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Trick-and-Treat Throughout the Kingdom

13 October 2016

Defeat the Sandmouse to trick-and-treat throughout the Kingdom!

Spooky Sandcastle and the Sandmouse

The spooky season of Halloween is upon us and a mouse obsessed with the moon is plotting to bring nightmares to hunters in Gnawnia!

The Sandmouse has constructed an elaborate Sandcastle in the heart of Gnawnia. The eerie glowing moon is conjuring images of the moon crashing into the Kingdom, causing nightmares for all who gaze upon the castle. The King needs the help of hunters to track down the Sandmouse and force the mischievous mouse to surrender.

A new adventure has been added to your adventure book to embark upon this spooky (but sweet) adventure! You'll be setting up a candy bowl, trick-and-treating, and tracking down a Magical Pillowcase!

Capture the Sandmouse Adventure

The adventure to capture the Sandmouse will have you handing out treats to friends, navigating a Haunted Dream and Terrible Nightmare, capturing the Sandmouse, and then collecting Halloween Treats from mice throughout the Kingdom!

Prepare to Trick-or-Treat
Prepare a candy dish on your hunter profile and choose whether to hand out Ghoulgonzola or Candy Corn cheese to your friends. You can visit your friends' profiles to collect these tasty treats!

Collect Some Spooky Cheese
You can collect Ghoulgonzola and Candy Corn cheese by either hunting at the Spooky Sandcastle with any "standard bait" (Swiss, Gouda, SUPER|brie+, etc.) or by visiting your friends' hunter profiles.

If you are collecting Ghoulgonzola and Candy Corn cheese at the Spooky Sandcastle, the Hollowhead and Dire Lycan mice drop these cheeses most often. You'll attract these mice a little more often when using SUPER|brie+.

Besiege the Spooky Sandcastle
One you have a supply of Ghoulgonzola and Candy Corn cheese, you can navigate the castle through a Haunted Dream and Terrible Nightmare phase. Use Candy Corn to "treat" mice and Ghoulgonzola to "trick" mice. You'll need to treat and trick a number of mice to move through each phase.

Defeat the Pumpkin Dream Guardians
The final mice you'll encounter while trick-or-treating in the Spooky Sandcastle the Trick and Treat mice. You'll need to defeat these two guardians before you can encounter the Sandmouse.

Capture the King of the Castle
Once the Trick and Treat mice have been captured, the Sandmouse will be on the loose, no doubt looking to put an end to your meddling! Capture the Sandmouse and obtain its Magical Pillowcase to end his sinister plan and put the pillowcase to a much "sweeter" use!

Collect Some Tasty Treats
With the Sandmouse defeated and the moon illusions put to rest, the entire Kingdom will transform into a candy-filled playground! Visit and capture any mice throughout the entire Kingdom to fill your newly-obtained pillowcase with Halloween Treats! The type of treats you find depend on where you go to hunt and which mice you capture.

Fill your Magical Pillowcase with 100 Halloween Treats and you will be able to open it and see what's inside. Do this three times to complete the sweet adventure!

  • 100 Candy Corn Cheese
Treat Sandcastle mice
  • 100 Ghoulgonzola
Trick Sandcastle mice

Limited Edition Sandcastle Shard Trap
Completing the Capture the Sandmouse adventure rewards the Sandcastle Shard, an impressive Shadow trap with 3,000 Power and 12 Luck. The eerie magic of the Sandcastle Shard is especially in tune with the creepy Harvester Mouse in Zugzwang's Seasonal Garden. When capturing a Harvester Mouse with this trap, there's a chance that your Tower Amplifier will instantly fill!

Boost Your Sandcastle Exploration

To help light your path and find more treats each hunter has been issued a slightly spooky-looking flashlight! Turn on your Spooky Flashlight to trick or treat TWO treats with each hunt. You can also light your path to explore the Sandcastle quicker and save event cheese.

Each hunt you take with your flashlight on will consume a super high-quality Flashlight Battery. Batteries can occasionally be found as loot from mice at the Sandcastle. The burst of light emitted by draining an entire battery every 15 minutes can be quite intense -- make sure to never look directly into the light blast!

While hunting you may also find Shortcut Charms as loot from mice at the Sandcastle. Arming these charms will also trick or treat +1 mice each hunt. With a Shortcut Charm armed and your Flashlight on, you'll trick or treat THREE mice each hunt and fly through the Spooky Sandcastle to the Sandmouse in no time!

