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Heart of the Meteor

15 March 2017

A new challenge awaits INSIDE the Fort Rox Meteor!

Enter the Heart of the Meteor

A new and powerful adversary has been discovered at Fort Rox hiding within the meteor itself! The mouse known simply as the Heart of the Meteor courses with energy and she is presumed to be the source behind the incredible strength and power of the mice that stalk the night.

Confronting this mouse will be no small task. In order to enter the meteor itself, you'll need what's known as a Portal Projector. Unfortunately, the mice of Fort Rox have carefully hidden this technology by scattering the Portal Projector parts throughout the Fort Rox area.

Start your journey at the Fort Rox Cartographer by purchasing a Fort Rox Scroll Case and begin a treasure hunt! Track down mice at Fort Rox in search of treasure clues, then hope the chest you find is one of the few that contain a Portal Projector component. Once you've constructed a projector from a Portal Core and Portal Console, you'll be able to activate it during dawn to enter the meteor and face off against the Heart of the Meteor!

Capturing the Heart of the Meteor

Capturing the Heart of the Meteor requires a very special and rare type of bait called Sunrise Cheese. This new cheese can be purchased from the Fort Rox Cheese Shoppe for 25 Dawn Dust per piece. It can also be purchased and sold on the Marketplace.

The Heart of the Meteor is brimming with enough energy to empower the mice attacking Fort Rox! Capturing this mouse will be nearly impossible unless until she has been weakened though multiple encounters. Each hunt you take within the meteor where you attract the Heart of the Meteor will weaken her, making her easier to catch each time your trap fails to capture her.

After nine encounters with the Heart of the Meteor without leaving the meteor, her strength will be reduced to that of the puniest of mice in the Meadow and she will be practically impossible NOT to catch! If you're the type of hunter that likes to play it safe and be well prepared, bring a full 10 pieces of Sunrise Cheese!

  • Sunrise Cheese
This bait is the only cheese that will attract the Heart of the Meteor. It can be purchased from the Fort Rox Cheese Shoppe as well as the Marketplace.
  • Heart of the Meteor
Each time you encounter this mouse, her strength will decrease. After nine encounters, she will be entirely drained of strength. Retreating from the portal at this point will allow this mouse to regain her strength, so make sure you're well prepared! When caught, the power of the portal will fade and you will find yourself transported back into the Dawn, as if no time had passed at all.

Purchasing a Fort Rox Portal Projector

A Portal Projector is made from three components: a Portal Core, a Portal Console, and plenty of Dawn Dust to fuse the two together. You can find the rare core and console by completing Fort Rox Treasure Maps. Dusting the map will double the chance of finding a projector component!

  • Fort Rox Portal Core
This pulsating core is tuned to Fort Rox and provides energy for the Fort Rox Portal Console.
  • Fort Rox Portal Console
This socketed console is tuned to Fort Rox and is awaiting a portal core to commence portal projecting.
  • Fort Rox Portal Projector
The completed Fort Rox Portal Projector can purchased from the Fort Rox General Store for the cost of one Fort Rox Portal Core, one Fort Rox Portal Console, and 100 Dawn Dust. The resulting projector can then be used during Dawn at Fort Rox to enter the meteor itself! Keep an eye on the heads-up display after entering Dawn to use your projector!
Be warned: The intense power surge of projecting a portal will destroy your projector! Each Portal Projector can only be used once, meaning you'll need to purchase a new one each time you wish to enter the Heart of the Meteor. Ensure that you bring enough Sunrise Cheese with you to make the best of your time there!
  • Marketplace
Both the Fort Rox Portal Core and Fort Rox Portal Console can be purchased and sold on the Marketplace. Sell extra components you don't need, or purchase the half that you seek! Or, if you're not intrepid enough to seek out Portal Components, purchase both halves from treasure hunters that are not interested in hunting the Heart of the Meteor. Win-win!

Remember: Your Portal Projector is destroyed upon entering the Heart of the Meteor and the power of the portal fades and ejects you from within once she is caught. Make sure you have enough Sunrise Cheese with you!

Hunting Rewards

Taking on such an above-and-beyond challenge comes with its share of rewards!

  • Gold and Points
Each capture of the Heart of the Meteor rewards a staggering 1,000,000 Gold and 500,000 Points!
  • Meteor Prison Core Trap
Upon capturing the Heart of the Meteor for the first time, she will drop Meteoric Core Fragments that are used in a powerful, almost magical Law-based trap! The Meteor Prison Core Trap is constructed from energized pieces of the Fort Rox Meteor that open and then close as a mouse approaches, locking them into a celestial prison cell.
With 3,000 Power and +8 Luck, the Meteor Prison Core Trap will bring great justice upon mice in outer space style!

