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Haunted Terrortories Return to Gnawnia

21 October 2015

The Haunted Terrortories has returned and with them a variety of spooky mice, including some never before seen breeds!

Haunted Terrortories Return to Gnawnia

The cooler weather in the Kingdom has brought with it the always-spooky Haunted "Terror"tories! Celebrate Halloween while defending the Kingdom from the never-ending threat of mice by trick-AND-treating your way through the Corn Maze, Haunted Manor, and Pumpkin Patch!

First time trick-AND-treating? Need a quick refresher on how the Haunted Terrortories work? A new adventure has been added to the Adventure Book while Halloween is here to give a high-level summary of what there is to accomplish!

Gnawnia's favourite spooky memory game has also returned -- The Spooky Shuffle! You'll earn tickets in your daily Loyalty Chests to play the Spooky Shuffle and this year a few mice also drop tickets to play. Click the button on the HUD in the Haunted Terrortories, or the link when viewing the description of a ticket to play.

New Halloween Adventure: Capture the Bonbon Gummy Globlin

Prepare to Trick-or-Treat Your Friends
Visit your hunter profile and choose if you want to hand out Candy Corn or Ghoulgonzola Cheese -- vital supplies for navigating the Haunted Terrortories. After you setup your own candy bowl, make sure and visit friends to collect goodies for yourself. You can change the type of cheese your bowl hands out at any time.

Collect Some Spooky Cheese
Visit friends' profiles or hunt at the Haunted Terrorotories using any standard bait to collect Candy Corn and Ghoulgonzola.

Navigate the Haunted Terrorotories
Navigating the terrortories is simple: Arm Candy Corn to treat mice and arm Ghoulgonzola to trick mice. You'll need to both trick and treat a certain number of mice before you can move onto the next area. The third and final area is the Pumpkin Patch where you'll find a few special mice at the end...

Defeat the Pumpkin Patch Guardians
The final mouse you treat in the Pumpkin Patch will be the Treat Mouse and the final mouse you trick will be the Trick Mouse. These two special mice guard horrific mouse that has risen up to lead the mice of the terrortories this year.

Capture the Bonbon Gummy Globlin Mouse
Each year the strongest, or perhaps spookiest and most sinister-looking mouse rises up to lead all the other mice in the Haunted Terrortories. This year's TOTALLY terrifying leader is the... Bonbon Gummy Globlin Mouse. This horrific, walking mound of candy has been absorbing everything around it, coating everything with a sticky gummy mess. Gross. And SPOOKY!

Your first capture of the Bonbon Gummy Globlin will award this year's Limited Edition Trap Reward -- The Candy Crusher, a Shadow Trap

New Mice This Year

This year there are more event mice than ever! In fact, outside of a few breeds of zombies, nearly every mouse you encounter will be an event breed. Several new, never before seen event breeds have also shown up, including a few that can only be found in each section of the terrortories.

Dire Lycan Mouse
This mouse's bark is not nearly as bad as its bite! Luckily for hunters, however, it enjoys sinking its teeth into nearly any type of cheese more than it does biting hunters. This mouse can be found everywhere and drops Candy Corn and Ghoulgonzola Cheese.

Teenage Vampire Mouse
Young, flighty, and bitey! This mouse can be found throughout the terrortories while trick-and-treating.

Hollowed Minion Mouse
The Hollowed Minion has torn out of the Rift Plane and into the Haunted Terrortories. Experienced hunters will need both a Rift Trap and Extra Spooky Charms to lure this mouse out of hiding and capture it.

Maize Harvester Mouse
Conjured to haunt the Corn Maze, this mouse can only be found within the Corn Maze while trick-and-treating.

Spectral Butler Mouse
More brains, sir or madam? The Spectral Butler Mouse can be found within the Haunted Manor while trick-and-treating.

Gourd Ghoul Mouse
This mouse carefully hides in the Pumpkin Patch and sneaks up on hunters when they least expect it. After scaring hunters, it can be recognized by its unique sounding laugh. It can be found within the Pumpkin Patch while trick-and-treating.

Bonbon Gummy Globlin Mouse
Urgh. Sticky, messy, and gross. This glob of living candy has risen up as the really gross leader of the Haunted Terrortories this year. You'll need to trick-and-treat your way to the very end of the Pumpkin Patch to encounter this horrific glob of gelatinous gumminess.

Something New for Spooky and Extra Spooky Charms

Available in the Charm Shoppe at the Haunted Terrortories are Spooky and Extra Spooky Charms. These charms will bring around some more challenging mice with special loot!

Spooky Charms
These charms will attract previous leaders of the Haunted Terrortories including the Swamp Thang in the Corn Maze, Mousevina von Vermin in the Haunted Manor, and the Titanic Brain-Taker and Gourdborg in the Pumpkin Patch. Capturing these powerful breeds comes with an extra reward this year -- Earn a Spooky Shuffle Ticket for each capture!

