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Archive for updates taken place in September 2015 in Reverse Chronological Order.
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Labyrinth Treasure Maps and Tournaments

22 September 2015

The Cartographers at the Labyrinth and Zokor have a new Treasure Map Scroll Case for sale!

Labyrinth Scroll Cases

Now available for sale at both the Labyrinth and Zokor is a new scroll case containing a Treasure Map that will take you throughout the Labyrinth and Zokor, hunting mice in search of great treasure! These maps contain a wide variety of mice from the Labyrinth and will ask you to track down all three district leaders in Zokor. Be prepared for a challenge, hunters!

All these new clues have also been spotted by the Relic Hunter, meaning Arduous Treasure Maps now have the possibility of containing mice from both the Labyrinth and Zokor.

Labyrinth Treasure Chests

Tracking down all the clues on a Labyrinth Treasure Map will lead you to a Labyrinth Treasure Chest, or a Rare Labyrinth Treasure Chest if you use Rare Map Dust on your treasure map. In addition to Gold, Points, and Ancient Charms, these chests contain a variety of useful items to help you navigate the Labyrinth and explore Zokor. Each reward chest will contain at least one Compass Magnet or Shuffler's Cube, however, there is a chance you may find more magnets and cubes! Additionally, there's sure to be a good supply of Lantern Oil, as well as the possibility of Nightshade, Cavern Fungus, and Nightshade Farming Charms!

As always, using Rare Map Dust will increase the rewards of your map. The quantity of Gold, Points, and Ancient Charms will all be doubled and you'll find even more items to help you in the Labyrinth and Zokor!

Labyrinth and Zokor Tournaments

Looking to show off your latest and greatest Labyrinth strategy and compete for glorious rewards? Two new tournament types will hit the schedule soon: Lost in the Labyrinth and District Dangers! Grab your teammates and keep an eye on the tournament schedule for your chance to compete for Tournament Tokens.

Treasure Hunting Supplies

Get the most out of your treasure chests by using Rare Map Dust. To celebrate the addition of the Labyrinth Scroll Case, the King has put together a new supply kit containing 3 Rare Map Dust along with a nice stash of Glowing Gruyere and Lantern Oil.

  • Labyrinth Treasure Hunting Kit
3 Rare Map Dust
50 Glowing Gruyere
35 Lantern Oil
  • Rare Map Dust
Increases map rewards!

Enter the Labyrinth

09 September 2015

Hunt your way through the Labyrinth and discover the ancient city of Zokor!

Labyrinth Entrance Discovered

The Cartographer within the Fungal Cavern has finally unlocked the mystery of the Labyrinth Key. An expedition deep into the Fungal Cavern has revealed a carefully hidden locked doorway in the rock face. After a little experimentation, the Cartographer was able to configure the key to fit the lock, and with a loud click, the door slowly rose open!

The entire Labyrinth appears to be an elaborate trap to guard the entrance to an entire ancient city! Engravings on the door refer to this hidden city only as "Zokor".

The Labyrinth and the city that lies beyond it are buried deep into the jagged hills along the southern border of the Sandtail Desert. Cartographers have adjusted their maps, naming this new region Hollow Heights. The Fungal Cavern, Labyrinth, and city of Zokor all lie within this new region.

Hunters who obtained a Labyrinth Key from the Fungal Cavern can now lead their own expedition out of the caves and into the maze!

Navigating the Labyrinth

Early ventures into the Labyrinth have revealed some basic information on its structure and possible ways of navigating it. The Labyrinth consists of a seemingly endless number of hallways and intersections. The hallways are absolutely teeming with powerful mice that guard it, trying to prevent anyone from passing. In order to navigate the hall, a hunter will need to sound their horn, moving one step at a time through the perilous halls.

When you encounter an intersection, you'll need to choose a doorway to enter the next hallway. Choose wisely! The hallways of the Labyrinth have a variety of lengths and themes. The theme of a hallway dictates the types of mice you'll encounter within the hallway, which then determine the types of clues you'll find by capturing mice.

The clues you find within the Labyrinth will eventually lead you to one of many exit chambers and into the grand city of Zokor itself. Beware, hunter! Failing to capture a mouse will give your Labyrinth Compass a confusing clue, leading you astray in the maze. This is reflected by "Dead End Clues" -- the more of these you have, the more likely you are to find fewer doors at each intersection.

Once your Labyrinth Compass has absorbed a total of 100 (or more) clues of any kind, the next intersection at the end of your current hallway will be an exit chamber. The exit chamber will have one or more available exits into Zokor, depending on what and how many clues you collected in the Labyrinth.

Avoiding the Shadow Stalker

Perhaps the most sinister mouse you'll come across in your explorations is the Shadow Stalker Mouse. This powerful adversary is extremely resistant to all known traps and frequently cripples the courage of hunters who fail to capture them. The great difficulty of capturing these mice is often the greatest cause of dead ends showing up.

These mice lurk only in the dark shadows of the Labyrinth and Zokor.
Use Glowing Gruyere Cheese to illuminate your trap and keep these mice away!

The Districts of Zokor

After carefully analyzing inscriptions on the walls of the Labyrinth, the King's archaeologists suspect that the hallway themes correlate with five unique districts within Zokor. These five districts appear to represent aspects Fealty, Technology, Scholarship, Treasure, and Farming. It seems only logical that following the hallways themed after their respective districts will lead a hunter to that district within Zokor itself.

The more of a single type of clue you find while in the Labyrinth, the deeper you'll push into the boundaries of Zokor. Hunters that manage to obtain large quantities of clues will find themselves within deeper areas of the city districts, where the eldest, most powerful (and lucrative) mice reside.