Fort Rox Treasure Hunting Supplies, Baskets, and Kits

To help hunters get started on their Treasure Hunting endeavours, the King has assembled a new Fort Rox Treasure Hunting Kit along with two limited-time only promotions of Moon Cheese and Tower Mana!

Heart of the Meteor

  • Purchase a Fort Rox Scroll Case from the Cartographer
  • Search for Portal Projector parts
  • Purchase Sunrise Cheese from the Cheese Shoppe
  • Enter the Heart of the Meteor
  • Discover a new Law trap!

9th Birthday Event has ended

The 9th Birthday Cupcake Extravaganza has come to an end. In the event's place is the Vacant Lot where hunters can ship any remaining cupcakes they have. Hunters may also now cancel cupcake orders, so if you're missing something try canceling the order to choose a different one.

Any remaining cupcakes after the Vacant Lot closes will turn stale, so make sure to ship as many as you can! As a final reminder, make sure you've claimed your adventure reward!

9th Birthday Event

01 March 2017

MouseHunt is turning nine years old and the King is celebrating with another delicious cupcake-filled party!

Nine Cupcake Orders

It's time to celebrate MouseHunt's Birthday in super-sweet style! The King has organized delivery of various cupcake orders, however, he needs the help of hunters to ensure the pesky mice don't run away with all the sweet treats.

Head to the Birthday Party Zone in Gnawnia and help track down the mice running off with cupcakes to fulfill orders for the King! Upon arriving at the party zone, you can be working on up to three cupcake orders at once, and take on more elaborate orders as you complete previous ones!

You can be working on up to three orders at the same time.

Collecting Cupcake Colby and Extra Sweet Cupcake Colby

Hunt at the Birthday Party Zone with any "regular" bait such as Brie, Gouda, or SUPER|brie+ to collect sugary Cupcake Colby Potions to create Cupcake Colby. Use Cupcake Colby to lure mice to your trap that are carrying those delicious sweet cupcakes that you need to fulfill orders!

Cupcake Colby

Regular Cupcake Colby is produced by Cupcake Colby Potions that can be collected as loot at the Birthday Party Zone. This cheese will attract a variety of mice that occasionally drop cupcakes.

Extra Sweet Cupcake Colby

Extra Sweet Cupcake Colby is produced by potions that are earned by shipping any cupcake order. Simple orders will earn you a single potion, however, more difficult orders will earn you two potions.
This extremely sweet cheese is a favourite of the various cupcake-themed mice at the party, including the elusive Cupcake Camo, Sprinkly Sweet Cupcake Cook, and Cupcake Candle Thief mice. These mice, with their especially powerful sweet teeth are known for stealing cupcakes and as such often drop one or more cupcakes when captured!

Rare Cupcake Sprinkles

When shipping an order of cupcakes, you can add Rare Cupcake Sprinkles to increase the reward you'll receive for shipping the order!

Shipping an order with sprinkles will always add either: 10 pieces of SUPER|brie+, 10 pieces of Magical String, 10 pieces of Glowing Gruyere Cheese, OR 10 pieces of Moon Cheese (depending on the type of order shipped). Additionally, you'll also receive a handful of other loot items based on the order you shipped, with more difficult orders rewarding a greater variety of items!

You'll occasionally receive Rare Cupcake Sprinkles as a reward for shipping an order or inside a Birthday Treasure Chest earned by completing a Birthday Treasure Map. You'll always find Rare Cupcake Sprinkles inside of a Rare Birthday Treasure Chest!

Types of Cupcakes

There are five types of cupcakes that can be found as loot while hunting with either type of Cupcake Colby. Cupcakes may also occasionally show up as the Gift of the Day to send to friends for free!

Red, Yellow, and Blue Cupcakes are the most commonly found type of cupcakes. They're used in every variety of order. If you find yourself with a few too many of a specific colour, visit the General Store where you can exchange 12 of a single colour for 6 differently-coloured cupcakes.

Green and Rainbow are harder to find than the other three cupcakes. More difficult orders will require more Green, and orders from year six, seven, eight, and nine always require one or two Rainbow cupcakes. You'll also find these cupcakes in Daily Loyalty Chests and as rare drops from mice!

Types of Cupcake Orders

There are nine different types of orders you can fulfill, one for each year of MouseHunting! Orders for later years require more cupcakes, but they come with greater rewards!

While you're actively working on an order, a few mice that were released during that year can be encountered. Although these mice may vary in power type weaknesses, their insatiable love of sugar has them on an out-of-control sugar rush. Mice you encounter at the birthday party zone will have weaknesses to ALL power types, although, their typical weaknesses are still likely to be their greatest. These mice drop cupcakes the most often so be sure to always have an order on the go!

Choosing orders lets you pick rewards that are your favourite!

Year One

Requires 4 cupcakes to complete. Celebrates Digby, Furoma, Gnawnia, and the Mousoleum!