  • 15 Flashlight Batteries
+1 progress each hunt
  • 15 Shortcut Charms
+1 progress each hunt

Filling your Pillowcase

Once you have a pillowcase, you can visit and capture mice anywhere in the entire Kingdom to collect Halloween Treats! Each mouse you visit will put a treat into your pillowcase, with some mice handing out Sweet Halloween Treats! Sweet treats might be a handful of small goodies or occasionally something much more special!

Sugar Rush Aura
Fill your pillowcase with 100 treats and open it to obtain the Sugar Rush Aura for two days! While the aura is active, all mice have a chance to drop Spooky Shuffle Tickets and Candy Charms.

With the Sugar Rush Aura active, your trap will also receive a sweet 10% Power Bonus to help you capture more mice! The aura will also dramatically boost the strength of Candy Charms, adding an additional 600 Power, 5 Luck, 5% Attraction Bonus and 5% Power Bonus! SWEET!

If you open a pillowcase again before the aura expires, the aura's time will be extended! Keep opening pillowcases as quickly as you can to stretch your aura time out. The aura will continue to work even after Halloween ends, so open up as many pillowcases as you can to keep that sweet Sugar Rush going!

  • 100 Candy Charms
Great with Sugar Rush!

Spooky Shuffle Tickets
Each time you open your pillowcase with 100+ treats you'll find 2 Spooky Shuffle Tickets, and mice also have a chance of dropping a ticket while the Sugar Rush Aura is active. You'll also be given tickets each day in your Daily Loyalty Chest.

This year, the Spooky Shuffle board has been upgraded! You'll find some event-related treats, however, you'll also find prizes depending on your Hunter's Title that are different each time you play a board. You'll find a variety of prizes including different types of cheese and other area resources.

  • Spooky Shuffle Pack
15 SB+ and 2 Tickets
  • Spooky Shuffle Ticket Box
900 SB+ and 20 Tickets

Halloween Flashlight
Turn your flashlight on to find TWO treats, including Sweet Halloween Treats, each time you capture a mouse. Lighting your way will fill your pillowcase faster, helping keep the Sugar Rush Aura active for as long as possible to get more Spooky Shuffle Tickets!

  • 100 Flashlight Batteries
Fill pillowcase faster
  • 300 Flashlight Batteries
Turn night into day!

Halloween Treasure Maps

There is a new Halloween Scroll Case available that will have you and your friends track down some event mice as well as explore various neighbourhoods throughout the Kingdom to track down "sweet" mice.

Halloween Scroll Case
You can purchase a Halloween Scroll Case with Ancient Relics at the Spooky Sandcastle Cartographer. The difficulty starts at Eerie, gets a little Spooky, creeps into Haunted, and finally ends up at Terrifying. The treasure map you find inside the scroll case is dependant on your Hunter's Title. Higher-ranked hunters have a chance to find more challenging maps that will take them to higher-ranked locations.

  • Flashlight Treasure Kit
100 SB+, 100 Batteries, 3 Rare Dust

Trick-and-Treating Neighbourhoods

The entire Kingdom has been divided into 12 neighbourhoods. The type of treats mice will fill your pillowcase with is determined by which neighbourhood you're hunting in.

Some mice hand out "sweet treats" -- these sweet goodies can be something unique to that mouse. For example: The Oxygen Baron can give up to 20 Oxygen Canisters, Twisted Carmine might reward 3 Essences, and the Retired Minotaur on very (very), rare occasion might give a special trap loot or R.R.S.P. Gold.

Gnawnian Royal Road

Spans Valour and most of Gnawnia where mice are handing out tasty treats for lower-ranked hunters. Treats found include: Cheese, Gold, King's Credits, Tournament Tokens, Gauntlet Potions, and more!

Mice handing out sweet treats in this neighbourhood:
Creepy Marionette, Black Widow, Master Burglar, Silvertail, Eclipse, Necromancer, Captain Croissant, Magic, and Ninja.

Whisker Woods Way

Spans all of Whisker Woods. Treats found include: Gnarled and Wicked Gnarly Cheese, Bolts of Cloth, orbs, and more!

