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New Hunter Titles and Moussu Picchu Discovery

29 August 2017

The King has bestowed new titles upon hunters and access to a new area has been found in Hollow Heights!

Hunter Title Updates

As hunters explore areas further from the central Gnawnia Kingdom and possess years of hunting expertise and knowledge, The King has decided to update his ranks of nobility and add more experienced titles for the most experienced hunters.

The rank of Archduke/Archduchess has been split up into more titles: Viceroy, Elder, and Sage. High level Archdukes and Archduchesses may find these new titles bestowed upon them next time they take a hunt.

Lower ranked Hunter Titles have also been updated to slightly alter the amount of experience it takes to achieve the various ranks. Hunters ranked from Recruit to Grand Duke/Grand Duchess may also find a new title bestowed upon them next time they take a hunt.

If you notice your title progression is a value greater than 100%, next time you take a hunt your new title will be bestowed upon you.

Hollow Heights Climbing Gear and Moussu Picchu

Access to a new area, Moussu Picchu, will soon be unlocked! Get prepared now by obtaining special climbing equipment!

The mountain ranges above and beyond the Hollow Heights are home to an area known as Moussu Picchu. At one point in time, this mountain range spanned the entire Hollow Heights region, however, the powerful dragon mouse known as Ful'Mina reduced entire mountains to rubble!

The ruins of these mountains are what the City of Zokor was built upon, which until now blocked access to Moussu Picchu itself. However, after stealthy exploration of Zokor, another exit from the Labyrinth is believed to exist that will allow hunters to climb to the heights of Moussu Picchu!

The secret of scaling the mountains of Hollow Heights up into Moussu Picchu lies with the three Zokor district leaders. The Citizens of Zokor are interested in mining Moussu Picchu for more resources and, as such, each leader holds a piece of climbing equipment that can be used scale the mountain range.

Seek out each Zokor District Leader to obtain three unique pieces of hunting equipment

  • Manaforge Smith has a Climbing Grapnel of Tech
  • Soul Binder has a Climbing Vine of Scholars
  • Paladin Weapon Master has Climbing Boots of Fealty

Once you've obtained all three pieces of equipment, visit the Labryinth or Zokor Cartographer to exchange them for the Moussu Picchu Climbing Route.

The King's explorers are still navigating the Labyrinth to find the exact pathway leading the Moussu Picchu. These explorers will return in approximately one week with their results. Get your climbing equipment ready now to access Moussu Picchu next week!

In other news...

Based on player feedback the Warpath Treasure Map has been updated. The Caravan Guard Mouse will no longer appear on Warpath Treasure Maps and the Flame Ordinance Mouse now has a 33% chance of appearing on a map, instead of guaranteed to be on each map. If you had an active Warpath Treasure Map with the Caravan Guard Mouse Larry has caught the mouse for you, removing it from your map.

Get prepared for Moussu Picchu

  • Capture each Zokor District Leader
  • Obtain three unique pieces of climbing equipment
  • Visit the Cartographer for the key to Moussu Picchu

Relic Hunter Season 5 is here!!!

15 August 2017

A new Relic Hunter season has begun! There are treasures to find and a new Portal Projector to build!

New Limited Edition Reward

Relic Hunter Season 5 has brought with it a new limited edition base that can be found inside Season 5 Treasure Chests. The Ancient Booster Base is a +10 Luck Base that has a special effect when capturing the Relic Hunter Mouse.

Upon capturing a Relic Hunter Mouse with the Ancient Booster Base, it will release the magic of an Ancient Relic from your inventory, crumbling into a pile of one of the four varieties of Ancient Charms. This process will consume an Ancient Relic from your inventory, meaning if you do not have any the base will have no effect.

Stats: 300 Power, 10% Attraction Bonus, +10 Luck Special Effect: Relic Hunter Mouse drops Ancient Charms if you have an Ancient Relic

  • Each "Season 5" Relic Hunter Treasure Chest has a chance of containing the Ancient Booster Base.
  • The more season 5 chests you open, the greater your chance of finding the limited edition base will be!
  • After opening 29 chests, you're guaranteed to find the base in your 30th if you have not already found it.

Back for a Limited Time: Gilded Treasure Maps

Celebrate the start of Relic Hunter Season 5 with the King's own treasure hunt with rewards of Gilded Charms, Ancient Charms, the Lucky Golden Shield, and more! Gilded Scroll Cases are back in the premium shoppe for a limited time only. The treasure chest these maps lead to are full of goodies and also grant 1 month of the Lucky Golden Shield when opened. They're great for sharing the Golden Shield with map mates!

Inside each Gilded Treasure Chest you'll find 25 Gilded Charms, or 50 if you dust the map to find a Rare Gilded Treasure Chest. Each hunt you take with a Gilded Charm will consume the charm and in return reward between one and ten pieces of SUPER|brie+!

Gilded Treasure Chests also have a chance of containing the challenging Slayer Scroll Case which will take hunters on an epic treasure hunt to track down the most challenging mice throughout the Kingdom. The Slayer Treasure Chest contains Baitkeep Charms, SUPER|brie+, and grants the impressive Slayer Aura when opened, giving +5 Luck! Dusting a Gilded Map will lead to a Rare Gilded Treasure Chest that has double the chance of a Slayer Scroll Case being inside!

Warpath Portal Projector

Amongst all the Season 5 discoveries is a new Warpath Scroll Case containing a treasure map leading to a new Warpath Treasure Chest. Inside the treasure chest you'll find Points, Gold, Ancient Charms, as well as some supplies to help your hunting endeavours at the Fiery Warpath.

Inside some Warpath Treasure Chests, hunters will find either a Warpath Portal Core or a Warpath Portal Console. These two components of a new Portal Projector can be exchanged at the Warpath Cartographer, along with 150 Flameshards, to obtain a Warpath Portal Projector.

The Warpath Portal Projector can be activated in wave four of the Fiery Warpath to teleport a hunter into the Warmonger's top secret Command Tent where the Artillery Commander Mouse is stationed. This mouse holds launch codes for the Marching Flame's tactical artillery strikes against Muridae Market.

Capture the Artillery Commander Mouse to get ahold of the launch codes and turn the strike against the Marching Flame! The codes come in the form of an Artillery Strike Launch Box that can be used once during wave one, two, or three to defeat all the mice remaining in the wave!

Portal Projector components are rare and valuable commodities, and as such, not all Warpath Treasure Chests contain them. Warpath Treasure Chests have an 18% chance of containing a component, and Rare Warpath Treasure Chests have a 40% chance of containing a component (along with twice the Points, Gold, Ancient Charms, and more items!).

Rare Map Dust and Treasure Hunting Kits

Use Rare Map Dust to boost your treasure hunting rewards! By using dust on a treasure map, you'll find a rare chest that has double the Points, Gold, and Ancient Charms! Rare chests also have a greater quantity of other special loot, an increased chance of finding the limited edition reward, and an increased chance of finding a Slayer Scroll Case!

For a limited time only: A special bundle of 20 Rare Map Dust is available at a discounted price!