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Spring Egg Hunt

23 March 2016

More than 100 eggs have been hidden throughout the Kingdom!

Hidden Spring Hunt Eggs

The bounciest of mice have hopped around the Kingdom, stealing Spring Hunt Eggs and hiding them everywhere! Travel throughout the Kingdom and hunt mice to find the hidden eggs and crack them open to see what's inside!

To get started, you'll need a special egg-finding piece of equipment called an Eggscavator. If you do not already own one, you can purchase one from the King for 10,000 gold from the special Spring Egg Hunt heads-up display. Or, you can track down the Eggscavator Mouse in areas throughout the Kingdom to find one for free.

Marshmallow Monterey Stockpiles and Spring Hunt Event Mice

All the "eggcitement" has attracted event mice to several towns and major hunting hubs throughout the Kingdom! These locations are also home to stockpiles of Marshmallow Monterey -- a special cheese that will lure event mice to your trap.

To collect Marshmallow Monterey, visit one of the stockpile locations (listed below) and hunt as you normally would there to collect Marshmallow Monterey as loot.

Marshmallow Monterey Stockpile Locations:
  • Town of Gnawnia (Recruit)
  • Great Gnarled Tree (Master)
  • Town of Digby (Master)
  • Dojo (Grandmaster)
  • Catacombs (Legendary)
  • S.S. Huntington (Legendary)
  • Cape Clawed (Legendary)
  • King's Gauntlet (Hero)
  • Claw Shot City (Lord/Lady)
  • Muridae Market (Baron/Baroness)
  • Gnawnia Rift (Count/Countess)
  • Fungal Cavern (Duke/Duchess)

Once you've obtained some Marshmallow Monterey, you can use it in any stockpile location to attract Spring Egg Hunt event mice! These mice drop 10 especially valuable eggs that each hunter can loot only once. Event mice also drop special charms to boost the power of your Eggscavator!

  • 15 Marshmallow Monterey
Tasty Spring Cheese
  • 500 Marshmallow Monterey
Hunt for event mice

Eggscavator Charge Charms and Eggstra Charms

You can obtain special charms to boost your Eggscavator by exchanging Marshmallow Monterey at the Charm Shoppe in any Marshmallow Monterey Stockpile location, or, you can hunt for event mice in those locations to obtain charms as loot drops. Charging up your Eggscavator will allow you to find special Charge Eggs and using Eggstra Charms will double your egg drops!

  • Eggscavator Charge Charm
Capturing a mouse with this charm armed will add a charge to your Eggscavator. You'll lose a charge each hunt taken without a charge charm armed. Depending on the charge level of your Eggscavator, you'll find Low, Medium, and High Charge Eggs that contain Spring Hunt loot!
  • Eggstra Charm
The Eggstra Charm will double the quantity of any eggs found while hunting! The charm is only consumed when you find an egg.
  • Eggstra Charge Charm
This special charm combines the abilities of the Eggscavator Charge Charm and the Eggstra Charm both charging your Eggscavator and doubling the quantity of any eggs found! This charm is consumed upon each successful capture of a mouse.

Spring Egg Hunt Supply Kits and Baskets

To help in your egg-hunting endeavours, the King has assembled a stockpile of supplies, gift baskets, and kits!

  • Marshmallow Gift Basket
60 Marshmallow Monterey
  • Bonus Egg Hunting Kit
75 SB+, 25 Charge Charms, 10 Eggstras
  • Eggstra Charge Charm Kit
300 SB+, 250 Eggstra Charge Charms
  • 1200 Marshmallow Monterey
Exchange for charms!

Spring Hunt Trap Skins

While hunting for or cracking open eggs, you may just find some unique and valuable trap skins!

  • Spring Hunt Multi-Crystal Laser Skin
Coveted by the Chocolate Foil Mouse
  • Spring Hunt Endless Labyrinth Trap Skin
In the most hidden Zokor location
  • Spring Hunt Shark Skin
Coveted by the Hardboiled Mouse
  • Egg Basket Box Trap Skin
Coveted by the Hardboiled Mouse
  • Dimensional Egg Basket Skin
Rare find inside High Charge Eggs
  • Spring Arcanum Skin
Rare find inside High Charge Eggs

Spring Egg Hunt!

  • Find eggs throughout the Kingdom!
  • Collect Marshmallow Monterey in major hunting hubs
  • Hunt event mice for Eggscavator Charms
  • Charge your Eggscavator to find Charge Eggs!

St. Patrick's Day Bonus Luck and Green Cupcakes!

17 March 2016

St. Patrick's Day has arrived and we're looking to bring your trap some extra luck!

Lucky Mouse and +5 Luck Bonus

The Lucky Mouse has joined the Birthday Party celebrations and with his arrival every hunter's trap has been given a +5 Luck Bonus! Luck's not the only thing this mouse is interested in, though! The Lucky Mouse has taken a particular interest in tasty Green and Rainbow Cupcakes. The Lucky Mouse will drop BOTH a Green and Rainbow Cupcake when captured!

