ceiling and scatter upon hitting the magnitude of precious Diamonds scattered throughout this area of the cavern! Devoid of water, Flowstone Falls gets its name from the occasional avalanches of stone and Diamond that roll down the steep terrain. Attracting the Gemstone Gorger mice in this section of the cavern again relies on crafting bait that resembles their prey from the previous parts of the cavern in the form of Gemstone Cheese. Like the mice of the Glittering Grotto, the mice inhabiting the cool and arid Flowstone Falls are immune to Hydro traps and only Forgotten traps will capture them.

Subterra Silence

Finally, after a long trek, at the very end deepest depths of the cavern is an eerie altar made of glowing stone. In contrast to the echoing noise of the sections before it, this section of the cavern is frighteningly silent. It is as though the other mice know something we don't and fear entering the final depths of the cavern. Not even Larry knows what fearful beasts can be found here!

Hunting Supplies and Rewards

Not only are the valuable Minerals and precious stones you find within the Fungal Cavern suitable crafting items, they're also sure to command bartering power at the local shops!

  • Nightshade Farming Charm
  • Although Cavern Fungus grows abundantly, Nightshade can be a little trickier to find. Fortunately, the Charm Shoppe owner stocked a special charm capable of instantly cloning a Nightshade plant upon finding one as loot. These charms boost Nightshade drops, provide a power and attraction bonus, and are consumed upon encountering a mouse.

  • Gemstone Boost Charm
  • These magical charms boost Gemstone loot drops by breaking loose an extra Gemstone when finding one as loot. Their magic is only released when their effect is felt, meaning they're only consumed when you find a Gemstone as loot after capturing a mouse. Visit the Charm Shoppe at the Fungal Cavern to purchase.

  • Diamond Boost Charm
  • Applying the same principle as the Gemstone charms, Diamond Boost Charms increase Diamond drops by cutting an additional Diamond when finding one as loot. Again, their magic is only released when the effect activates, meaning they're only consumed when you find a Diamond as loot from a mouse. These rare charms are not stocked by the Charm Shoppe, however, Moustachio suspects they can be crafted with a magical gemstone.

  • Crystal Crucible Forgotten Trap
  • This powerful Forgotten Trap has 8 Luck, 7,800 Power, and a 10% Power Bonus! Its perfectly-arranged set of specifically-sized and energized crystals harnesses ancient and forgotten hunting techniques to subdue mice.

  • Fungal Gemstone Crucible Skin
  • Turn your Crystal Crucible into an even more impressive display of precious stone and fungal flare with this valuable trap skin! Visit the Trapsmith at the Fungal Cavern to purchase.

  • Gemstone Shark Skin
  • What's more stylish than a sleek and streamlined School of Sharks? A School of Sharks blinged out with Minerals, Gemstones, and Diamonds! Hunt down Hydro mice in ultimate style with this valuable trap skin! Visit the Trapsmith at the Fungal Cavern to purchase.

  • Fungal Cavern Journal Theme
  • Want to prove yourself as the ultimate master of the Fungal Cavern? This lavish journal theme is encrusted in a massive quantity of Fungal Cavern loot and supplies. Visit the General Store at the Fungal Cavern to purchase.

  • Labyrinth Key
  • This strange device is made entirely of stone. It seems to depict a large maze inside of a miniaturized mountain. Is this really a key, or just some kind of puzzle toy? Only time will tell...
  • The King has sent forth expeditions to find the door this key could possibly unlock, however, his top men and women have yet to find anything. It seems this key has no purpose, at least for the time being.

Fungal Cavern Supply Kits

Based on the exploration knowledge brought back from Larry, The King has scrambled to put together a variety of supplies, kits, and baskets to equip hunters within the Fungal Cavern!

  • 3 Nightshade
  • Vital ingredient in Glowing Gruyere Cheese!

  • Nightshade Kit
  • 15 Nightshade and 75 SUPER|brie+

  • Nightshade Basket
  • 30 Nightshade and 225 SUPER|brie+

  • Glowing Gruyere Kit
  • 750 SUPER|brie+
  • 75 Glowing Gruyere Cheese
  • 5 Gemstone Boost Charms

  • Underground Exploration Kit
  • 2,250 SUPER|brie+
  • 200 Glowing Gruyere Cheese
  • 5 Gemstone Boost Charms
  • 5 Diamond Boost Charms

Explore the Fungal Cavern!

  • Collect Fungus and Nightshade
  • Craft Glowing Gruyere and collect Minerals
  • Craft Mineral Cheese and collect Gemstones
  • Craft Gemstone Cheese and collect Diamonds
  • Uncover the mystery of Subterra Silence!
  • Unlock a new powerful Forgotten Trap, cool skins, and more!

Visit Muridae to Pickup the Map Piece

Spring into Bonus Luck

5 May 2015

The Spring Egg Hunt has come to an end, however, the King is hosting a Bonus Luck Mini-Event!

End of Egg Hunt Brings Bonus Luck

Larry himself was able to scrounge up a large quantity of Lucky Eggs during his own hunting this year! So many, in fact, that he's unleashing their power across the Kingdom for a +5 Bonus Luck Mini-Event!

Now's a great time to crack open your stockpile of eggs and get to using all the sweet, sweet loot inside! Get the most out of each hunt with +5 Luck helping you! Check your inventory for eggs and get crackin'! What tasty egg loot will you use with your luck boost?

Of course, anytime a surge of bonus luck such as this is active in the Kingdom, the Lucky Mouse is bound to be lurking around in a few spots.

The power of Larry's large stock of luck is enough to carry the +5 Bonus Luck for nearly a week. Digby Scientists estimate the bonus luck will fade to nothing on Monday, May 11. So, get hunting in the meantime and use the +5 Luck to your advantage until the event ends next Monday!

Bonus Luck Event!

  • 5 Luck for nearly a week
  • Crack open your eggs and get hunting using the loot inside!
  • Bonus Luck ends on Monday, May 11
  • Where will you be hunting?