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Sunken City Bonus Loot

19 April 2016

There's lots of bonus loot to be found in the Sunken City!

Magma Eruptions Disturb the Rodentia Ocean

All the recent egg pinging has triggered underwater activity in the Rodentia Ocean! Another massive Magma Flow has split open causing odd effects throughout Sunken City dive zones! There are several items to find, including new Treasure Crates, Ancient Dive Crates, Double Sand Dollar drops, and more! Now's a great time to put on your wet suit, climb into your sub, and brave the cool Rodentia water!

During this mini-event all mice that drop Sand Dollars will drop an extra one!

Sunken Treasure Crates

Dropped by mice in Sunken Treasure zones

The activity of the magma eruptions has unearthed a stash of special crates inside of Sunken Treasure zones. These crates are dropped by Treasure Keeper and Treasure Hoarder mice found in Sunken Treasure Zones and contain lots of Sand Dollars as well as a few fishy crafting items. If you're lucky, you may even find something a little more... "Ultimate".

Ancient Dive Crates

Dropped by Ancient of the Deep mice in Monster Trenches

These glowing crates drifted downstream directly from the massive Magma Flow itself. They were quickly grabbed by Ancient of the Deep mice within Monster Trenches and are now being closely guarded by those fearsome mice. Inside you'll find loot similar to that found during Magma Flows including Unstable Charms, Anchor Charms, and orbs. If you're lucky, you may also find something even more valuable including Ultimate Charms, Fire Salt, or even a Predatory Processor!

Treasure Trawling Charms

Found inside Sunken Treasure and Ancient Dive Crates, Loyalty Chests, and as free Daily Gifts

Use these charms while diving at the Sunken City to scrape the ocean floor for treasures! Each hunt taken with a Treasure Trawling Charm will dig up some sort of loot including Oxygen Canisters, Sand Dollars, Barnacles, Mousescales, and Coral Fragments. If you're lucky, these charms may even unearth something even more valuable such as Anchor Charms, Water Jet Charms, and more!

Ultimate Anchor Charms

Crafted using Predatory Processors, rare find using Trawling Charms and rare inside of Treasure and Dive Crates

The Ultimate Anchor Charm features a heavy metal anchor powered by a Predatory Processor. It combines the properties of both an Anchor and Ultimate Charm, slowing your sub while guaranteeing the capture of a mouse.

The metal anchor in this Ultimate Charm is powered by a Predatory Processor! The Ultimate Anchor Charm not only slows down your submarine while diving, it also guarantees the capture of the next mouse you encounter! As powerful as this mighty charm is, the unstable energy of the processor is barely able to hold this charm together and, as a result, there's a chance of it being consumed each time you use it while hunting.

This charm only works while diving underwater at the Sunken City!

Trawler Gift Basket and Supplies

Being an avid fishing hobbyist himself, the King has put together a selection of Trawling Supplies to help your own pursuit of fishing for bonus loot!

  • Trawler Gift Basket
50 Trawling Charms and 50 SUPER|brie+
  • 15 Trawling Charms
Scrape the ocean floor for loot!
  • 150 Trawling Charms
Stock up for a dive!
  • 500 Trawling Charms
Lots of charms for a serious diver!
  • 1,000 Trawling Charms
Serious trawlin' action

Sunken City Bonus Loot

  • Find Trawling Charms to fish for bonus loot
  • Find Treasure Crates in Sunken Treasure Zones
  • Find Ancient Dive Crates in Monster Trenches
  • Find bonus loot, including Ultimate Anchor Charms

The Bonus Loot mini-event ends Monday, April 25