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Daily Advent Calendar

29 November 2017

The winter advent calendar is coming in December!

Tasty Chocolate Treats

From December 1 to December 24, hunters can open a door on their Advent Calendar for a tasty Advent Chocolate! If you open the door on the same day it unlocks, you'll also find a bonus item as a reward!

If your Advent Calendar has a door waiting to be opened, a special banner will appear above your Hunter's Journal to remind you. You can also access the Advent Calendar by clicking the link in the navigation bar at the very top of the game.

Advent Chocolate

These tasty chocolates are found behind each door in your Advent Calendar. Once the Great Winter Hunt arrives, you'll be able to trade these tasty treats in for a variety of trap skins. There will be a number of skins to choose from, so pick wisely!

Daily Bonus Rewards

If you open a door on your Advent Calendar on the same day that it becomes available, you'll find a special bonus reward! These items are different from previous years' rewards and cover a wide variety of items and uses! Make sure to check back and open a door every day!


Can you feel that chill in the air? That's the Great Winter Hunt approaching! Get in the festive spirit by opening your Advent Calendar every day and keep watching this space for an announcement when the Great Winter Hunt has begun!

Two New Maps at Moussu Picchu

14 November 2017

The cartographer at Moussu Picchu is selling two new scroll cases!

New Moussu Picchu Maps

Moussu Picchu Scroll Case

This scroll case contains a map pointing to 12 mice throughout Moussu Picchu. The treasure chest it leads to contains a few supplies to boost your hunting endeavours at Moussu Picchu. It's a relatively quick and straight forward treasure hunt, great for hunters looking to use their Ancient Relics to give them a little loot boost!

Lightning Scroll Case

This scroll case contains an extremely challenging map that will have hunters track clues from some of the most difficult mice throughout the entire Kingdom! A Lightning Map contains 35 mice and is of similar difficulty to an Elaborate Slayer Map.

Of course, with such a challenging endeavour comes ample rewards! Completing a Lightning Treasure Map leads to a Lightning Treasure Chest containing over a million gold, plenty of points, a stack of King's Credits, hundreds of Ultimate Ancient Charms, a stash of Dragonbane Charms, Glowing Gruyere, and the always useful Baitkeep Charms!

Opening a Lightning Chest also rewards the mysterious Lightning Aura! This aura imbues your trap with lightning, providing an impressive Power Bonus. The lightning effect also seems to gain you favour with Ful'Mina, but what sort of effect could that have?

New Journal Themes

Two new journal themes have been discovered, although one seems to be shrouded in more mystery than the other.

The Moussu Picchu Journal theme is made from three scraps. The first can be found in the General Store and the other two as loot drops in Moussu Picchu.

The second journal theme is something much closer to Ful'Mina herself. The Lightning Journal theme is made of three scraps, however, local artisans have been unable to determine where the theme scraps are sourced from. Larry's quite certain this theme is rather rare, and a daunting challenge to obtain!

New Treasure Hunting Kit and Stock Up and Save Promotion

A new Treasure Hunting Kit is available that bundles Rare Map Dust with Fire Bowl Fire and Glowing Gruyere.

Additionally, two special deals are available until the end of the month offering a great deal on a large quantity of Glowing Gruyere or Fire Bowl Fuel!

Moussu Picchu Treasure Hunting Kit

  • Rare Map Dust and more!

Fire Bowl Fuel Special'

  • Special Price for 1,000 Fire Bowl

Glowing Gruyere Special'

  • Special Price for 2,000 Gruyere

The Fire Bowl Fuel and Glowing Gruyere Specials are only available until the end of the month. Grab them before they're gone!

Lucky Loot Drops

Luck has always helped to both capture mice as well as slightly boost the chance of them dropping loot. However, assessing the effect of your trap's luck on loot has always been tricky.

A clover icon has been added next to loot items in your Hunter's Journal when that loot drop was a direct result of your trap's luck. When you see a loot drop with a clover next to it in your journal, it means that's an item you would not have looted if your trap setup did not have luck. Of course, the higher your luck, the more often you'll see those clover icons show up!

Good luck, and happy hunting!

New Treasure Maps at Moussu Picchu

  • Purchase new scrolls cases from the Cartographer
  • Find treasure chests
  • Take on the challenge of a Lightning Map!

Ghostships Fade Away

07 November 2017

The barrage of cannonballs has defeated the ghostly ships.

Halloween Event Ends

As a few final Ethereal Cannonballs struck the few remaining Ghostships, Captain Cannonball ordered a full retreat and the armada of ghostly galleons faded away.

With the spookiness of Halloween now in the past, hunters can no longer find Ghastly Galleon Gouda Cheese as loot drops or collect any from friends. Without a Ghostship threat, the King has also asked hunters to refrain from firing any cannons. Please.

Without the sound of thousands of tiny cannons firing, the Kingdom seems to be a quiet pace again. Well, other than the usual sound of thousands of Hunter's Horns. The constant, endless droning of horns...

Hunters that inflicted damage on a ghostship but did not quite defeat it can claim a reward of Cursed Gold, Spooky Shuffle Tickets, and more. The reward will scale depending on the percentage of damage you inflicted on the ship. The more damage you inflicted, the more reward you can claim!

The Spooky Shuffle can be played until the end of November. To use up your tickets, find them in your inventory and click the "play now" link found in the description of the ticket.

Discovering the Mountain Pass

The mice in the Mountain have been displaying some new behaviour! Three new breeds have also been spotted that were previously hiding in some of the frozen caves.

The Abominable Snow Mouse appears to have had enough of pesky hunters foiling its plans for mischief and constructed barricades of rocks and boulders throughout the Mountain. Intrepid Journeymen and Journeywomen seeking to find passage through the Mountain will now have to break up these boulders and track down the Abominable Snow Mouse to recover the map piece.

Higher ranked hunters that have already journeyed beyond the Mountain will still have this adventure marked as completed, however, they can still visit the Mountain to research the new breeds and behaviours. Bring some powerful charms with you to have explosive results!

This update to the Mountain is part of our ongoing effort to spruce up some of the older areas in the game. The update is not part of an event and the new mice and items are here to stay, so don't fret if you're a higher ranked hunter not keen on visiting the Gnawnian Mountain range at the moment.

Halloween Closure + Mountain Update

  • Claim final rewards from ghostships
  • Play the Spooky Shuffle
  • Visit the revamped Mountain