The bright and shiny luck has also brought with powerful charms! The Rainbow Luck Charm has an impressive +12 Luck as well as 800 Power! Anytime a mouse drops a Rainbow Cupcake at the Birthday Party, they'll also drop one of these charms!

Finally, what's a St. Patrick's Day celebration without a healthy amount of green? From now until the end of the Birthday Event on March 21, all drops of Green Cupcakes have been DOUBLED!

  • Lucky Clover Kit
Shamrock Charms, and SB+!
  • Lucky Rainbow Kit
100 Rainbow Luck Charms, Shamrocks, and SB+!

St. Patrick's Day

  • Lucky Mouse joins the Birthday Party!
  • +5 Luck Bonus!
  • Green Cupcake drops are DOUBLED!
  • Collect Rainbow Luck Charms!

Birthday and St. Patrick's celebrations end March 21

MouseHunt's 8th Birthday

3 March 2016

MouseHunt is turning eight years old and The King is celebrating with cupcakes for everyone!

Eight Cupcake Orders

The King has organized another birthday cupcake extravaganza! However, yet again several mice with a sweet tooth have proven to be a nuisance by stealing cupcakes. WHY does this keep happening?! The King needs the help of hunters to recover the stolen cupcakes and ship out orders.

Upon arriving at the birthday celebration, you can pick up to three orders to work on at once from the heads-up display. There are eight different varieties of orders available, each celebrating a different year of MouseHunting! While you have a particular order active, you'll notice a few mice visiting your trap that originally appeared in the Kingdom during the order's respective year. These mice almost always carry a cupcake and a few even have other bonus loot with them!

Click "orders available" to view and pick an order to work on.
You can be working on up to three orders at the same time.

Collecting Cupcake Colby and new Extra Sweet Cupcake Colby

In order to lure cupcake carrying mice, you'll need either Cupcake Colby or a new type of cheese called Extra Sweet Cupcake Colby. The extra sweet version of Cupcake Colby will attract the various cupcake-themed mice more often and is the only way to attract the new Cupcake Camo and Cupcake Candle Thief mice!

  • Cupcake Colby
Regular Cupcake Colby is produced by Cupcake Colby Potions that can be collected as loot at the birthday party zone. This cheese will attract a variety of mice that occasionally drop cupcakes.
  • Extra Sweet Cupcake Colby
Extra Sweet Cupcake Colby is produced by potions that are earned by shipping any cupcake order. Simple orders will earn you a single potion, however, more difficult orders will earn you two potions.

This extremely sweet cheese is a favourite of the various cupcake-themed mice at the party, including the elusive Cupcake Camo and Cupcake Candle Thief mice. These mice, with their especially powerful sweet teeth are known for stealing cupcakes and as such often drop one or more cupcakes when captured!

  • 15 Cupcake Colby
Gather Cupcakes
  • 15 Extra Sweet Cupcake Colby
Gather more Cupcakes

Rare Cupcake Sprinkles

When shipping an order of cupcakes, you can add Rare Cupcake Sprinkles to increase the reward you'll receive for shipping the order!

Shipping an order with sprinkles will always add either: 10 pieces of SUPER|brie+, 10 pieces of Magical String, OR 10 pieces of Glowing Gruyere Cheese (depending on the type of order shipped). Additionally, you'll also receive a handful of other loot items based on the order you shipped, with more difficult orders rewarding a greater variety of items!

You'll occasionally receive Rare Cupcake Sprinkles as a reward for shipping an order or inside a 2016 Birthday Treasure Chest earned by completing a Birthday Treasure Map. You'll always find Rare Cupcake Sprinkles inside of a Rare 2016 Birthday Treasure Chest!

  • Rare Cupcake Sprinkles
Increase your order rewards
  • Sprinkling Kit
10 Sprinkles, 100 Extra Sweet Colby, 25 Extra Sweet Cupcake Charms

Types of Cupcakes

There are five types of cupcakes that can be found as loot while hunting with either type of Cupcake Colby. Cupcakes may also occasionally show up as the Gift of the Day to send to friends for free!

Red, Yellow, and Blue Cupcakes are the most commonly found type of cupcakes. They're used in every variety of order. If you find yourself with a few too many of a specific colour, visit the General Store where you can exchange 12 of a single colour for 6 differently-coloured cupcakes.

Green and Rainbow are harder to find than the other three cupcakes. More difficult orders will require more Green, and orders from year six, seven, and eight always require one or two Rainbow cupcakes. You'll also find these cupcakes in Daily Loyalty Chests and as rare drops from mice!

Types of Cupcake Orders

There are eight different types of orders you can fulfill, one for each year of MouseHunting! Later year orders require more cupcakes, but they come with greater rewards!

While you're actively working on an order, a few mice that were released during that year can be encountered. Although these mice may vary in power type weaknesses, their insatiable love of sugar has them on an out-of-control sugar rush. Mice you encounter at the birthday party zone will have weaknesses to ALL power types, although, their typical weaknesses are still likely to be their greatest. These mice drop cupcakes the most often so be sure to always have an order on the go!