Extra Spooky Charms
Hunters experienced with the Rift Plane looking for a great challenge and more rewards will be interested in Extra Spooky Charms! These charms have had their power boosted, including the addition of the Riftwalker Set Bonus ability.

Extra Spooky Charms will also attract previous years' leaders and earn you Spooky Shuffle Tickets. Additionally, these charms also attract two unique Halloween breeds from the Rift Plane that are most weak to Rift Traps. These two mice are the only ones that drop Rift Candies, a unique reward that can purchase higher-tier rewards from the shoppes.

Additionally, Extra Spooky Charms will attract the Mousataur Priestess Mouse, a mouse now known to have escaped the recently discovered Labyrinth. She carries with her some supplies hauled out of Zokor including Lantern Oil, Nightshade, Shuffler's Cubes, and more!

Two New Halloween Treasure Maps

Halloween scroll cases can be purchased from the Cartographer at the Haunted Terrotories by using your Ancient Relics. Need a few relics? The Trick and Treat Mouse are both carrying a relic each in the terrortories this year!

This year hunters will also be able to redeem a "consolation prize" after the event if they have an unfinished map. Only after the event ends, the map owner can choose to claim the consolation prize which will award a quantity of Gold, Points, and Ancient Charms for each mouse captured on the Treasure Map. Keep an eye out for that when the Haunted Terrortories closes up!

Halloween Scroll Case
This scroll case contains a treasure map leading to Halloween rewards! Clues will mostly be found from slightly less intimidating mice, however, you'll still need to track down a few mice with Spooky Charms.

Rift Halloween Scroll Case
This more challenging treasure map requires a hunter that can use a Rift Trap and Extra Spooky Charms! However, with greater challenge comes greater rewards! You'll find more Gold, Points, Ancient Charms, as well as Rift Candies as a reward!

New Items Arrive in the Haunted Shoppes

While exploring the Haunted Terrotories, you'll find Candies, Rift Candies, and Cobwebs. These can be exchanged at the various shoppes for a variety of items to help your hunting endeavours. This year a few new items have arrived!

Spooky Endless Labyrinth Trap Skin
A redecorated Endless Labyrinth Trap! All of the endless corridors and hallways as the original with more horrific interior decor. An endless Halloween experience for those caught up in this spooky maze!

Cocoa Crusher Trap Skin
A chocolate covered skin for the new Candy Crusher Trap. After you've defeated the Bonbon Gummy Globlin Mouse and collected the Candy Crusher, give it an even taster look with this unique trap skin!

Glowing Gourd Charm
Using the light expelled from celebratory Halloween-themed gourds, this charm lights the dark and dreary hallways within the Labyrinth, keeping the Shadow Stalker at bay!

Shadow Charm
Swirling shadows dance within this charm, looking to get out. Equipping this charm changes any trap into a Shadow Power Type for a single hunt.

Rift Halloween Theme Scrap I
Combine this scrap with two others found as loot while using Extra Spooky Charms to create a new, spooky Rift journal theme!

Rift Ultimate Luck Charm
A powerfully, Rifty, misty luck charm! This charm is rapidly fluttering and swirling, near-ready to tear apart with luck!

Rift Ultimate Power Charm
Containing highly concentrated shards of Rift energy, this charm is highly unstable and likely to tear open into a miniature Rift of its own!

Whisker Woods Rift Items
A variety of Whisker Woods Rift crafting items have been stocked in the General Store to help with crafting charms to attract special mice in that Rift.

There's lots more to find in the Haunted Terrortories Shoppes! Make sure to visit and browse all the spooktacular goodies!

Spooky Skins, Baskets, and More!

All your favourite old skins, baskets and goodies are back, and this year, there's more! Visit the Trapsmith at the Haunted Terrortories to check them out, collect some from mice as drops, and check out the Premium Shop for some more!

Spooky Shuffle Pack

2 Shuffle Tickets and 15 SB+

Spooky Shuffle Bonanza Box

30 Shuffle Tickets and lots more!

15 Candy Corn Cheese

Treat mice!

15 Ghoulgonzola

Trick mice!

100 Candy Corn Cheese

Stock up and treat mice!

100 Ghoulgonzola Stock up and trick mice!

15 Spooky Charms

Attract powerful mice, earn shuffle tickets!

15 Extra Spooky Charms

Attract Rift mice, earn more rewards!

100 Spooky Charms

Stock up on spookies!

100 Extra Spooky Charms

Stock up for tons of Rift catches

Halloween is here!

Setup your candy bowl on your profile Check out the new event adventure in your Adventure Book Capture the Bonbon Gummy Globlin Find the Candy Crusher Trap Browse the shoppes and spend candies