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New Adventure in Moussu Picchu

06 September 2017

A new hunting area has been discovered in Hollow Heights!

Climb to the Peak of Moussu Picchu

The King's Royal Cartographers have returned from their Labyrinth expedition and have discovered the passage to Moussu Picchu! Hunters with the rank of Grand Duke/Duchess or above who have obtained the Moussu Picchu Climbing Route can now access Moussu Picchu.

The mountain ranges of Moussu Picchu once spanned all of Hollow Heights, until the powerful storm dragon Ful'Mina, the Mountain Queen, reduced several mountains to rubble. Now, hunters can take control of the weather in Moussu Picchu to summon Ful'Mina for a wealth of rewards!

Wind and Rain

The mice of Moussu Picchu worship the sky and weather and have learned to control the weather itself! There are three distinct groups of mice in the area, the first control the wind, the second control the rain, and the third group are powerful dragons able to control both the wind and rain!

Explore Moussu Picchu to collect potions and brew cheese to lure these unique groups of mice towards your trap. Capturing Wind Wanderer mice will disrupt their control of the wind, allowing it to blow wildly, increasing the Wind Intensity. Similarly, capturing Rain Roamer mice will disrupt their control of the rain, allowing the deluge to fall, increasing the Rain Intensity.

Although capturing the wind and rain mice increase weather intensity, failing to capture or attract mice will allow them to continue their harvest of wind and rain, causing the weather intensity to lower. However, this effect can be mitigated by lighting an enchanted Fire Bowl from your heads-up display. While lit, each hunt will consume Fire Bowl Fuel and prevent the weather intensity from decreasing.

The wind and rain mice hold the key to luring the final powerful group of dragons in the form of Shadowvine and Arcanevine. These two crafting ingredients are used to create Dragonvine Cheese to attract dragons which, when captured, will cause both the wind and rain intensity to increase simultaneously.

Experiment with controlling the weather and see which breeds you attract! Summon the perfect storm and Ful'Mina, the Mountain Queen herself, will come to your trap!

Dragon Scales and Draconic Rewards

Capturing the powerful Storm Dragon mice at Moussu Picchu will reward Dragon Scales which can be used at the shoppes to purchase rewards, or crafted to create unique items.

  • Dragonvine Ballista Trap
5,750 Power and +14 Luck with a unique design that shoots a heavy bolt that splits midair, spreading a heavy chain net around its dragon target.
  • Frosted Dragonvine Ballista Trap Skin
A frosty skin is available from the Trapsmith that will have you looking cool while hunting Storm Dragons.
  • Storm Wrought Ballista Trap
This upgrade for the Dragonvine Ballista Trap has 6,000 Power and +15 Luck, making it the most powerful Draconic trap ever discovered! In addition, this trap has the unique ability of extracting an extra Dragon Scale from Storm Dragon mice. To craft this powerful trap, collect three of Ful'Mina's teeth from the General Store, as loot drops, or from the Marketplace, and combine with the Dragonvine Ballista Trap Parts.
  • Dragonbane Charms
These charms have been found to be effective against the Storm Dragon mice of Moussu Picchu. Hunters can craft these charms themselves or purchase them from the Moussu Picchu Charm Shoppe.
  • Extreme Power Charms
The local Charm Shoppe owner at Moussu Picchu stocks an ample supply of Extreme Power Charms and is selling them for some gold, 4 Minerals, and 4 Dragon Scales.
  • Extreme Luck Charms
The local Charm Shoppe owner at Moussu Picchu has secured a large supply of +5 Luck Charms and is willing to sell them for hunters for some gold, 5 Minerals, and 5 Dragon Scales.

Moussu Picchu Supplies and Kits

The King has assembled supplies to help hunters brave the trek up the mountain!

  • 100 Glowing Gruyere Cheese
Collect more potions!
  • 300 Glowing Gruyere Cheese
Brew more cheese!
  • 15 Fire Bowl Fuel
Control the weather!
  • 100 Fire Bowl Fuel
Hunt at max intensity!
  • Moussu Picchu Gift Basket
Great gift!
  • Moussu Picchu Supply Kit
Best value!

Moussu Picchu

  • Collect Windy and Rainy Potions
  • Hunt with Rainy and Windy Cheese to control the weather
  • Craft Dragonvine Cheese
  • Create the perfect storm and capture Ful'Mina!