Choosing orders lets you pick rewards that are your personal favourite!

Year One
Requires 4 cupcakes to complete. Celebrates Digby, Furoma, Gnawnia, and the Mousoleum!
Year Two
Requires 6 cupcakes to complete. Celebrates Tournaments, the S.S. Huntington, Tribal Isles, Whisker Woods, Catacombs, and the Acolyte Realm!
Year Three
Requires 8 cupcakes to complete. Celebrates Digby Dirt Dwellers, Balack’s Cove, the King’s Gauntlet, Zugzwang’s Tower and the Seasonal Garden! Requires a few more red cupcakes than other orders.
Year Four
Requires 8 cupcakes to complete. Celebrates Charms, Muridae Market, Fiery Warpath, and the Crystal Library! Requires a few more yellow cupcakes than other orders.
Year Five
Requires 8 cupcakes to complete. Celebrates the Relic Hunter, Iceberg, and the Living Garden! Requires a few more blue cupcakes than other orders.
Year Six
Requires 10 cupcakes to complete. Celebrates the MouseHunt Mobile App, Gnawnian Express, and Claw Shot City! Always requires a rainbow cupcake.
Year Seven
Requires 12 cupcakes to complete. Celebrates the Toxic Spill, Sunken City, Gnawnia Rift, and Burroughs Rift! Always requires two rainbow cupcakes.
Year Eight
Requires 12 cupcakes to complete. Celebrates the Whisker Woods Rift, Fungal Cavern, the Labyrinth and Zokor! Always requires two rainbow cupcakes.

A Sweet Adventure

A new tasty adventure has been added to the Adventure Book that challenges hunters to supply the entire Kingdom with cupcakes! During the adventure, you'll earn a new base, trap, and journal theme!

Extra Sweet Cupcake Birthday Base
This base is rewarded for shipping your first order of cupcakes.
A delicious batch of birthday cupcakes baked and put under a tough sheet of thermal glass. Mice captured with this base will occasionally drop an Extra Sweet Cupcake Charm that adds +8 Luck, 8% Attraction Bonus, and a fresh cheese effect!
Bubbles: The Party Crasher Trap
This trap is rewarded for shipping one of each type of cupcake order.
Bubbles the not-always-so-friendly Octopus is looking to crash the party! Fortunately, the eight furious arms can be put to use for capturing mice, especially those with a weakness to the Hydro power type. Bubble's strength is power, with 5,800 Power, an 18% Power Bonus, an 8% Attraction Bonus, and +8 Luck!
Frosted Cupcake Journal Theme
This journal theme is rewarded for shipping a total of 100 cupcakes.
Prove yourself as the ultimate baker and forager of tastily-frosted cupcakes with this snazzy journal theme!

Birthday Trap Skins

Found inside 2016 Birthday Treasure Chests
Two new birthday-themed skins for the Endless Labyrinth Trap and Chrome Sphynx Wrath, along with unique birthday skins from previous years for the Forgotten Art of Dance Trap, Chesla's Revenge and the Sandstorm Monstrobot, can all be found inside of the 2016 Birthday Treasure Chests earned by completing a Birthday Treasure Map.

You can start a Birthday Treasure Map by shipping a Year Five order which earns a Birthday Treasure Map Scroll Case if you don't already have two in your inventory.

Dusting a map guarantees that one of the eight skins will be found inside of the treasure chest!

Cupcake Order Rewards

Each time you ship an order of cupcakes, you'll get a variety of loot rewards based on the type of order shipped! There's a wide range of items and each time you complete an order the rewards are a little different. Find bait ranging from Brie to SUPER|brie+ and Magical String! Furoma Token Packs, Tournament Tokens, Inferno Havarti, Gauntlet Potions, a wide array of charms and orbs, Rare Map Dust, Living Garden Essences, Varmint Valley loot, Oxygen Canisters, Refined Pollutinum, Lantern Oil, and more!

Birthday Supplies, Baskets, and Kits

  • 15 Extra Sweet Cupcake Colby
Gather Cupcakes quickly
  • 100 Extra Sweet Cupcake Colby
Stock up on the sweet stuff
  • Rare Cupcake Sprinkles
Increase your order rewards
  • Sprinkling Kit
Includes 10 sprinkles
  • Extra Sweet Gift Basket
Tasty gift: 15 Extra Sweet Colby and charms
  • Extra Sweet Combo Kit
Includes 30 sprinkles! Best Value!
  • 15 Extra Sweet Cupcake Charms
+8 Luck Boost
  • 100 Extra Sweet Cupcake Charms
Sweet, sweet +8 Luck

MouseHunt's 8th Birthday!

  • Visit the Party Zone
  • Collect Cupcake Colby
  • Hunt with Colby to find cupcakes
  • Ship cupcake orders to earn rewards, including Extra Sweet Colby Potions!
  • Use Extra Sweet Cupcake Colby to find new mice!