Mice handing out sweet treats in this neighbourhood:
Black Widow, Hydra, Silth, Curious Chemist, Cherry, Fairy, and Cyclops.

Burroughs Boulevard

Spans all of the Burroughs and Bristle Woods. Treats found include: Radioactive Blue Cheese, Living Shards, Shadow Charms, Runic Cheese, Stale Cheese, and more!

Mice handing out sweet treats in this neighbourhood:
Black Widow, Master Burglar, Acolyte, Big Bad Burroughs, Chrono, Realm Ripper, Lycan, and Monster.

Furoma Freeway

Spans all of Furoma. Treats found include: Furoma crafting items, various Pagoda Cheeses, Student Tokens, and more!

Mice handing out sweet treats in this neighbourhood:
Black Widow, Dojo Sensei, Master of the Dojo, all three Meditation Room masters, and the Assassin.

Tribal Terrace

Spans all of the Tribal Isles. Treats found include: Wide variety of Tribal Isles crafting items, cheese, and more!

Mice handing out sweet treats in this neighbourhood:
Black Widow, Balack the Banished, Dragon, all three Chieftains, and the Pygmy Wrangler.

Varmint Valley Alley

Spans all of Varmint Valley. Treats found include: Super Cactus Charms, Train Charms, resources, and more!

Mice handing out sweet treats in this neighbourhood:
Magmatic Golem, Dangerous Duo, Supply Hoarder, Pyrite, and all gang bosses.

Zugzwang's Tower Turnpike

Includes the Seasonal Garden, Zugzwang's Tower and Crystal Library. Treats found include: Wealth Charms, Amplifier Charms, Scrap Metal, Checkmate Cheese, orbs, and more!.

Mice handing out sweet treats in this neighbourhood:
Hydra, M400, Chess Master, Zurreal the Eternal, Techic King, Mystic King, and Shelder.

Iceberg Lane

Includes the S.S. Huntington, Slushy Shoreline and Iceberg. Treats found include: War Scraps, Scrap Metal, orbs, and more!

Mice handing out sweet treats in this neighbourhood:
Icewing, Deep, Frostwing Commander, Living Ice, and all Iceberg Generals.

Sunken City Cove

A soggy neighbourhood comprised of the Sunken City, both when docked and when diving. Treats found include: Mouse Scales, Barnacles, Coral Fragments, Water Jet Charms, Scrap Metal, and more!

Mice handing out sweet treats in this neighbourhood:
Tritus, Ancient of the Deep, Oxygen Baron, Pearl Diver, Pearl, Treasure Hoarder, and Treasure Keeper.

Sandtail Desert Drive

Spans all of the Sandtail Desert including the "Twisted Realm" of the Living Garden locations. Treats found include: Warpath Charms, Muridae supplies, petals, essences, and more!

Mice handing out sweet treats in this neighbourhood:
King Grub, Carmine the Apothecary, Twisted Carmine, Dark Magi, Shattered Carmine, Mage Weaver, Blacksmith, Warmonger, Gargantua, and Crimson Commander.

Hollow Heights

Spans all of Hollow Heights. Treats found include: Cavern Fungus, Nightshade, Minerals, Lantern Oil, Shuffler's Cubes, Glowing Gourd Charms, and more!

Mice handing out sweet treats in this neighbourhood:
Retired Minotaur, Reanimated Carver, Manaforge Smith, Soul Binder, Paladin Weapon Master, Molten Midas, Crystal Behemoth, Nightshade Masquerade, Huntereater, and Diamondhide.

Rift Route

Spans the entire Rift Plane. Treats found include: Various rift cheeses, crafting items, and more!

Mice handing out sweet treats in this neighbourhood:
Grand Master of the Dojo, Supreme Sensei, Ascended Elder, Monstrous Black Widow, The Menance of the Rift, Big Bad Behemoth Burroughs, Monstrous Abomination, Goliath Field, Cyclops Barbarian, Centaur Ranger, and Tri-dra.

Defeat the Sandmouse then pick a neighbourhood to collect treats in!

Halloween Event

  • Collect Ghoulgonzola and Candy Corn cheese
  • Capture the Sandmouse
  • Hunt ANYWHERE in the Kingdom to collect treats
  • Fill your pillowcase with 100 treats to earn the Sugar Rush Aura
  • Keep hunting to keep the aura active and earn Spooky Shuffle Tickets!