The type of hallway you choose determines the type of clue you'll potentially find.
The clues you find determine what exits you'll find at the end of the Labyrinth.
Gather as many of the same type of clue as you can to find the most valuable exit!

Navigation Equipment

Amongst the hordes of mice within the Labyrinth are also several shopkeepers who are relieved that they finally have hunters to now purchase their wares! These shop keepers are selling a variety of goods and equipment, many specially designed to help you navigate the Labyrinth.

The shopkeepers are unable to navigate the Labyrinth themselves and, as such, they are only willing to sell many of their wares for the unique items found only within Zokor. You'll need to gather loot from Zokor before you'll be able to purchase most of their equipment.

  • Labyrinth Lantern
The dark hallways of the Labyrinth hide clues from your compass. However, with this lantern illuminated, your compass' efficiency will be boosted! While your lantern is glowing, your compass will absorb +1 clue every time you discover one from a mouse.

  • Lantern Oil
This oil fuels the Labyrinth Lantern. While your lantern is lit, one fuel will be consumed every time you hunt.

  • Labyrinth Base
A chiseled replica of what is thought to be the original maze layout that helped hunters navigate the maze a long time ago. Using this base inside of the Labyrinth has a chance of preventing a Dead End Clue from confusing your Labyrinth Compass during an unsuccessful hunt.

  • Shuffler's Cube
These cubes were invented by a hunter named Shelly Shuffler as an emergency doorway reconfiguration device. When used at an intersection, these cubes quickly bond with the door mechanisms, transforming the doors and repairing any crumbled passageways. Using a Shuffler's Cube causes the Labyrinth to shuffle the currently available hallways in an intersection.

  • Compass Magnet
This special magnet will recalibrate a confused compass! Its powerful pull removes 3 of every type of clue within your compass, freeing up space for more and better clues.

  • Endless Labyrinth Trap Blueprints
These blueprints are filled with unorthodox methods of combining items found in the city of Zokor. The design is one to create a powerful Forgotten trap to help give hunters an edge against mice in the Labyrinth.

Track Down the Retired Minotaur

This area's adventure is an epic journey to track down a fabled minotaur that long ago went into hiding. It seems the minotaur became weary of its constant administrative duties and guarding the maze, so it sought out a hiding spot where no hunter would ever find them. As if navigating the maze was not challenging enough, the King is tasking hunters with the adventure of finding the minotaur's hiding place and capturing the powerful adversary!

With epic challenges come epic rewards: The King is awarding 1,000,000 Gold and 1,000,000 Points for each minotaur capture! Additionally, the minotaur is rumoured to carry rare loot capable of constructing extremely powerful traps.

The powerful loot guarded by the minotaur can be listed on the Marketplace, empowering hunters to sell extra loot they have found and buy the loot that they are missing. However, crafting with these special minotaur items still requires other non-marketable loot obtained from the Labyrinth, meaning only accomplished Labyrinth hunters will be able to construct the traps.

  • Enigmatic Core
The Enigmatic Core is used to upgrade the Endless Labyrinth Trap into the more powerful Infinite Labyrinth Trap. With over 11,000 Power, this oversized trap is the most powerful trap in the Kingdom!
11,011 Power, 15% Power Bonus, 5% Attraction Bonus, 11 Luck

  • Essence of Destruction
The Essence of Destruction is an insanely-concentrated amount of dark matter. Its powerful gravitational pull is a key ingredient used in construction of the Event Horizon Trap, a powerful Arcane trap unlike anything ever seen before.
6,000 Power, 12% Power Bonus, 10% Attraction Bonus, 25 Luck

  • Temporal Shadow Plate
A pair of these rare temporal plates are used to construct the housing for the Temporal Turbine Trap. The turbine's massive amount of luck dwarfs any other known Shadow trap.
5,000 Power, 20% Power Bonus, 25 Luck

  • Really, Really Shiny Precious Gold
It shouldn't be a surprise that a mouse as powerful as the Retired Minotaur Mouse carries materials to create something just as uniquely powerful. The Minotaur Base requires several stacks of Really, Really Shiny Precious Gold and has a whopping 1,000 Power and more than ample amount of Luck. This elite equipment is sure to take any trap setup to new heights of power!
1,000 Power, 20% Power Bonus, 10% Attraction Bonus, 15 Luck

Labyrinth Supplies and Kits

Working with the Labyrinth shopkeepers, the King has assembled a variety of supplies, baskets, and kits to aid hunters in the exploration of the Labyrinth.

  • 300 Glowing Gruyere
Keeps Shadow Stalker mice at bay
  • Glowing Gruyere Gift Basket
50 Glowing Gruyere Cheese for a friend
  • 15 Lantern Oil
Increases clues found
  • 100 Lantern Oil
Stock up on fuel
  • Shuffler's Kit
50 Glowing Gruyere Cheese
50 Lantern Oil
3 Shuffler's Cubes
  • Labyrinth Exploration Kit
1,000 SUPER|brie+
750 Glowing Gruyere Cheese
250 Lantern Oil
25 Shuffler's Cubes
  • 3 Nightshade
Vital for Glowing Gruyere!
  • Nightshade Kit
15 Nightshade and 75 SUPER|brie+
  • Nightshade Basket
30 Nightshade and 225 SUPER|brie+

Navigate the Labyrinth!

  • Purchase the Labyrinth Key from the Fungal Cavern
  • Navigate Labyrinth hallways to collect 100 clues
  • Discover the Labyrinth's 14 exits
  • Track down the Retired Minotaur Mouse
  • Discover the source of new, powerful traps!