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Labyrinth Puzzle Box Event

16 February 2016

Collect lost puzzle pieces to unlock the Labyrinth Puzzle Box and earn a new Trap Aura!

Labyrinth Puzzle Box

While exploring the Labyrinth, a hunter found a mysterious Puzzle Box that glowed with a new and powerful aura. However, upon touching the box it shattered into six pieces which all flew off deeper into the maze! Curious about this artifact, the King has called upon experienced hunters to explore the Labyrinth in an attempt to recover all six pieces.

Recovering the Six Pieces

The pieces are hiding in Fealty, Scholar, and Tech Hallways within the Labyrinth and in their respective districts within Zokor. They are hidden deep within the Labyrinth, meaning you're not likely to find them in the first hallway. The more of one type of clue you collect, the more likely you'll be to find that related piece.

You can track which pieces you've recovered by clicking the banner above your hunter's journal.

  • Two Fealty Puzzle Pieces
You can find both of the Fealty-themed puzzle pieces within the various Fealty hallways in the Labyrinth or any Fealty district in Zokor itself.
  • Two Scholar Puzzle Pieces
You can find both of the Scholar-themed puzzle pieces within the various Scholar hallways in the Labyrinth or any Scholar district in Zokor itself.
  • Two Tech Puzzle Pieces
You can find both of the Tech-themed puzzle pieces within the various Tech hallways in the Labyrinth or any Tech district in Zokor itself.

Remember: The more of one type of clue you collect, the more likely you are to find a mouse that drops that piece. For example: Someone with 30 Tech clues in the Labyrinth is much more likely to find the Tech puzzle pieces than someone with only 5 Tech clues.

The A-MAZE-ing Aura

Once you've recovered all six puzzle pieces you can unlock the Puzzle Box by clicking the banner above your hunter's journal. Inside the box is contained a new and powerful trap aura called the A-MAZE-ing Aura that will grant a variety of bonuses while hunting in the Labyrinth and Zokor.

  • +5 Luck Bonus in both the Labyrinth and Zokor
  • Bonus chance of preventing Dead End Clues in the Labyrinth
  • The Manaforge Smith Mouse will drop an extra Powercore Hammer
  • The Soul Binder Mouse will drop an extra Sacred Script
  • The Paladin Weapon Master Mouse will drop an extra Infused Plate
  • The Retired Minotaur will drop one of the following: Powercore Hammer, Sacred Script, Infused Plate
  • All three district leaders and the Retired Minotaur will drop the new Puzzle Box Infinite Labyrinth Skin

As soon as you open the Puzzle Box, the A-MAZE-ing Aura will immediately activate and remain active until March 1, 2016. The sooner you recover the Puzzle Box, the longer you'll be able to reap the aura's benefits!

New Supply Kit -- Limited Time Only!

The King has put together a special new kit that is available for a limited time only!

This kit is for sale only until March 1

  • Labyrinth Puzzle Box Recovery Kit
300 Gruyere, 100 Lantern Oil, 10 Shuffler Cubes

Other Labyrinth Supplies

  • 300 Glowing Gruyere Cheese
Avoid the Shadow Stalker!
  • 100 Lantern Oil
Gather clues quickly

Labyrinth Puzzle Box

  • Explore the Labyrinth or Zokor
  • Collect six puzzle pieces
  • Activate the A-MAZE-ing Aura!

The Year of the Fiery Monkey has begun!

2 February 2016

Carl's Cozy Cruise has returned once more for the Year of the Fiery Monkey with a brand new destination — The Hollow Heights!

Sailing Through the Kingdom

The Cruise starts at the Harbour and then sails around Rodentia where hunters can take in sights from around the Kingdom. Carl's Cruise will sail past the Harbour, Gnawnian Shoreline, Digby and Lab, Iceberg, Acolyte Realm, Huntington, Tribal Isles, Zugzwang's Island, Sunken City, Hollow Heights, and Daredevil Canyon. As usual, the cruise ship has been invaded by Lunar New Year mice! Carl needs you to hunt down the pests aboard and will reward you with some Cruise Bux for helping out!

While hunting aboard the ship you'll find Firecracker Charms as loot. Hunting while having a Firecracker Charm armed will boost the ship's speed. The sound of firecrackers will also lure some costumed mice out of hiding that drop Nitropop Potions. Use Nitropop Potions to create Nitropop Charms which will speed the ship up even further and lure out a costumed mouse that drops the mighty Monkey Fling Potion! This final potion creates Monkey Fling Charms that will have the ship moving at top speed and also lure out the "guest of honour": The Costumed Monkey Mouse!

Complete a trip around the Kingdom and you'll be rewarded with a pair of the finest Captain's Trousers! These impressive pants will give you the air of naval authority needed to purchase various goodies from the shoppes on the ship! These shoppes only accept Cruise Bux, which are earned by passing through the destinations on the cruise, as well as by capturing mice aboard the ship.

Spending Cruise Bux

Once you complete a round trip aboard Carl's Cruise and acquire your Captain's Trousers, the shoppes will open their doors allowing you to spend Cruise Bux. There are a variety of hunting supplies available including the new Monkey Jade Base!

Available from the General Store are a variety of collectible miniatures that make the perfect keepsake to remember each place the cruise visited on your trip. A new miniature has been added to the existing collection. A fetching Hollow Heights Miniature is available to commemorate the latest stop on the cruise and can be found while cruising in the area or simply purchased here if missed while on the ship.

The General Store aboard Carl's Cruise also has some new arrivals: Lantern Fuel, Shuffler's Cubes, and Compass Magnets! Only hunters who have obtained a Labyrinth Key are able to purchase these items, but there are countless other rewards for hunters of all rank and location! Make sure to browse the shoppes and see what piques your interest.

Lunar New Year Skins and Kits

  • 15 Firecracker Charms
Pop, bang, boom!
  • Year of the Monkey Gift Basket
125 SB+ and 35 Firecrackers
  • Cruise Commander Crate
250 SB+, 100 Firecrackers, 15 Nitro Potions
  • Monkey Festival Jumbo Kit
2,000 SB+, 350 Firecrackers, 50 Nitro Potions
  • Labyrinth of Monkeys Trap Skin
For the Endless Labyrinth trap
  • Labyrinth of Love Trap Skin
For the Endless Labyrinth trap
  • Monkey Focused Crystal Laser Trap Skin
For the Focused Crystal Laser trap
  • Monkey Multi-Crystal Laser Skin
For the Multi Crystal Laser trap

Lunar New Year Festival!

  • Visit Carl's Cozy Cruise in Gnawnia
  • Collect Firecracker Charms to power the ship
  • Collect Cruise Bux
  • Complete a round trip of the Kingdom
  • Spend Cruise Bux at the shops onboard the ship