Year Two

Requires 6 cupcakes to complete. Celebrates Tournaments, the S.S. Huntington, Tribal Isles, Whisker Woods, Catacombs, and the Acolyte Realm!

Year Three

Requires 8 cupcakes to complete. Celebrates Digby Dirt Dwellers, Balack’s Cove, the King’s Gauntlet, Zugzwang’s Tower and the Seasonal Garden! Requires a few more red cupcakes than other orders.

Year Four

Requires 8 cupcakes to complete. Celebrates Charms, Muridae Market, Fiery Warpath, and the Crystal Library! Requires a few more yellow cupcakes than other orders.

Year Five

Requires 8 cupcakes to complete. Celebrates the Relic Hunter, Iceberg, and the Living Garden! Requires a few more blue cupcakes than other orders.

Year Six

Requires 10 cupcakes to complete. Celebrates the MouseHunt Mobile App, Gnawnian Express, and Claw Shot City! Always requires a rainbow cupcake.

Year Seven

Requires 12 cupcakes to complete. Celebrates the Toxic Spill, Sunken City, Gnawnia Rift, and Burroughs Rift! Always requires two rainbow cupcakes.

Year Eight

Requires 12 cupcakes to complete. Celebrates the Whisker Woods Rift, Fungal Cavern, the Labyrinth and Zokor! Always requires two rainbow cupcakes.

Year Nine

Requires 12 cupcakes to complete. Celebrates the Furoma Rift and Fort Rox! Always requires two rainbow cupcakes.

A Sugary Adventure

A new adventure has been added to the Adventure Book that challenges hunters to supply the Kingdom with cupcakes! During the adventure, you'll earn a new base, trap, and journal theme!

Sprinkly Sweet Cupcake Base

This base is rewarded for shipping your first order of cupcakes.
This base has +9 Luck, one for each year of MouseHunting! While equipped it will also sweeten up your hunting by adding a chance for mice to drop new Sprinkly Sweet Cupcake Charms which also have +9 Luck!

Sprinkly Cupcake Surprise Trap

This trap is rewarded for shipping one of each type of cupcake order.
This Arcane trap features a magically-charged, sprinkle-laden cupcake which burns with an intense flame to attract mice looking for something sugary sweet. With 3,500 Power and +9 Luck, it will make a sweet addition to anyone's inventory!

Sprinkly Sweet Cupcake Journal Theme

This journal theme is rewarded for shipping a total of 100 cupcakes.
Make your Hunter's Journal the tastiest thing on your profile with this frosting-laden journal theme! Caution: Do not eat your screen.

Birthday Trap Skins

Birthday Trap Skins

Found inside 2017 Birthday Treasure Chests
A new birthday-themed skin for the Droid Archmagus Trap, along with unique birthday skins from previous years for the Endless Labyrinth Trap, Chrome Sphynx Wrath, Forgotten Art of Dance Trap, Chesla's Revenge and the Sandstorm Monstrobot, can all be found inside of the 2017 Birthday Treasure Chests earned by completing a Birthday Treasure Map.

You can start a Birthday Treasure Map by shipping a Year Five order which earns a Birthday Treasure Map Scroll Case if you don't already have two in your inventory.

Dusting a map guarantees that one of the nine skins will be found inside of the treasure chest!

Cupcake Order Rewards

Each time you ship an order of cupcakes, you'll get a variety of loot rewards based on the type of order shipped! There's a wide range of items and each time you complete an order the rewards are a little different. Find bait ranging from Brie to SUPER|brie+, Magical String and Moon Cheese! Furoma Token Packs, Tournament Tokens, Inferno Havarti, Gauntlet Potions, Tower Mana, a wide array of charms and orbs, Rare Map Dust, Living Garden Essences, Varmint Valley loot, Oxygen Canisters, Refined Pollutinum, Lantern Oil, and more!

Birthday Supplies, Baskets, and Kits

15 Extra Sweet Cupcake Colby

Gather Cupcakes quickly

100 Extra Sweet Cupcake Colby

Stock up on the sweet stuff

Rare Cupcake Sprinkles

Increase your order rewards

Sprinkly Sprinkling Kit

Includes 10 sprinkles

Sprinkly Sweet Gift Basket

Tasty gift: 20 Extra Sweet Colby and charms

Sprinkly Sweet Combo Kit

Includes 30 sprinkles! Best Value!

15 Sprinkly Sweet Cupcake Charms

+9 Luck Boost

100 Sprinkly Sweet Cupcake Charms

Sweet, sweet +9 Luck

MouseHunt's 9th Birthday!

  • Visit the Party Zone
  • Collect Cupcake Colby
  • Hunt with Colby to find cupcakes
  • Ship cupcake orders to earn rewards, including Extra Sweet Colby Potions!
  • Use Extra Sweet Cupcake Colby to find new mice!