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Rift Plane Shreds Through Furoma

18 May 2016

Another powerful Rift has opened, clawing its way into Furoma! Hunters ranked Grand Duke/Grand Duchess and higher can now travel to the new Rift which has been picked up by the Rift Detector.

A Mist Filled Pagoda

The Furoma Rift is centered on the Grand Pagoda which is engulfed in thick Rift mist. The mist within the Pagoda is so thick that there's not enough air for a hunter to be able to breathe inside! However, Furoma is where hunters first tinkered with droid technology and it is precisely that technology that provides a perfect solution to the problem. Hunters will need to power a Combat Droid to carry their trap for them within the Grand Pagoda and remotely hunt for the villainous mice within.

Meet Your Combat Droid

Seemingly left behind by another Rift explorer, a capable-but-damaged Combat Droid lies motionless outside the Pagoda. The Droid is complete with a remote control system, making it the perfect component to carry your trap into the Grand Pagoda. However, you'll need to acquire a source of power before the Droid will be of any use...

Charging Your Droid

Your Droid is well adapted to the Rift and its energy source "Enerchi" is in ample supply. Mice throughout the Furoma Rift drop this mysterious and powerful energy source that can be harnessed to bring your Combat Droid to life.

You'll find the most Enerchi while hunting outside the Grand Pagoda where the Enlightened Labourer Mouse resides. This mouse drops a generous quantity of Enerchi, however, is a bit picky when it comes to cheese. You'll attract the labourer most often either by using a new type of cheese called Maki String Cheese or by using Magical String Cheese.

Entering the Grand Pagoda

Once you've collected 20 Enerchi you can fill your Combat Droid's first battery and send it into the Pagoda to hunt. Each hunt will release Enerchi from the battery, both powering your Droid and providing a Power and Luck bonus to your trap! Failing to capture or attract a mouse will consume more Enerchi, and being pillaged by a mouse will consume the most Enerchi.

The Grand Pagoda is home to powerful mice that, like their non-Rift counterparts, hail from the three schools of Furoma combat: Fang, Claw, and Belt. Within the Pagoda you'll find crafting ingredients to create several new types of bait to attract Students, their Masters, and even the powerful Grand Master of the Dojo! Rumour has it that even more powerful mice dwell within the upper echelons of the Grand Pagoda...

Upgrading Your Combat Droid

Guarded by mice inside the Pagoda are Battery Fragments that can be used to repair the batteries on your Droid, allowing it to carry more Enerchi. These fragments are carried by Students, Masters, the Grand Master of the Dojo, and the powerful Supreme Sensei Mouse.

Your Droid has 10 batteries in total, each capable of holding more Enerchi than the last. Each active battery in the Droid's battery matrix also provides Power and Luck bonuses to your trap. The more batteries that are active, the stronger your trap will become! However, greater heights of power come with a greater cost: The more active batteries your Droid has, the greater the Enerchi drain. More charged batteries means more Enerchi will be consumed on each hunt.

A Plethora of Cheese to Craft

Maki String Cheese

These tasty morsels of cheese are a favourite of the Enlightened Labourer Mouse outside the Grand Pagoda as well as all Student mice within it and will bring them around to your trap more often. Maki String is crafted in batches of three by combining Nori, 9 Rift Curd, 1 Ber Essence, 6 Aleth Essence, and 3 Magic Essence.

Rift Combat Cheese

Rift Combat Cheese is crafted from Chi Fang Tokens and Rift Curd and will attract the Master of the Chi Fang within the Grand Pagoda.

Rift Susheese

Rift Susheese is crafted from Chi Claw Tokens and Rift Curd and will attract the Master of the Chi Claw within the Grand Pagoda.

Rift Glutter Cheese

Rift Glutter Cheese is crafted from Chi Belt Tokens and Rift Curd and will attract the Master of the Chi Belt within the Grand Pagoda.

Master Fusion Cheese

This elaborate cheese combines the properties of Rift Susheese, Combat, and Glutter into a single cheese that will attract all three masters within the Grand Pagoda! It can be crafted by combining all three Chi Tokens with some Rift Curd.

Rift Rumble Cheese

This ionized bait will attract the Grand Master of the Dojo within the Grand Pagoda. Craft it by combining all three Chi Heirlooms with Rift Curd and Ionized Salt.

Rift Onyx Cheese

This cheese is crafted by combining the nearly infinitely dense Null Onyx Stone with plenty of Rift Curd and Ionized Salt and will attract the powerful Supreme Sensei Mouse within the Grand Pagoda.

Boost Your Enerchi Collection

A new charm can be crafted and a new base can be purchased from the Furoma Rift Trapsmith. They both provide the Riftwalker set bonus as well as special effects that boost your Enerchi collection!

Enerchi Charm

These butty charms contain a Calcified Rift Mist directly from the Grand Pagoda and hold a spark of power that will release Enerchi throughout the Kingdom! Whenever you capture a mouse, this charm will spark brightly and cause 2 Enerchi to be released. They work anywhere: Both inside and outside the Grand Pagoda, as well as anywhere else in the Kingdom!

Enerchi Induction Base

This base is comprised of a system of inductive power coils that activate in the presence of Enerchi. Anytime you find Enerchi, whether from a loot drop or an Enerchi Charm, this base's effect is triggered, causing an additional 2 Enerchi to be released!

A New and Powerful Rift Trap

Mysteriously unYielding Null-Onyx Rampart of Cascading Amperes

Similar to the Arcane Capturing Rod of Never Yielding Mystery, this trap harnesses the power of Onyx to capture mice. However, this trap utilizes the Rift equivalent of Onyx: Null Onyx. The M.Y.N.O.R.C.A. is available in the Furoma Rift Trapsmith and ushers in a new tier of Rift Power. The tower sits in amongst Cherry Blossom Branches to steady its power before unleashing it on Rift mice.

New Essence Discovery: The Living Base

The Living Garden Essences used by Carmine have a clear connection to the ever-expanding Rift. The expansion of the Rift into Furoma provided Trapsmiths with a unique opportunity to conduct an experiment and learn of a new piece of hunting equipment that harnesses the power of essences.

Now available from the Trapsmith in the Gnawnia Rift is the Living Base. This base combines the organic materials found in the Gnawnia Rift with powerful Essences to create a living chunk of earth that reacts with the petals and herbs found in the Living Garden. The Living Base has the same effect as the Hothouse Base, increasing petal and herb drops from mice in the Living Garden, Lost City, Sand Dunes, and their twisted counterparts!

Furoma Rift

  • Gather Enerchi
  • Send your Combat Droid into the Grand Pagoda
  • Collect items to upgrade your Droid and craft new cheese
  • Hunt powerful breeds to loot trap items